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Ox Zodiac

The zodiacal Ox is the second of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar and appears in related calendar systems. The Chinese term translated here as the ox is in Chinese niú (牛), a word generally referring to cows, bulls, or neutered types of the bovine family, such as common cattle or water buffalo. The zodiacal ox may be construed as male, female, neuter, and either singular or plural. The Year of the Ox is also denoted by the Earthly Branch symbol chǒu (丑). The term “zodiac” ultimately derives from an Ancient Greek term referring to a “circle of little animals.” There is also a yearly month of the ox and a daily hour of the ox (Chinese double hour, 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.). Years of the oxen (cows) are cyclically differentiated by correlation to the Heavenly Stems cycle, resulting in a repeating cycle of five years of the ox/cow (over a sixty-year period), each ox/cow year also being associated with one of the Chinese wǔxíng, also known as the “five elements,” or “phases”: the “Five Phases” being Fire (火 huǒ), Water (水 shuǐ), Wood (木 mù), Metal (金 jīn), and Earth (土 tǔ). The Year of the Ox follows after the Year of the Rat (the first year of the zodiacal cycle), and it is followed by the Year of the Tiger.

Year of the Ox

2033 is the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Water Ox, starting from Feb. 1, 2033 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to Feb. 18, 2033. Ox is the second in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. Years of the Ox include 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033…
Oxen used to be capable farming tools in an agricultural society, which attach to the symbol of diligence, persistence, and honesty. In Chinese culture, Ox is a faithful friend that made great contributions to the development of society. Like the ox, people born in the Year of the Ox are industrious, cautious, hold their faith firmly, and always glad to offer help.
It is said that Ox ranks second among the Chinese zodiacs because it helped the Rat but was later tricked by it. The myth goes that the Jade Emperor declared the order of zodiac signs would be based on the arrival orders of 12 animals. Therefore, ox could have arrived the first, but it kindly gave a ride to Rat. However, when arriving, Rat jumped to the terminus ahead of Ox, and thus Ox lost first place.
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Chou
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Tu (Earth)
Yin Yang: Yin

Ox Overview 

Ranking the second in the Chinese zodiac, Ox or Cow is the symbol of diligence in Chinese culture. People under the sign of the Ox are usually hard-working, honest, creative, ambitious, cautious, patient and handle things steadily. On the negative side, Ox people might be stubborn, narrow-minded, indifferent, prejudiced, slow, and not good at communication.
Chinese: 牛 (niú)
Earthly Branches: Chou (丑)
Energy: Yin
Five Elements: Earth (Tu)
Lucky Flowers: Tulip, Evergreen, Peach blossom
Lucky Gemstone: Aquamarine
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Lucky Colors: Blue, Yellow, Purple
Lucky Directions: East, Southeast, South
Best Match: Rat, Snake, Rooster
Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4
Unlucky Colors: White, Green
Unlucky Direction: Southwest
Worst Match: Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog

Ox & Ox Years Start, End, and Element

The Chinese lunar calendar calculates the Chinese zodiac, and it does not entirely accord with your birthdays in the solar calendar. Want to confirm if you are an Ox quickly? Search it through the “Find Your Chinese Zodiac” or check the birthdays of the following chart, which also tells you what kind of elements you have.
Ox Years Start, End, and Element
  • 1925 – Jan.24,1925 to Feb.12,1926 , Element -Wood
  • 1937 – Feb.11,1937 to Jan.30,1938 , Element -Fire
  • 1949 – Jan.29,1949 to Feb.16,1950, Element – Earth
  • 1961 – Feb.15,1961 to Feb.4,1962, Element – Metal
  • 1973 – Feb.3,1973 to Jan.22,1974, Element – Water
  • 1985 – Feb.20,1985 to Feb.8,1986 , Element -Wood
  • 1997 – Feb.7,1997 to Jan.27,1998, Element – Fire
  • 2009 – Jan.26,2009 to Feb.13,2010, Element – Earth
  • 2021 – Feb.11,2021 to Jan.31,2022, Element – Metal
  • 2033 – Jan.31,2033 to Jan.18,2034 , Element -Water

Personality Of The Ox

Male Ox Personality Traits

In general, male Oxen are mature, steady, and trusted by others. However, it is in their nature to be down-to-earth and unemotional. Also, they are very confident yet snooty and short on enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
In daily life, they are down-to-earth, dynamic, and courageous. The healthy and strong men under the Ox sign always can bear hardships and stand hard work. So motivated in life, they work hard to improve themselves and bring a better life for their family. Therefore, whenever you stay with the steady male Oxen, you will feel comfortable and secure.
With a sensible attitude towards life, they are skilled in planning for life and usually keep everything in order because they just like the tidy and fixed pattern of life. Meanwhile, male Oxen are strong-willed, and they can always act on their own.
When it comes to love relationships, they love the virtuous girls who could be good rather than capable wives. However, they hope to rely on their wives and get spiritual support and strong backing when they are down.

