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Chinese Zodiac Tiger, Year of The Tiger

The Tiger ranks third in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs. The Years of the Tiger include 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034…
Tigers, considered brave, cruel, forceful, and terrifying, symbolize power and lordliness. In ancient times, people usually compared emperors or kings with tigers. Tigers are also considered a patron deity for children, and parents will prepare the shoes and hats with tiger designs for their babies.
The Chinese zodiac Tiger sign entitles people born in the Years of the Tiger to be natural leaders. They are adventurous, ambitious, and have a strong sense of justice, but maybe also a little arrogant and impetuous.
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Yin
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Mu (Wood)
Yin Yang: Yang

Tiger Zodiac Review

Ranking as the third animal in the Chinese zodiac, Tigers are the symbol of brave. People born in the year of the Tiger are friendly, brave, competitive, charming, and endowed with good luck and authority. With indomitable fortitude and great confidence, the tiger people can be competent leaders. But, on the other side, they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, overindulged, and love to boast to others.
Chinese: 虎 (Hǔ)
Earthly Branches: Yin (寅)
Energy: Yang
Five Elements: Wood (Mu)
Lucky Flowers: cineraria
Lucky Gemstone: Sapphire
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4
Lucky Colors: blue, white, gray, orange
Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south
Best Match: Horse, Dog, Pig
Unlucky numbers: 6, 7, 8
Unlucky Colors: Golden, Silver, Brown
Unlucky Direction: Southwest
Worst Match: Snake, Monkey

Years of The Tiger

The Chinese zodiac Tiger sign should be based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Check the following chart to see if you are born in the Year of the Tiger and find your elements.
Tiger Year , Start , End and Element

  • 1926 – Feb.13,1926 to Feb.1,1927 , Element – Fire
  • 1938 – Jan.31,1938 to Feb.18,1939 , Element – Earth
  • 1950 – Feb.17,1950 to Feb.5,1951 , Element – Metal
  • 1962 – Feb.5,1962 to Jan.24,1963 , Element – Water
  • 1974 – Jan.23,1974 to Feb.10,1975 , Element – Wood
  • 1986 – Feb.9,1986 to Jan.28,1987 , Element – Fire
  • 1998 – Jan.28,1998 to Feb.15,1999 , Element – Earth
  • 2010 – Feb.14,2010 to Feb.2,2011 , Element – Metal
  • 2022 – Feb.1,2022 to Jan.21,2023 , Element – Water
  • 2034 – Jan.19,2034 to Feb.7,2035 , Element – Wood

Personality Of The Tiger

Male Tiger Personality Traits

Male Tigers are usually serious, careful, prudent, optimistic, aggressive, and adventurous. They feature good tastes, refined speech, and manners and like to make friends. Sometimes, men under the Tiger sign can be dictatorial, prone to suspicion, and irresolute, thus often make hasty decisions.
In daily life, male Tigers are short of romance and family happiness yet quite loyal to their families and serve as the backbone. They are very emotional: sometimes laugh heartily while sometimes shed tears or feel upset.
In a love relationship, they can be possessive or quarrelsome when getting jealous and boast a strong sense of protectiveness. Tiger men are attractive to women, and they like to guess women’s minds.
As for career, male Tigers are quite dedicated and hardworking. They open up territory with wisdom and never give up readily in any hardships, thus achieve good results in their career.

Male Tiger Strengths

Serious and Conscientious
A general characteristic of male Tigers lies in that they are serious and conscientious. They never treat their work with a flip attitude. Instead, they are serious and can do what others cannot do with their meticulous attitude. Also, they are loyal to marriage and rarely involved in an extramarital affair. As a result, they are a good partner for life.
Honest and Affectionate
Male Tigers are trustworthy as they always keep their promises and never go back on their words. Coolheaded, generous, sociable, and graceful, they are natural diplomats. The righteous and enthusiastic male Tigers hate the ugly things and offer help whenever their friends need them.
The talented Tiger men are unwilling to work in a workplace with a poor environment and fixed pattern. With regal ambition, they want to open up their own territory and tend to switch jobs frequently. However, it is undeniable that they are getting better and better and keep opening up a bigger picture. Once they choose a major company, they can easily find an outlet for their ambition and get promoted.

