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Saturn Conjunction Saturn Aspect Meaning

When transiting Saturn comes to your birthplace, it usually signifies a turning point in your physical, social, and spiritual development. His first visit in your late twenties signals that it’s time to live life on your terms, rather than what your family, friends, or community have planned for you. You might fly away from your “nest” and start making more of your own. You must now learn to define your role as an elder and carer on your terms, for your family, friends, or community, when you return late in life for the second time. You’re probably dealing with an “empty nest,” and you’ll need to rethink how you’ll establish yourself in a larger or different setting. When you make your final appearance, you endeavor to uphold the legacy of everything you’ve accomplished and weaved into the fabric of your society.

Saturn Conjunct Saturn, Saturn Conjunct Saturn Synastry

Saturn Conjunct Saturn, Natal Saturn Conjunct Saturn Transit
Unless Saturn retrogrades over its natal place, your Saturn return will last around a month. The transit may last around ten months, with three exact hits in this example. With just one transit of Saturn conjunct Saturn, the effect is substantially more robust. Although the intensity of Saturn retrograde is spread out over a more extended period, the actual retrograde motion pass is usually the most notable or spectacular. As your Saturn return approaches, you may feel compelled to undertake things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity to do. This can create a sense of urgency to get things done quickly because time is ticking away. Any aspect of life that is no longer fulfilling could be changed, although relationships and careers are the most commonly affected. If you have been responsible and respectful in recent years, this era of completing your efforts will be rewarded. Saturn constructs structures and systems that provide a sense of safety and security in your life.
Your Saturn conjunct Saturn transit will be a cyclic rejuvenation if you have previously laid firm foundations. You could be recognized for previous efforts, given new responsibilities in your job, or promoted. You might upgrade your living quarters or sell an investment property or other financial asset. However, you will most likely encounter loss and disappointment during your Saturn return if you have taken shortcuts and your foundations are more illusions than reality. It would be pretty simple to see such a region disappear if you were aware of it. However, it can be upsetting if you were unaware that something was not operating correctly, even though you will be better off without it. If you’re on the wrong karmic track, Saturn will smack you in the face and remove the things or people in your life that are related to your immaturity, lack of discipline, or lack of respect. After the negative karma has been paid, a mid-life crisis will transition into rebuilding with new starts and prospects.
Saturn Conjunct Saturn Synastry
You share similar viewpoints on responsibilities, politics, economic stability, and the world at large. Even if one of your points of view is incorrect, you will be assuring each other. This may cause you to have reservations about the viewpoint. As a result, this interaction is pretty much how you create it. It’s as if you were given a lump of clay to mold into the shape that will fit both of you.

Saturn Sextile Saturn, Saturn Sextile Saturn Synastry

Saturn Sextile Saturn
You begin to see a “method” to your unique way of doing things. You’ll either like it enough to modify or improve it, or you’ll toss it aside and replace it. This will most likely prompt you to seek more experienced persons to assist you with the latter goal. If your method of handling your finances is failing you (and your finances), you may benefit from financial management classes, accounting software, or hiring a new accountant. You’ll probably want to be more hands-on in dealing with your challenges because the experience will be one of your best teachers. Make careful to keep track of everything you’ve learned and reflect on it. Then you’ll be able to help others or recall the strategies and ideas you’ve learned later. You’ll be able to quickly return to a state of clarity that might be lost while you’re under duress.
Saturn Sextile Saturn Synastry
Saturn’s wild or high dreams can be grounded and brought into existence by the Saturn person. The Saturn person can assist the Saturn person in opening up to all things spiritual or ethereal and overcoming any insecurities or repression. They can both open up to a new, positive, and realistic reality together.

Saturn Square Saturn, Saturn Square Saturn Synastry

Saturn Square Saturn
Your objectives and the different structures and systems in your life are evaluated for overall effectiveness and durability. This will likely result in many soul-searchings and swirling doubts about your place in the world. This transit can resonate on several levels at home with family, children, and partners, or at work with colleagues, clients/customers, and bosses. However, it’s easy to mistake their increased scrutiny for being more legitimate than your own. It’s more critical that you examine how you discipline and maintain yourself. Then, rather than waiting for approval from others, do what you need to do to develop as you see fit. Similarly, during this period, pay special attention to your bones and teeth, which are the most fundamental ways your body is supported. If you hear creaks or clicks, don’t dismiss them as “nothing.” Instead, ascertain that they are appropriately cared for.
Saturn Square Saturn Synastry
Because there are significant disparities between you in terms of what you take seriously, what you believe is appropriate, and your social status, you tend to work against one other. Even if you have a generally happy and harmonious relationship, this contact will slow things down, complicate things, and accentuate the negative aspects of life over the positive.