Male Ox Strengths

Male Oxen are very trustworthy and keep their word and never disappoint others once they make a promise. As a result, they are trusted by friends. Sometimes, they suffer from the character because no one wants to be tied by too many rules. While others praise their merits, they themselves know what they have suffered.
Though male Oxen are selfish, they are blindly filial to parents, take good care of their parents’ life and make every effort to meet the latter’s demands.
Diligent and Brave
Men under the Ox sign are passionate and diligent at work. They work positively and feature strong subjective initiative, thus could work well without others’ encouragement. The brave side mainly lies in facing the difficulties in life bravely and standing up quickly.

Male Ox Weakness

The biggest flaw of male Oxen lies in their arbitrary side. Though principled, they sometimes act a little tyrannical. In their eyes, women are weak and should be subject to men and protected by men. Once you choose a man under the Ox sign as your husband, you could enjoy a comfortable life but always follow his advice.
The stubborn and inflexible male Oxen are one-track-minded. Once they like something, they would repeat it repeatedly for years and never feel it boring. But, on the other hand, if they are determined about something, they will make every effort to finish it and never change their mind even if it is hard.
Male Oxen are inflexible at work and always keep on the rails. They would do what others arrange them to do and seldom take the initiative to change. But, when you stay with them, you will find they could do the same work over and over again and never feel dull.

Female Ox Personality Traits

Female Oxen are very practical in life. They know how to analyze problems rationally, and they are gentle, cultivated, and understanding yet have no sense of humor. Perhaps you may find they are boring, but they just could win the trust and support easily and succeed through their own efforts.
Women under the Ox sign hold an optimistic attitude towards life. They love life, never yield to any setbacks, and dare to struggle, do what others dare not to do, and insist on with a determined mind. They would deal with anything in a methodical and fixed pattern, and they are clean and orderly.
With clear goals for a love relationship, female Oxen would never compromise. Instead, they wait for their Mr. Right patiently. Being prudent, cultured, and calm, they would love wholeheartedly once they fall for someone and never change their minds even if another better one appears.

Female Ox Strengths

Patient and Unyielding
The persevering and enduring female Oxen would never give in to fate. On the contrary, once they are determined, they would hold on to the end until they reach the goal. This kind of unyielding merit is mainly illustrated by their strength and spirited attitude towards setbacks in life.
Down-to-Earth and Responsible
One of the traditional virtues of female Oxen is that they are down-to-earth and responsible in behaving and doing things and never ask for a skyrocketing rise. They are industrious and work with no complaints, thus among the most pragmatic workers. Besides, they are highly responsible for their work and themselves.
Rational Rather Than Emotional
Perhaps Ox women are the most rational among the Chinese zodiac signs. In the face of a crisis, they always keep a cool head, rationally analyze problems and find solutions. Also, they never act impetuously, and due to their integrity, they would not do something improperly out of personal matters or friendship.

Female Ox Weakness

The biggest flaw of female Oxen is that they are opinionated. Since they are independent and confident, they seldom take others’ suggestions and do not change their minds even if they make mistakes. As a result, they may go in the wrong direction easily to take on more work.
Female Oxen are less flexible, especially at work. They don’t like to listen to others and could hardly be aware of their shortcomings. In addition, they are too stubborn and self-involved to listen to advice and prefer to go their own ways, thus alienated by others easily.
Less Feminine
Most female Oxen are tough and less feminine, especially to their loved ones. However, romance is essential to a beautiful life, and a tough attitude would make a marriage dull. The less feminine disposition often makes them feel life is quite boring. They are suggested to be more passionate and humorous to make life more colorful and delightful.