Male Tiger Weakness

Suspicious and Jealous
When it comes to the suspicious mind, Tiger men can rank top. They are so suspicious that even the most sensitive girls will develop a sense of inferiority in front of them. The suspicious male Tigers find it hard to trust anyone around and even make wrong decisions because of this.
Rebellious and Stubborn
Meanwhile, male Tigers can be rebellious, and they don’t like to obey the command of others since they are competitive creatures and believe there is no need to listen to others. Because of this, self-conceit is a flaw for them. As a result, they are short of team spirit and prefer to work alone and behave extremely. Also, they can be stubborn and seldom change their mind once determined.
The overbearing Tiger men often insist on their own ideas and ignore the others in many things. In particular, they never compromise with their life partners. If your husband is under the Tiger sign, you need to be mentally prepared because he is face-saving and won’t yield when you conflict; in fact, he is suffering and haggling inside. However, once you give him an out, you will live in harmony.

Female Tiger Personality Traits

Female Tigers are charming, articulate, free, open, and trendy, and they often feel upset for lack of beautiful clothes. The lively and friendly Tiger women are just like the sweet kitty well received by people for their behaviors. Brilliant, highly tenacious, and patient, they can always make outstanding achievements under any circumstances. However, they often persist in their old ways, and they are careless, rebellious, emotional, and credulous.
In daily life, female Tigers can take care of their families, enjoy life to the full, and like to attend collective activities. You may always find them at parties, and they can play with kids very well, such as telling stories and playing games. They are popular with kids because their matey charm can set children at ease and free.
In a love relationship, they will never be really infatuated because they only love themselves. Seemingly gentle, they are actually wild inside and sometimes can be extremely narcissistic and lonely. The reliable and loyal female Tigers make no exception for anyone, which becomes their magic weapon to subdue men. As for career, Tiger women tend to take the family as their cause and have fewer desires for work. They are family-oriented and care less about the annoying workplace.

Female Tiger Strengths

Tiger girls are sunny, confident, and charming enough. The cheerful and lively female Tigers are popular with people around because they are caring and gifted. Once you stay with them, you will find they are quite attractive, and they look at everything from an optimistic perspective, making people around full of positive energy.
Loyal and Reliable
Female Tigers are very reliable and loyal to love. Their reliability is illustrated by how they value their promises. As long as they agree to do something, they will go all out to complete it and never go back on their words no matter how hard it is. Likewise, once they start a relationship, they will be faithful to their husbands unto death unless their bottom line is crossed.
Elegant and Decisive
The decisive virtue of Tiger women is in their blood. It seems that they are less hesitant to make decisions than others from birth. Also, they are elegant and never hysterically shout and curs in public. Even if they are unhappy, they can solve problems with ease and grace.

Female Tiger Weakness

Longing for freedom, Tiger girls don’t like to be subject to rules in life, and they are unrestrained and would rather go their own way than listen to others’ advice. But, unfortunately, in daily life, independent Tiger women seldom change their minds once they are determined, and they often play the dominating role.
The rebellious female Tigers are ambitious and less obedient, and they always want to be in the first place. Their rebellion is mainly in the way they disobey their parents’ arrangement. They hate family constraints, prefer to live alone, find their own jobs, and start a relationship on their own.
Another prominent shortcoming lies in that they are careless, especially at work. They often make mistakes in the statements they prepare due to the lack of double-checking. As a result, it is hard for them to work perfectly even though they can work at high speed and have great motivation.

Best Birth Dates Months And Times

Tiger’s Fate by Birth Time
The birth time of people plays a significant role in terms of whether destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Tiger sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fates. Those who were born and will be born between 11:00AM – 01:00PM, 01:00PM – 03:00PM, 05:00PM – 07:00PM and 07:00PM – 09:00PM are the most auspicious.
Tiger’s Fate by Birth Date
Best Birth Dates: The Tiger people born on the 3rd, 4th, 11th, 16th, 23rd, or the 27th day in the Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during their whole life.
Tiger’s Fate by Birth Month
Best Birth Months: Birth months that could bring good luck to the Tiger include lunar January, February, March, April, and August.
January: It’s on the occasion of the Chinese New Year; all things take on a new aspect. The Tiger born during this month has a pure personality and a strong will. They could be successful in both politics and business.
February: Insects Awaken on the Chinese lunar month of February. From this time, insects begin to awaken from winter sleep by the spring thunder. The Tigers born during this month usually have amazing talent and get great success in their career.
March: The Tigers with the birth month of March are born brainy. Whatever they do, they could achieve an unexpectedly good result. During their life, they could win many honors and advance rapidly in work.
April: The Tigers born this month usually enjoy all riches, honors, and splendor during their lives. They have high positions and handsome salaries. In the family, they have a good wife or husband, and at work, they can get help from dignitaries. In all, they have less worry, thus lead a leisurely and carefree life.
August: The Tigers born in August are naturally clever. They are surprisingly gifted and have a greatly strengthened comprehension ability. During their life, they usually enjoy a good reputation everywhere and are highly respected by others.