Saturn Trine Saturn, Saturn Trine Saturn Synastry

Saturn Trine Saturn
Likely, you’re currently in a state of pleasant stability and equilibrium. You most certainly earned it via hard effort. You value the individuals you trust and know, and you’re not always eager to welcome new people into your circle—at least not in a meaningful way. You don’t want to cause a stir. And it’s there that you might have an issue shortly. Maybe you can’t tell the difference between being stuck in a rut and reaping the benefits of well-balanced discipline right now. You can, of course, coast a little if you’re luxuriating. However, if you haven’t worked particularly hard in recent years, you’re skating on thin ice, conditioned more by what you haven’t done or what others have laid. If that’s the case, consider how you might bolster your energy and do more with a sturdier foundation beneath you than your laurels.
Saturn Trine Saturn Synastry
You create a connection by being together, but you must be mature and practical to get something out of it. You share a level of sobriety and mutual respect that will aid you in overcoming many difficult situations or keep you from becoming overly drained by unneeded effort.

Saturn Quincunx Saturn, Saturn Quincunx Saturn Synastry

Saturn Quincunx Saturn, Saturn Inconjunction Saturn
The outcome of Saturn’s transit quincunx your natal Saturn is determined by how you’ve handled your life during the last fourteen years and how you’ve handled the decisions you made while Saturn was conjunct Saturn at your Saturn return. You will have ample evidence now as to whether or not everything you have done since then has been worthwhile. You may be confronted with a series of doors that open up for you to continue growing or, on the other hand, a slew of roadblocks that make you wonder what went wrong, whether it’s with work, love, or family duties. This is the material apex of your existence, the culmination of fourteen years of telling the world, “This is who I am,” and now the world is responding to you with the implications of who you are. Do not despair if you must do something else and discover that your selected path is incorrect. Instead, invest your time and money in determining what you should have done in the first place. If you have been too afraid to take on more significant difficulties in the past and are now dissatisfied, you will be more prepared to take on these problems today. It’s never too late; the essential thing is to get started and feel fulfilled. Your life can now have a deeper and more meaningful purpose. This mode of transportation forces you to make the influence you need to make on others and the environment.
Saturn Quincunx Saturn Synastry, Saturn Inconjunction Saturn Synastry
It’s like you’re looking at the same item from two different perspectives. Your competing philosophies or belief systems may lead to a complete whole and tolerant understanding. Still, they may also turn into a war of “believers against unbelievers” with quarrels and break-ups arising from the assumption that your vision of the world is the only one that is correct.

Saturn Opposite Saturn, Saturn Opposite Saturn Synastry

Saturn Opposite Saturn
You’re probably interested in putting your worldly standing to the test, as well as your ability to obtain your heart’s desire on your terms. This could involve intentionally seeking to break free from the comforts of who and what you’re used to, whether it’s your current career, family, spouse, or community/civic activities. You may desire and be given additional responsibilities and opportunities to demonstrate your abilities. This can be a very lucrative and emotionally fulfilling time if you’ve built your reputation and character on solid job history and record. Others who can’t or won’t accept your sincerity will most likely be your only opponents. Others will question and contest your standing and authority if you’ve mostly plodded through to keep up appearances or filled your resume and other obligations with lies, half-truths, and indecisiveness. If that’s the case, your best bet is to commit to performing the hard work that will bring you where you want to go.
Saturn Opposite Saturn Synastry
Because everyone has a different path ahead of you, you must decide who will fulfill your responsibilities. This minor distinction can become a significant impediment to your emotional balance. Many problems can occur just because one of you is fourteen years older than the other and thus has more responsibility, understands things in a broader context, or is more bored of life.

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Saturn Conjunct Saturn Synastry, Saturn Conjunct Saturn, Trine, Sextile, Square, Quincunx, Inconjunct, Opposite, and Synastry, Saturn Conjunct Saturn Natal, Saturn Conjunct Saturn Transit, Saturn Trine Saturn, Saturn Sextile Saturn