Ox Best Birth Dates Months And Times

Ox’s Fate by Birth Time
The birth time of people plays a vital role in terms of whether destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Ox sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fates. Those who were born and will be born between 03:00 PM – 05:00 PM and 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM are the most auspicious.
Ox’s Fate by Birth Date
Best Birth Dates: The Ox people born on the 11th, 13th, 25th, 26th, or 27th day in the Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during their whole life.
Ox’s Fate by Birth Month
Best Birth Months: The Ox people born in March, July, August, or September usually could enjoy a good fortune in life.
March: The Ox born in March could live in ease and luxury. They do not worry about food and clothing all the life. Both in family and outside, they are highly respected by others.
July: The Ox people born in July are bright and intelligent. They have an excellent temperament. Also, they usually have generous ancestral estate and can get great help from relatives.
August: The Ox people born during this month are healthy and usually have good luck. The whole life for them will be free from mishaps.
September: The Ox with the birth month of September is of uncommon brilliance, courageous and diligent study. So, they usually could get the outstanding achievement. But, they are lucky to get help from others and work as their wishes in their career.

Ox in Love

People with Ox as the animal sign are surprisingly persistent in a love relationship and would not change their mind as long as they start the relationship with the right one. Ox people do not expect to be so popular with the opposite sex and what they need is just a sincere and single relationship. Read more about Ox in Love.

The Male Ox in Love

Male Oxen are mild yet stubborn inside and know clearly about what they want. In a love relationship, they are the slow-type people who are prudent, gentle, and fond of delicate women. They look forward to lifelong love but often feel lost when they are in such a relationship.
Men under the Ox sign are family-oriented and protect their family very well from any harm. They are nice to their wives and children and go home immediately after work to enjoy family life. One of their merits is that they enjoy doing housework, making their partners feel quite happy.
Male Oxen’s Attitude Towards Love
The calm, kind, low-key, and restrained male Oxen pursue a steady life and don’t like flamboyant. In a love relationship, they warm up slowly and are not good at speaking sugared words or creating romantic surprises to delight their partners. However, they are very faithful and can bring the steadiest life to their loved ones. With a tolerant attitude towards love, they listen to their wives and think their women are always right.
How Should Male Oxen Maintain Love Relationship?
Ox men know clearly what they want in love but care less about what the other side wants. Perhaps they can work hard to meet the material needs of their love but just cannot fulfill the latter’s psychological needs. Therefore, the conservative and dull male Oxen are suggested to read the mind of their love and create some surprises to improve the relationship.
How To Know How Much A Male Ox Loves You
Most of the time, male Oxen are meticulous and poker-faced, and no one can read their inner thoughts. As poor talkers, they seldom speak sugared words like ”I love you” because they will be ashamed of it. Generally, they won’t speak such words unless they are softhearted or really in you. If your man says ”I love you” with loving eyes, he will take you as the only one for the rest of his life. But he may only say the words after you get married. For example, when he sees the happy family you bring to him, he will be moved and say ”I love you”.

What Kind Of Women Do Ox Men Like?

1) Gentle and Kind-Hearted Women
The gentle and kind-hearted male Oxen take good care of people around, and they wish to marry a woman who is also caring and gentle. In their opinion, women of this type are simple and can take good care of themselves in life. Also, Ox men do not have to make great efforts to read the minds of this kind of woman.
2) Women Filial to Their Parents
Men born in Ox years are family-oriented and filial to their parents. They hope their partners can also show filial piety to their parents and take care of the family to focus on their work without worrying.
3) Responsible Women
With a strong sense of responsibility, male Oxen are highly responsible in life and fond of women who can take the initiative to undertake responsibility and never shift the blame. They believe that if a woman shirks her due responsibility, she cannot share weal and woe in marriage.

The Female Ox in Love

Female Oxen are introverted and refrained in expressing feelings yet very serious and persistent in love. Therefore, they would not publicize the relationship unless it goes steady. Hence, the good news often makes their relatives quite surprised. Besides, women under the Ox sign tend to experience several ups and downs in love when they are young, such as being deceived or stepping in others’ marriages. Therefore, they would not settle down unless they experience several relationships.
Female Oxen’s Attitude Towards Love
Once the Ox women fall in love with someone, they would be whole-hearted and never change their minds even if someone better appears. However, they are so jealous and possessive that they can become selfish and self-willed, making their partners cannot bear and even want to run away. In marriage, women born in Ox years are conservative and loyal to their husbands, and they can maintain the marriage for their whole life.
How Should Female Oxen Maintain Love Relationship?
The introverted and stubborn Ox girls are very constant in love, and they would tolerate silently and blame themselves if they meet the bad guys. They are betrayed; they blame themselves and think they must have done something wrong or are not good enough. Even if their boyfriends/husbands shift the blame unreasonably, they will accept, making others feel angry yet helpless. Ox women are suggested not to accept and tolerate unconditionally since love is a mutual thing. Otherwise, it will widen the gap in love and make them hurt.
How To Know How Much A Female Ox Loves You
With above-average rational thinking, female Oxen like to make all kinds of plans, such as financial management and career planning. So if your girlfriend under the Ox sign often tells you her long-range planning, such as how much to save every month and when to buy a house, get a driving license or buy a car, and most importantly, you are in the planning, it means she wants to marry you and is planning about your future life. So don’t be upset when you hear this.