Tiger In Love

The unyielding and independent Tiger people are natural optimists who are generous in dealing with people and things, wise, a little bossy, and possessive in a love relationship. But, in their eyes, a career is more important than love, and they would lean toward a career if they must choose between the two. Read more about Tiger in Love.

The Male Tiger In Love

The overbearing Tiger men are passionate and impulsive in love relationships, and love can go to their heads easily. They know clearly what to love and what to hate and can bring the most intense love to their sweethearts. Seemingly careless and unreliable, male Tigers are bold, vigorous, and caring in marriage. Whether important or trivial, they are considerate in all matters and almost take their partners as the center of their life – all they think is about their loved ones.
Male Tigers’ Attitude Towards Love
The passionate and brave male Tigers are fearless, full of vigor in love, and clear about love or hate. With great career ambitions, they attach great importance to work and career prospects and the future development of women before starting a relationship. Sometimes, they even choose somebody more their equal. Most of them attract girls with their career achievements, thus quite popular among women.
How Should Male Tigers Maintain Love Relationship?
Men born in Tiger years are born to be optimistic and outgoing, and they like to plan for the future but think less or even never think about the present. So when their girlfriends remind them of their carelessness, they may deprecate chauvinistically. Once their girlfriends leave everything to them, however, Tiger men cannot take responsibility for their future, which will disappoint their women. Real men can be responsible for their love and work hard for the relationship rather than just talk without taking any action. Only if male Tigers learn how to do more and talk less can than maintain the relationship well.
How To Know How Much A Male Tiger Loves You
Apparently careless, men under the Tiger sign sometimes can be shy. Perhaps your glib boyfriend under the Tiger sign would say ”I love you to my bones” when you force him, but it is not sincere because he likes to play a trick in public. Instead, when you are sleepy or when there are only you two, and he suddenly says ”I love you”, it is true, and you can feel assured that he is really in you and wants to spend the rest of your life together.

What Kind Of Women Do Tiger Men Like?

1) Gentle and Lovely Women
The mighty male Tigers hate being contradicted in life, so they dislike women as mighty as them and prefer those who are gentle and lovely, can take good care of them, and never contradict them.
2) Brave and Confident Women
Men born in the Tiger years are quite capable and confident, and they can always achieve good results in life through their own efforts. Usually, they are attracted to straightforward and confident women and dislike hesitant, indecisive, and unconfident.
3) Independent Women
Tiger men of high self-esteem hate to be outdone and always work hard in life to create their own cause. Therefore, women who are also diligent and independent attract them a lot. But, on the other hand, no matter how beautiful they are, male Tigers would not have any good opinion for dependent and opportunistic women.

The Female Tiger In Love

Tiger women value freedom, lack confidence and wish to get the return equal to the pay. Unconfident in love, female Tigers need to be encouraged and responded in love. Only in this way can they move on. If you keep evading and refuse to pay for your girlfriend under the Tiger sign, she may break up with you.
Female Tigers’ Attitude Towards Love
Clear about what to love or hate, female Tigers act on their feelings like a queen, and they will move their loved ones to start a romance with their passion and kindness. Compared with the boring family life, Tiger women prefer the exciting and romantic marriage with their husbands. They hope their loved ones can offer the greatest emotional comfort like a lover. They hate to be neglected and look forward to dynamic and free life. Also, they tend to be unyielding and dominating in the family.
How Should Female Tigers Maintain Love Relationship?
The innocent Tiger women want to get the precious freedom in love. With a strong self-awareness, they take it for granted that they are offered more time by their gentle lovers to do what they like and to travel to their favorite destinations. In fact, this is because their loved ones cannot find a sense of existence in them, so they might as well give Tiger women freedom. Therefore, female Tigers need to rethink it since there is no absolute freedom in love. When they move forward alone, they are suggested to look back, wait for their loved ones, and accompany the latter more to improve the relationship. If they keep pursuing freedom, they will regret it sooner or later.
How To Know How Much A Female Tiger Loves You
In the face of loved ones, female Tigers hardly know what to do, and they may speak loudly to be noticed and look confident. Once they fall in love with someone, they wish to see him at any time. Because of this, they may find excuses or create conditions to meet by chance, even if they have to take a detour. For their loved ones, they can give up everything, even work, to get close to their love.