What Kind Of Men Do Ox Women Like?

1) Gentlemen
Ox women are quite conservative and traditional in daily life, and they dislike the overly straightforward pursuit. So those gentlemen who are polite and extremely considerate are preferred by girls born in Ox years. This is why female Oxen are fond of gentlemen and fed up with those impulsive and rough manners.
2) Practical and Capable Men
The steady and sure Ox women often get what they want thru hard work, thus attracted to those steadfast and diligent men who move to success step by step and dislike those boastful men who do not attempt to progress and dream of a skyrocketing rise.
3) Men True to Love
Female Oxen are rather traditional in life. When they start a relationship, they would take their love as the center of their life, help to arrange everything, and make their love have no worries behind. Also, they are quite possessive to love and can be jealous of any disloyalty of their partners. As a result, they like men who are true to love and hate the playboys fickle in affection.

Ox Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility of the Ox Want to know more about your love compatibility with your partner? Just fill in both persons’ names and birth dates, and you can test if you are true soulmates.
Best Matches: Rat, Snake, Rooster
The best match of the Ox is the Rat, as they can complement each other, while the Ox and the Snake have the same beliefs and are deeply attracted by each other. The Ox and the Rooster are easy to get along well with and find common hobbies to enjoy life together.
Bad Matches: Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep
The Ox should be cautious if meeting partners with zodiacs of Tiger, Dragon, Horse, and Sheep because they may have different values, and quarrels may be frequent in daily life. In addition, different lifestyles also bring a lot of conflicts.

Careers For Ox

The surefooted Ox people usually fit those steady jobs that need more patience, tenacity, time, and willpower. They would feel a great strain if doing those flexible and unformatted works such as journalists, brokers, and sales associates. Suitable jobs for the Ox include politicians, artists, consultants, tea dealers, etc. Also, in the fields of husbandry, hardware industry, drugstores, realty industry, intermediary organs, and agencies, they could get the best out of themselves.

● Best Work Partners: Rat, Rooster, Snake
● Best Age to Start a Business:30 – 40
● Best Career Field: Marketing
● Best Business to Do: Building Materials Store, Decoration Shop
● Best Direction for Career: South, Southwest, Northeast

The people under the Ox sign are generally simple, honest, practical, diligent, persistent, kindhearted, modest, sincere, and responsible. They usually seriously carry out every word they say at work and honor credibility. Even if they encounter some difficulties, they will break through the barrier and hold on straight to the end with their persistence. However, the Oxen tend to be stubborn and barely break the routine.

● Suitable Jobs for Ox
Lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher, editor, author, accountant, social worker, writer, computer operator, policeman, technician, politician, office clerk, government officer, consultant, entrepreneur, art designer, etc.

● Work Partners for Ox
→ Best Work Partners: Rat, Rooster, Snake
→ Good Work Partners: Rat, Pig
→ Not Bad Work Partners: Horse, Sheep
→ Bad Work Partners: Horse, Sheep

● Best Age to Start a Business:30 – 40
● Best Career Field: Marketing
● Best Business to Do: Building Materials Store, Decoration Shop
● Best Direction for Career: South, Southwest, Northeast

Suitable And Ideal Jobs For Ox

Jobs Ox Are Interested in
What the Ox need is a stable job which they are interested in. Only in the stable working environment can the steadfast Oxen truly realize value and pursuit of life. Once the Oxen throw themselves into work, they will make the best of it.
Professional and Technical Jobs
Since the Oxen people can always hold on straight to the end, the jobs with expertise are suitable. Through long-term efforts, they will get social recognition and fulfill their own needs. The suitable jobs for Oxen include doctor, lawyer, writer, social worker, entrepreneur, and office clerk.
Charity Work
Refined and cultured, the Oxen seldom lose temper. Even if they lose once in a while, they are reluctant to kick up a fuss. Once they have a dispute with someone, they will exercise forbearance and finish the work earlier. They believe in life is to get along well with everyone. Besides, they never try to steal the spotlight or draw water to their own mill. Therefore, charity and social work are also suitable for Oxen.
Teaching Work
Being broad-minded, they will forgive rather than blame someone who makes a mistake. As a result, they are quite popular and can get along well with everyone around. With great patience, they may become a good teacher.
In addition, the following jobs are also suitable for the Ox:

  • Confront with others to solve things directly.
  • Competitive work in which no one wants to lag.
  • They can always faithfully comply with the work given by others and try their best to finish it.