What Kind Of Men Do Tiger Women Like?

1) Aggressive and Brave Men
Ambitious and mighty in life, female Tigers are easily attracted by aggressive and brave men of the same personality and can offer guidance on certain matters. They dislike the fair-faced men who are indecisive and feminine.
2) Trendy Men
Tiger women are open to challenges and new things in life and often lead the trend, thus disliking those stubborn, conservative, and rustic men in daily life. Generally, they are attracted by men who like to lead the trend and challenge new things since they are like-minded and close to each other.
3) Upright and Frank Men
Though mighty, aggressive, and seemingly difficult to get along with, female Tigers have a strong sense of righteousness, cannot bear the injustice around them, and would take the initiative to offer help. Hence, they like the upright and frank men and dislike those who are sinister and crafty.

Love Compatibility of the Tiger

Best Matches: Dragon, Horse, Pig
The Dragon, Horse, and Pig are bound to the Tiger’s partners because of their complementary characteristic traits. They have the same goals and beliefs in life, easily being attracted by each other. When meeting difficulties, they will also get timely support from their partners.
Bad Matches: Ox, Tiger, Snake, Monkey
When choosing a partner, the Tiger should avoid the Ox, Tiger, and Snake as it is hard for them to be attuned to the Tiger’s feelings. What’s more, they seldom compromise in a relationship with the Tigers, which results in endless quarrels.

Careers For Tiger

The people under the Tiger sign are born leaders and managers. No matter in politics, literature, and art circles or fields of finance and economics, the Tigers are always come out on top. You could not require them to do those works that never vary. Also, those works that couldn’t bring self-ability into play sufficiently are not fit for them. Suitable job fields for the Tigers to show their ability include clinical medicine, catering, literature, cultural, official, judicial, police, and government.

● Best Working Partners: Sheep, Dog, and Pig
● Best Age to Start a Business for Rabbit: Age 40-50
● Best Career Field for Rabbit: Quality Inspection
● Best Business to Do: Dessert Shop, Ice Cream Parlor
● Best Direction for Career: East, South, Southeast, Northwest

With the same courage and insight as Tigers, people under the Tiger sign are bold, broad-minded, and noble, boasting irresistible passion and tenacity. They work impressively and always act like a leader. With many followers, Tigers are also appreciated by the elders. Males under the Tiger sign are outwardly firm but inwardly yielding and feature a sense of justice, while females are outwardly yielding but inwardly firm and talented. They tend to be the lucky dogs who easily overcome difficulties and possess excellent organizing ability. As a result, tigers always take the top spot and cut a conspicuous figure in finance, economics, politics, culture, art, and other fields. Suitable jobs for Tiger people include company director, general, and leader.

● Suitable Jobs for Tiger: leaders, company managers, adventurers, politicians, police officers, revolutionists, authors, fashion designers, factory directors, schoolmasters, journalists, actors, generals, economists, etc.

● Work Partners for Tiger
.Best Working Partners: Horse, Dog, and Pig
.Good Working Partners: Rabbit and Dragon
.Not Bad Working Partners: Rat and Pig, Snake and Horse
.Bad Working Partners: Monkey and Snake

● Best Age to Start a Business for Tiger -Age 35 – 50
● Best Career Field for Tiger: Political Career
● Best Business to Do: Outdoor Sporting Goods Shop, Sports Equipment Store
● Best Direction for Career: Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, East