Best Career Field For Ox: Marketing

They are sociable and keen on practical skills. Seemingly quiet in daily life, the Oxen are actually eloquent in communication and good at talking and getting along with others. Once they apply the strengths in the realm of sales, they will succeed and make a lot of money, because no one can resist your eloquence and they can sell your products easily – this is an ability envied by many people. Therefore, they will accomplish a lot in the realm of sales.

Health and Lifestyle

Like the wild oxen that run freely in the fields, people of the Ox year are healthy and fit. Hospital visits are rare, but this sometimes leads to overconfidence. Neglect during youth will result in problems in the later years.
As workaholics, Oxen will sometimes go days with minimal food and rest, then binge on both. Irregular diets will lead to indigestion and problems with the digestive system. Likewise, irregular exercise is what causes you to fall ill with “random” ailments.
Once they reach the middle ages, there is a high risk of heart disease. Strokes are another risk. In addition, they commonly suffer from joint pain. Most of these issues stem from irregular exercise. For a healthy life, they need to remember to take breaks from work, stretch and relax.

Health and Fitness Advice

Young Ox people don’t need to worry about their health as they are energetic, active, and have high disease resistance. Small diseases like colds and fevers are not serious. However, as people born in the Year of the Ox are very hardworking, they may encounter age troubles, like cervical spondylosis. A long-term unhealthy diet may also cause digestive diseases.
Thus for Ox men, more outdoor activities are needed, and they can play basketball, tennis, or soccer with friends to exercise. For Ox women, yoga is recommended to build the body. Also, try to keep a healthy diet.

Famous People: Ox Zodiac Eminent Personalities

  • Walt Disney (Co-founder of Walt Disney Productions): December 5, 1901, Metal Ox
  • Margaret Thatcher (British Prime Minister): October 13, 1925, Wood Ox
  • Diana Spencer (Princess of Wales): July 1, 1961, Metal Ox
  • Barack Obama (44th US President): August 4, 1961, Metal Ox
  • Bruno Mars (Singer): October 8, 1985, Wood Ox

Ox’s Personality by Blood Types

Blood Type O: At work, they like to face all the problems alone and never ask for help until at the wits’ end. Being the most loyal friend, they value friendship and will give a sincere hand to friends in trouble.
Blood Type A: With a cautious character, their decisions come from thorough thinking. And they never give up halfway, starting well and ending well, which helps them win the trust.
Blood Type B: They have a clever mind, thinking about many unusual and brilliant ideas. But they are too shy to express themselves. However, once the talent shows, their performances will be impressive.
Blood Type AB: Having a strong personality, they are selfless and adhere to principles. Thus, people with blood type AB seldom change their views because of others’ thoughts.

Which Type of ‘Ox’ Are You?
Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements

Wood Ox (1925, 1985)

Personality: Wood-Ox has upright, merciful, easygoing, and generous characters. They are always ready to heal others just out of consciousness. Straightforward and resolute, they are brave to pour out their inner feelings. However, most of them can restrain their temper and behave in a good manner.
Career: With acute eyesight and quick response, people with the Ox sign of the Chinese zodiac and Wood sign of Five Elements (Wu Xing) can discover many potential opportunities and take advantage of them. At work, they are prudent and steady so that they could be brilliant investment advisors or decision-makers.
Wealth: In their lifetime, the fortune in money is gratifying, especially after middle age. If they are lucky enough to find the right partners in business, they could make a big fortune. However, their luck in easy money is poor, so they should avoid speculative investment.
Love: They are not good at expressing their affection in a relationship, although they are quite passionate. Most of the time, people would feel hard to walk into their hearts. Therefore, communication is a very key point to change their love situation.
Health: There is no worrying health problem occurring in their lifetime. Sufficient rest and a balanced diet will prolong their life.

Fire Ox (1937, 1997)

Personality: Fire-Ox people are hot-tempered, and others’ words and actions easily influence them. They are shortsighted, seeking vested interests. To some extent, they are a bit self-centered and narrow-minded, so they can hardly have some intimate friends. However, they are filial to parents and tolerant to siblings.
Career: Their character will have some effect on their career and destiny. Although they are usually fully occupied in their career, they do some useless work sometimes. Therefore, the best suggestion is to learn some practical skills or techniques to make outstanding accomplishments.
Wealth: Their wealth is quite average in their lifetime, but they could keep a stable income with a strong interest in financing. It is sensible for them to make a budget all the time and keep a balanced expense.
Love: According to the Chinese zodiac and Five Elements analysis, Fire Oxen uphold freedom and dislike being restrained. Therefore, they may get a split because of incompatibility. However, as long as they learn to control their temper, they would find a well-matched life partner.
Health: Throughout their life, no big sickness happens to them, but ailments are frequent.

Earth Ox (1949, 2009)

Personality: They are diligent and courageous people seeing the effect from the Earth sign of the Chinese Five Elements. They are good at calculating; they are also honest, upright, and responsible though sometimes they seem dumb and rigid. Meanwhile, they are steadfast, reliable, and decisive in the manner of dealing with people.
Career: Earth-Ox people get favorable luck in their lifetime career. As they are industrious and responsible in character, they can become outstanding in work. They stress working efficiency a lot and can do many tasks in good operation at the same time. As long as they keep specializing in one field, they can surely gain handsome accomplishments.
Wealth: With their friends’ help, their income rises rapidly after 30 years old. Their money luck is prosperous, but they have spending problems. However, if they make a reasonable budget, they may make a great amount of savings, which paves the future road for investment.
Love: Oxen with Earth elements are fickle in love, and their love experience is vibrant. They are likely to get tired of old companions easily, always in quest of new lovers. Because of these affairs, they may lose their true love and get into big trouble.
Health: They are well cared for when they are youngsters, and diseases seldom occur on them. If they keep regular exercise, they will be much healthier than their peers.

Metal Ox (1961, 2021)

Personality: People of the Ox sign and Metal element are dynamic, responsible, and hardworking. In front of obstacles, they are courageous and persistent. They usually give people honesty, politeness, and a tender impression. Towards people in need, they have rich sympathy and are willing to assist.
Career: They get used to busy working life, and they always keep passion and enthusiasm for a career. If seizing a chance a lifetime, they can accomplish stunning breakthroughs.
Wealth: Without awareness of savings, they can hardly accumulate wealth. When they get a large amount of income, they should make some investment in real estate. Most of the time, their money can afford the life they want to live.
Love: Due to their nice personality traits, they can always make acquaintances with the opposite sex, but they should control their actions and words. Never put their feet in others’ relationships. Otherwise, they will lose their true love.
Health: After middle age, they may suffer disease caused by over fatigue. It is wise to alternate work with rest.

Water Ox (1913, 1973)

Personality: People born in the Year of Ox with Water element are industrious and courageous types. Although they are over-realistic and stubborn, they can make any true friends. Moreover, they are peace lovers, full of a sense of justice, so they are always modest and gentle to people.
Career: They could fully devote themselves to work, so they can usually become the elite of the circle. They are ambitious in the enterprise, and they would strive for higher status and power. Sense of justice would make their destiny one day to be good leaders.
Wealth: They seek wealth all the time, and their fortune in finance is stable and flourishing. Relying on assistance and cooperation with friends, they could open up their own business and accumulate a large amount of money at middle age.
Love: In terms of relationships, they could find their soul mate of destiny at a young age. They are bold and persistent in pursuing love. As a result, most of them can lead a harmonious marriage life.
Health: Every time they are severely sick, they could get recovery very soon.

Ox – Destiny by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates for Ox – 13th, 25th, 26th, 27th days of a month