Tigers Are Born Leaders And Managers, Best Field & Best Business For Tiger

Tigers Are Born Leaders And Managers
Born to be a leader and manager, Tigers have a strong desire to lead and want others to follow them. Bold and unconstrained, they are always the focus of a group and make others awe of them, as if they were the real tigers! People born in the Tiger years observe and live the philosophy of ”striving to be better”, try their best to do everything, and never admit defeat. They believe that, as long as they go all out, they would achieve remarkable results. Even if they suffer a defeat or setback, they will take it as a life experience and valuable lesson. They may step back temporarily to go further and longer. Therefore, you can learn a lot from them while working together. Generally speaking, Tiger people do not make money the ultimate goal of work; instead, they take work as a part of life. Such people are perfect managers with influence and leadership.
Best Field For Tiger: Political Career
For Tiger people, no career is better than an official career. Since they like to play on words, they will find it hard to get around in business and art circles, yet can be like a duck to water and play to their strengths in political circles. Though the political career is full of ups and downs, they find pleasure in it and take politics as an interesting game; as a player of the game, they wish to win yet accept the defeat. In a word, Tigers will show all their talents and live a happy life once they take the political career.
Best Business For Tiger: Outdoor Sporting Goods Shop
Unwilling to lag, Tiger people do their best while starting a business. They are born with a fighting spirit and ardently love the outdoors. Therefore, running an outdoor shop is a good choice, as they can meet the needs of their own and customers in communication and place their interest in the career.

Unsuitable Work For Tiger, Career Advice

Unsuitable Work For Tiger
Civil servants and other jobs requiring coordination are not suitable for Tiger people as they cannot develop their strengths. In addition, they are not suitable for working in a rut every day.
Career Advice
1. Suspicious and irresolute by nature, people under the Tiger sign seldom trust others and often make hasty decisions. Since suspicion is the key factor that prevents Tigers from becoming a successful leader, it shall be hit off by managers under the Tiger sign.
2. Tigers are usually hot-tempered and should control their temper, or it will ruin them.

Famous People: Tiger Zodiac Eminent Personalities

  • Elizabeth II (Queen of the UK): April 21, 1926, Fire Tiger
  • Marilyn Monroe (Actress): June 1, 1926, Fire Tiger
  • Tom Cruise (Actor): July 3, 1962, Water Tiger
  • Lady Gaga (Singer): March 28, 1986, Fire Tiger
  • Shawn Mendes (Singer): August 8, 1998, Earth Tiger
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: born on November 11, 1974, a Wood Tiger

Tiger Zodiac Health, Lifestyle and Fitness Advice

Tiger Zodiac Health and Lifestyle
Tigers are sensitive to food and are picky eaters. They may have a soft spot for sweets, but this can lead to diabetes and dental problems. Good eating habits are a must for a healthy life.
Sleep and rest are also needed for health. But Tigers often have stressful careers and may have anxiety. It’s common for them to suffer from insomnia. They would benefit from relaxed conversations with family and taking well-deserved breaks.
Tiger Zodiac Health and Fitness Advice
They are healthy and energetic for the adult Tigers and even sometimes exhausted; they can recover soon. However, for the middle-aged Tigers, the symptoms accumulated through overworking will gradually show up, especially in the digestive and respiratory systems.
Also, long-term stress may cause some disorders. It is advised to regularly exercise and keep a balanced diet as most Tigers have a dietary preference for sweet foods. Change to a healthier diet and take in more high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

Tiger’s Personality by Blood Types

Blood Type O: Tigers with blood type O are warm-hearted and develop a good sense of justice. They are never afraid of failures and can always hold their own.
Blood Type A: For those with blood type A, they may have completely contrary characteristics at the same time, sometimes active and progressive, but sometimes shy and conservative.
Blood Type B: They love making friends and are specializing in social interactions. However, the overemotional personality sometimes makes them lack planning.
Blood Type AB: They are positive and confident, good at convincing others, which helps to succeed at work. But it may be a bit hard for them to follow through.

Which Type of ‘Tiger’ Are You?
Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements

Wood Tiger (1914, 1974)

Personality: People born in the Year of the Tiger with Wood sign of the Five Elements (Wu Xing) possess easygoing character and do well in socializing. They are smart and sensible, but they are also a bit prideful and arrogant. Before making a judgment, they tend to be crude and rash. But, on the other hand, their sense of justice drives them to sympathize with the weak and stretch their helping hands.
Career: They are born with brilliant intelligence, but they cannot make well use of it. They need to dig out their potential energy after a series of adversities. They are fast learners, and leaders and work fellows will well recognize their hard-working character. If they want to start a business, they should avoid choosing friends as partners.
Wealth: Their fortune in wealth is always flourishing. When they get into an economic depression, they will come across nice guys. Especially for women Wood Tigers, they could make a big amount of money under the aid of partners. However, their luck in easy money is weak, so they should avoid high-risk investments.
Love: If they get married at a very young age, they may get a split result. Before marriage, they should get a better understanding of each other. As long as they try to communicate with each other with sincerity, they could enjoy a sweet relationship.
Health: There is no severe problem with their fitness, but they should give more care to their family member’s health conditions.

Fire Tiger (1926, 1986)

Personality: Fire Tigers seem aggressive and serious; actually, they are tender, gentle, and considerate to people. Full of uprightness, they are faithful and steadfast. They have strong independence but weak willpower. They should restrain their greed for money and power in case of getting cheated.
Career: They are not only talented and capable but also careful and hardworking in work. They love to show their intelligence in tricky tasks, and most of the time, they could bring people satisfying results under high efficiency. Meanwhile, they should become more modest and learn to make progress step by step.
Wealth: Their lifetime fortune of wealth is superb, and their industriousness and thrift could bring them handsome income, but their fortune in fast money is quite average, so they should avoid boldfaced investment.
Love: They are always eager to get a sweet and solid relationship, but they may lose chance because of strong egoism. If they try to be more tolerant and thoughtful, they could win others’ hearts soon.
Health: They should pay close attention to their health condition. If any small changes happen, they should go to the hospital immediately.

Earth Tiger (1938, 1998)

Personality: For people with the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger and the Five Elements sign of Earth, ambitious and unstrained character is their signature. They have a tender and kind heart, as they are willing to help people in need selflessly. They are also generous and grateful to the people who assist them. With confidence in themselves, they are adventurous to take higher and higher challenges.
Career: They have a high aspiration to career. It is good for them to live in a foreign land, and they make great accomplishments. They have faith in themselves, so they are willing to take the risk to open up a new business all the time. In their spare time, they would seek further learning to strengthen their capability.
Wealth: People with the Chinese Five Elements sign of Earth have little awareness of their financial condition, and they are seldom troubled by money issues. If they avoid having money relationships with friends, they will not suffer economic loss. In brief, their luck in finance is nice, but they need to make good use of every cent.
Love: They have a weak sense of responsibility to families, so problems frequently occur in their marriage lives. Once a crack happens between them, it’s hard to make it better. Instead, they should learn to share the family burden and give more care to the other half.
Health: No severe disease could threaten their lives, but they should avoid some high-risk outdoor activities.

Metal Tiger (1950, 2010)

Personality: According to the Chinese zodiac and Five Elements analysis, they are frank and unstrained. With strong willpower and endurance, they have a positive and passionate attitude towards life. In addition, they are the confident type, with unalterable faith in themselves. Females are most enthusiastic, while men are most hesitant and stubborn.
Career: Throughout their lifetime, they are in an eager quest for power and career, so most of them could give outstanding performances in their career. No matter what kind of work they deal with, they could strive hard and persist long to gain smooth progress.
Wealth: In general, Metal Tigers’ fortune of money is nice. Their major income comes from their career and investment, which involve much effort. Before 50 years old, their good financial condition can support them to live a well-off life, but the fortune goes down in their later years.
Love: No matter males or females, they should avoid getting married too early. Their relationship doesn’t go smoothly, as men are usually frustrated by others’ emotional changes, and females have trust issues with their husbands.
Health: If they are addicted to alcohol or smoking, they should pay attention to lung and liver health.

Water Tiger (1962, 2022)

Personality: Sedate and calm; they are unlike other Tigers in respect of personality traits. They keep a curious heart towards new things, and they get fast learning ability. They are nearly gentle and mild to everyone, doing well in interpersonal relationships. However, they have strong egoism, and they could hardly take others’ advice.
Career: As they are innovative and curious, they are talented in designing and researching. Thus, they can make remarkable achievements in work related to craft, designing, and art. The good luck and back luck in a career are half to half, but assistance from friends would bring them a bright prospect.
Wealth: For Water Tigers, their luck of money is flat at an early age, but it takes a turn for the better at middle age. If they do some small business, they can obtain unexpected income. Besides, they usually have a habit of saving money, so they maintain a nice financial status later.
Love: The females usually choose to get married late, and they are usually industrious and virtuous wives. Males are obedient and tolerant to their wives. Effective communication avoids unnecessary squabbles.
Health: Regular exercise and a balanced diet are beneficial to prolong their life.