  1. Ox Born on 1st day of a month – With the Chinese zodiac Ox, people born on these days are clever and honest. However, they may get little help from kin. Their success is seen somewhere away from their hometown.
  2. Ox Born on the 2nd day of a month – This group of Ox people may live a long life and be respected by many persons. Their middle life is smooth, and late-life is carefree.
  3. Ox Born on the 3rd day of a month – People born on these days in the year of the Ox are talented, smart, and motivated. Their early ages are plain. But there may be a great possibility for them to achieve success in the middle ages.
  4. Ox Born on the 4th day of a month –They may encounter many ups and downs like a floating boat but can generally live a peaceful and safe life with the help of brothers and sisters. The fortune prediction of females born these days is seen better than males.
  5. Ox Born on the 5th day of a month –With a weak will, they seldom learn things persistently. Therefore, early destiny is neither good nor bad. But with the help of others, they may achieve success. Generally, most of them live a stable and long life.
  6. Ox Born on the 6th day of a month –This group of people with the Chinese zodiac Ox is generally sensitive. They do things steadily step by step so that they can achieve success most of the time. Their early life is hard. But destiny starts to change in middle life. The late-life is steady and peaceful.
  7. Ox Born on the 7th day of a month –Generally, they can obtain fame and wealth in their lives, and their family life is happy. Their teenage life is difficult, but the middle and late life are good. About personalities, they are polite, talented, and knowledgeable.
  8. Ox Born on the 8th day of a month –Their early life may not be smooth. But, fortunately, after the ’30s, they may get help from some dignified persons, develop a successful career, and live a rich and glorious life since then.
  9. Ox Born on 9th day of a month -Born nice and kind-hearted, they are popular. However, they may get little help from kin due to thin ancestral accumulations. Both males and females born these days are attractive in appearance.
  10. Ox Born on 10th day of a month –Ox people born on these days have successful careers and happy families. Their luck is not so good in the early ages but turns good in the middle ages, bringing them wealth and leading them to a rich late life.
  11. Ox Born on the 11th day of a month –They are decisive and brave. Good luck comes late in their life, and there is little possibility for them to be very rich. But they can live an abundant life.
  12. Ox Born on the 12th day of a month -People born on these days with the Chinese zodiac Ox are gentle and can endure hardships. Youth life is not smooth, but it turns good since the middle ages.
  13. Ox Born on the 13th day of a month -Born with good luck, they can live an abundant life. During their lifetime, they can get help from many persons, which help greatly with their career. Their family life is also happy and harmonious.
  14. Ox Born on 14th day of a month -Males born on these days are honest, quiet, and steady; they usually have good looks. Females born these days are clever and beautiful. Both their early life is plain, but it starts to turn good since middle ages.
  15. Ox Born on the 15th day of a month -Their life is full of happiness and sadness. The relationship with the partner is nice but bad with children. According to the fate prediction, they are suitable to develop a career away from their hometown.
  16. Ox Born on 16th day of a month -In general, their life is bitter in the early half path but sweet in the late half path. They are clever and get high scores in school, which helps a lot in their career.
  17. Ox Born on 17th day of a month -They are not smart people but patient. Early life is plain and full of hardships. The middle and late life are better. They may not be so close with their children.
  18. Ox Born on 18th day of a month -Male Ox born on these days are tough and always think themselves smart. Their destiny is neither too good nor too bad. If born a female, the destiny is much better, and they can live a happy and long life.
  19. Ox Born on 19th day of a month -This group of people born in the year of the Ox can achieve both fame and fortune in their life, especially in the middle to late life. However, they may meet some bad love relationships and health problems, be careful.
  20. Ox Born on the 20th day of a month -Their life may be full of hardships and annoyances. The wealthy life lies somewhere away from the hometown.
  21. Ox Born on the 21st day of a month -Both males and females born these days can have a good partner. They themselves are gifted in many ways but not patient enough to focus on, so their life is just so so.
  22. Ox Born on the 22nd day of a month -They are honest, faithful, and popular. Their life is difficult first but happy later. The late-life is especially prosperous.
  23. Ox Born on the 23rd day of a month –The keyword of their life is “change” as they change jobs and living places frequently. But their life as a whole is abundant.
  24. Ox Born on the 24th day of a month -Both happiness and sadness, and good and bad things appear on their life paths. Their late life can be happy, rich, and glorious.
  25. Ox Born on 25th day of a month -Ox people born on these days are nice, kind-hearted, popular, and good at running businesses, so their career is successful and they can live a comfortable life.
  26. Ox Born on the 26th day of a month -They are generous, optimistic, and fair. They can sacrifice themselves for others. As a whole, they can live happy and prosperous life.
  27. Ox Born on the 27th day of a month -Their life is carefree generally. About the characteristics, they are honest, faithful, generous, and hardworking.
  28. Ox Born on 28th day of a month -If born a male, the early destiny maybe not be so good with some bad happenings, but it turns good since the middle ages. On the other hand, according to the prediction, the destiny of a female is better than that of a male, but they are not suitable for early marriage.
  29. Ox Born on 29th day of a month –This group of Ox people is likely to change their occupations and residences a lot. Their wealth lies away from their hometown. But, if working hard, their future can be bright.
  30. Ox Born on 30th day of a month –They are merciful, nice, and popular among workmates and friends. Their destiny is also bitter in the early half path but sweet in the late half path.
  31. Ox Born on 31st day of a month –This group of people born in the year of the Ox can achieve both fame and fortune in their life, especially in middle or late life. Their destiny is also bitter in the early half path but very sweet in the late half path.

Ox – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Ox -March, July, August, September, October

  1. Ox Born in January –Ox people born in January may not have much good luck at early ages. But in their middle ages, good luck may come their way, and then they may have a happy and healthy life after. They may not need to worry about food and clothing the whole life. But due to the poor ancestral accumulations, they need to rely on themselves to get better financially, during which they need to work hard and may encounter much bitterness.
  2. Ox Born in February –People with the Chinese zodiac Ox sign and born in February, their self-consciousness is firm. They are fearless and eager to do some earth-shattering business to get famous. But they usually do not think carefully before taking action and do not take others’ advice, resulting in more harm than good, great ambitions turning into bubbles, and a busy and struggling life. They should pay more attention to self-cultivation, study more, think more, and take actions step by step. In this way, they may move forward and succeed.
  3. Ox Born in March –People born in March of the Chinese zodiac year of the Ox are smart and knowledgeable. Even if they do not work hard, they can live a happy and free life no worrying about food and clothing. They are respected by others and often invited as honored guests by the rich. Although lots of risks and dangers are hidden in their life paths, they can go through them with the help of others. In their late lives, they can be rich. However, they may achieve no big success the whole lifetime.
  4. Ox Born in April –Born in April, Ox people may live a difficult and busy life. They may not be well educated but have a strong body. Their social status may not be very high, and they usually make a living by working somewhere far from hometowns but may not have much savings. They are very likely to be subject to others’ control. They should be neither obsequious nor arrogant, acquire more knowledge or learn some skills. As long as they make efforts, their destinies can be changed.
  5. Ox Born in May –Born in May, Ox people are kind, honest, loyal, and filial. They may have a little good luck in their lives and get little help from blood relatives and others, so they mostly live a plain life. They may leave home to making a living but cannot earn too much. However, if their birth dates and birth hours are auspicious, the destinies can be much different.
  6. Ox Born in June –Although they may not be born in a rich family and the relative cannot help much, Ox people born in June are smart and have a high IQ, and may make great achievements in the arts, academia, technology fields. They are kind-hearted and trustworthy, so they have many friends. They may live hard early lives but smooth and rich middle and late lives. They may get lots of help from others during their lifetime, but it is difficult for them to be in power.
  7. Ox Born in July –Ox people born in July are smart and very likely to be born in a rich family. They also know to rely on themselves to live a wealthy life. There are little disasters in their lifetimes, and the money rolls into their purses. Their later lives may be especially good with filial descents surrounding by.
  8. Ox Born in August –Although born rich, the Ox people born in August are not satisfied with their good situations and are always making efforts to achieve self-fulfillment. Their lifetime as a whole has more good luck than bad luck and little disasters. Being healthy and smart with strong creativities can be an authority in some fields requiring good skills. However, their career path is not always smooth, and they may encounter some difficulties, which discourage them a lot. But they can recover soon and keep on working. In their late lives, they may be greatly respected and admired by others.
  9. Ox Born in September –They may not be born into a prosperous family, but they study and work hard. They also have extraordinary courage, wisdom, and energy, making them a big person with intelligence and power. They get help from others and little obstacles from family and may succeed step by step in their career.
  10. Ox Born in October –Ox born in October may live a bitter and poor early life without ancestral inheritance and can only rely on themselves. But from youth or middle ages, their career starts to turn good, and the life will be better and better. This is because they are clever, decisive, quick on thinking, independent on creating, and good at doing business, bringing them lots of money and success in their career.
  11. Ox Born in November –Their life path may not be so smooth, and there may be many ups and downs. Although they work hard, they may be “underpaid.” The relationship with a partner may not be good, so with children. But they can, as a whole, live a safe life. However, if the birth date and hour are good, the destiny can be very different.
  12. Ox Born in December –Born in December, people with the Chinese zodiac sign Ox may have a strong body and be energetic. They work hard for fame but seldom succeed. However, they may have a happy family. Although not rich, they can live a pure and peaceful life in general.

How to Build Relationship with Oxen

Most Ox people will give their heart and soul when falling in love with somebody but won’t let a relationship come to light until it’s stable, which means their partner should be more patient. They prefer a mature partner and never want to get along with flirtatious people. Sometimes, they may choose to wait for a long time to find a soulmate rather than build a relationship quickly. What’s more, the Oxen cherish the family, and it is necessary to recognize their family members.

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