Tiger – Destiny by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates for Tiger –3rd, 4th, 11th, 23rd, and 27th days of a month

  1. Tiger Born on the 1st day of a month –Tiger people born on these days are clever, flexible, and lively. But they may not be close with brothers and sisters and get no help from them. According to destiny prediction, their early life is plain, but it turns good since the middle ages.
  2. According to the prediction, Tiger is Born on the 2nd day of a month –Their early life is better than middle and late life. As a whole, they can get well with others, and with the help of dignified persons, there is an opportunity for them to be successful.
  3. Tiger Born on the 3rd day of a month –People born on these days in the year of the Tiger are talented, clever, and intelligent. The relationship with the partner is nice, and they can live a happy and harmonious family life.
  4. Tiger Born on 4th day of a month –They are born clever and lucky. They can also have a perfect partner and stay together happily till the end of the life.
  5. Tiger Born on the 5th day of a month –Born on these days with the Chinese zodiac Tiger, this group of people is usually good-looking and kind-hearted. However, they may get little help from families and seek success somewhere away from their hometown.
  6. Tiger Born on 6th day of a month –Their life is bitter in the early half path and sweet in the late half path. They can only rely on themselves for a living. Fortunately, they seldom have health problems.
  7. Tiger Born on 7th day of a month –Their early life is plain, but the good luck comes in middle ages, which may bring them success and happiness.
  8. Tiger Born on 8th day of a month –They are smart but have weak wills and think things inconsiderately, which leads to opportunities of success fly away.
  9. Tiger Born on 9th day of a month –This group of Tiger people is gentle and hard working. Their early destiny is not good, but it turns good in the middle, ages and they may live a happy life.
  10. Tiger Born on 10th day of a month –They are very likely to be dignified persons. For them, it is easier to achieve success in a career than others and live a happy family life.
  11. Tiger Born on 11th day of a month –They are born handsome or beautiful, elegant and honest. Their early and late life is perfectly lacking no money.
  12. Tiger Born on 12th day of a month –If born a male, they are advised to leave hometown for better development; if born a female, their life may be busy, but it turns smooth since middle ages.
  13. Tiger Born on the 13th day of a month –Tiger people born on these days are clever, knowledgeable, and especially good at arts, through which they can obtain both fame and wealth. However, if the birth hour is not good, life may be plain.
  14. Tiger Born on 14th day of a month –Their early life is hard with obstacles and difficulties. But relying on hard works, they can develop a successful career and live a sweet life after.
  15. Tiger Born on 15th day of a month –They are smart, but too tough and stubborn, which leads to far relationship with families.
  16. Tiger Born on the 16th day of a month –With the Chinese zodiac Tiger, people born on these days can achieve both fame and wealth. However, they may have too many lovers and live a colorful but chaotic life.
  17. Tiger Born on 17th day of a month –Their life may be full of ups and downs as well as goodness and badness. Also, the families seldom offer a helping hand; they may live a busy life for a living.
  18. Tiger Born on 18th day of a month –Born skillful and brave, they are lucky persons. However, their career may not develop well before the middle ages but in the late ages. The destiny of females born these days is better than males.
  19. Tiger Born on 19th day of a month –They are clever, flexible, trustworthy, and do things steadily step by step. The early half-life may be plain, but the late half-life is likely to be surrounded by wealth and fame.
  20. Tiger Born on the 20th day of a month –Tiger people born these days are honest and like to help others. However, their life path is not steady with waves and small disasters. So they need to work hard at an early age for a living.
  21. Tiger Born on 21st day of a month –Generally, their life path has more setbacks than others. However, as the families seldom offer a helping hand, they can only rely on themselves for a successful career to live a busy life.
  22. Tiger Born on 22nd day of a month –With weak wills, they change their opinions, jobs, and even living places frequently. Early life is difficult, but good luck comes in the middle ages, and life turns good since then.
  23. Tiger Born on 23rd day of a month –Those born on these days in the year of the Tiger can be wealthy and powerful people. They are generally smart and kind-hearted.
  24. Tiger Born on the 24th day of a month –Their life is difficult at the first-half stage but easy in the late half. As good luck comes in the middle ages, they can achieve success, fame, and wealth.
  25. Tiger Born on 25th day of a month –Their life is also difficult at early ages, especially when they are teenagers, but turns good since middle ages.
  26. Tiger Born on 26th day of a month –The early life is plain getting no help from families and friends. Fortunately, the late life is good based on their hard-working and persistence.
  27. Tiger Born on the 27th day of a month –With the Chinese zodiac Tiger, people born these days are lucky dogs. They can get help from dignified persons and achieve success in career. Their family life is also happy with the perfect wife or husband.
  28. Tiger Born on 28th day of a month -Being tough but lacking intelligence, they may have disputes with others now and then. Remember this; otherwise, they even cannot get along well with their families and friends.
  29. Tiger Born on the 29th day of a month –The tie with the family is not so tight, so they are advised to succeed somewhere away from the hometown. Good luck lies in the middle path of their life, and based on it and the hard-working, they can achieve success.
  30. Tiger Born on 30th day of a month –According to prediction, they’d better depend on themselves rather than others for a successful career. Also, a late marriage is more suitable for them than an early marriage.
  31. Tiger Born on 31st day of a month –Those born on these days in the year of the Tiger can be wealthy and powerful people. Also, a late marriage is good for them than an early marriage. They are leaders.

Tiger – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Tiger -January, February, March, April, July, August

  1. Tiger Born in January –Tiger people born in January are blessed by God and can be lucky for a whole lifetime. Their birth family is rich and respected by others and will not be subject to the control of others. They have pure personalities and strong will. With the help of the elders, their career path develops well.
  2. Tiger Born in February –People born in February of the Tiger are loyal, filial, and have amazing talents and abilities. In work, they can be both team leaders and a model of others, thus loved and respected. Moreover, they can do earth-shattering big business.
  3. Tiger Born in March –Tigers born in March, their early years may be poor and difficult. But the life since youth or middle ages starts to get better relying on their innate ingenuity. Whatever they do, they may get unexpectedly good results. For example, if working in the government, their position may get higher and higher.
  4. Tiger Born in April –Tiger people born in April may have supports from dignitaries, thus can succeed in their career. They can live a free, prosperous, and smooth lifetime with little annoyances and troubles. The descendants are also nice to them.
  5. Tiger Born in May –The ancestral accumulation of Tiger people born in May may be thin, and they need to rely on themselves to make life get better. They are courageous, tough, and adept with both literature and military affairs; hence, they can contribute to society and achieve the power of superiority. However, they are also grumpy, which makes them offend and dispute with others easily.
  6. Tiger Born in June –They are kind-hearted and willing to help others. They may have a big ambition. But with no effective support and financial accumulations, it is difficult to come true. As a result, their life path may twist and turn-ups and downs, and they themselves can hardly become famous.
  7. Tiger Born in July –There is little chance for them to be born into a rich family, so the early years of Tiger people born in July may be difficult. By the middle ages, they may achieve success through perseverance, energetic characteristics, and hard work. They are willing to help others and do things with all their efforts.
  8. Tiger Born in August –People born in August in the year of the Tiger get little help from their parents due to the shallow ancestral base. But fortunately, relying on good luck, useful help from others, and their own wisdom and talent, their life gradually flourishes, and they themselves get famous and respected by others.
  9. Tiger Born in September –Tigers born in September are smart, flexible, and knowledgeable. However, they are unrealistic, acquire knowledge mechanically, would not like to depend on themselves but others, think highly of themselves, and care for nobody to meet many difficulties and troubles. This leads them to think there is no platform to use their talent and complain alone. However, if they learn to rely on themselves and start to be independent and hard-working, success can be at the turnings.
  10. Tiger Born in October –People with the Chinese zodiac Tiger born in October are smart, loyal, gentle, and elegant. Due to their poor destiny, they may not achieve success if doing things independently. They should have a partner to corporate with. Otherwise, they may live a busy life but achieve nothing.
  11. Tiger Born in November –As Tiger people are born in November, they may have a difficult and busy lifetime. Hardly getting effective support from others and not being good at uniting others makes it difficult for them to succeed in a career. But their life has no big disasters. If their birth hours are good, the destiny can be different.
  12. Tiger Born in December –Tigers born in December may meet many frustrations and bad guys. The possibility to get help from others is not big so that they may live a plain life. Be careful, try to make more friends and unit with workmates, and have a good career.

How to Build Relationship with Tigers

The good news to people who want to build a love relationship with the Tigers is that they cast doubt on the soul mate theory and don’t believe there is someone definitely compatible with them, which means everyone can have a chance to touch the Tiger’s heart. The Tiger always looks strong and pride, but they do have a soft heart. When getting along with the Tiger, more patience and understanding are needed, and they care about some details.

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