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Tarot Cards Names, Tarot Card List

Tarot cards have been used since the Early Middle Ages as a tool for divination, introspection, and self-discovery. A classic Rider-Waite-inspired deck comes with a booklet that explains the deeper meaning of each card. The more you work with tarot cards, the more you’ll understand what the cards mean.

The Major Arcana

There are two main types of cards in a classic deck: The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana cards are also known as Trump cards. Beginning with The Fool at Zero and ending on The World at 21, Major Arcana represent the Fool’s Journey as he learns lessons along his path. Here’s a brief rundown of each-
1- The Fool, 0 – The First Card Of The Major Arcana, The Fool Represents The Beginning Of A Journey, Childlike Wonder, Risk, And Potential.
2- The Magician, I – Represents Manifesting, Healing, Spirituality, And A Connection To The Divine.
3- The High Priestess, II – Represents The Divine Feminine, Human Wisdom, Studying Nature And Spiritual Mystery, And One’s Inner World.
4- The Empress, III – Represents Nature, The Great Mother, Fertility, And Regarded As A Channel For The High Priestess On Earth.
5- The Emperor, IV – Represents Leadership, Influence, Stability, And Potential For Mastery.
6- The Hierophant, V – Represents Practical Lessons Related To Natural Law, Study, And Mastering One’s Chosen Area Of Expertise In This Life.
7- The Lovers, VI – Represents Difficult Decisions Or Changes To Come About Relationship, Compromise, And Growth In A Relationship.
8- The Chariot, VII – Represents Empowerment, Achievement, Overcoming Obstacles, And Triumph.
9- Strength, VIII – Represents Ego Versus Intuition, And A Need For Discipline And Refinement Of Self-interest To Achieve Harmony With The Inner Self.
10- The Hermit, IX – Represents Introspection, Contemplation, Inner Reflection, And The Benefit Of Time Spent Alone.
11- Wheel Of Fortune, X – Represents Imminent And Often Positive Change And The Inevitable Seasons And Cycles Of Life.
12- Justice, XI – Represents Fairness, Moral Sensitivity, Karma, And Attention To Detail.
13- The Hanged Man, XII – Represents Consequence, Surrender, Stagnation, And A Situation That Must Be Waited Out.
14- Death, XIII – Represents Endings, Harvesting, Freeing Oneself, And Moving Forward. (Not To Be Seen As A Death Prophecy.)
15- Temperance, XIV – Represents Moderation And Balance, Self-evolution, And Avoiding Extremes.
16- The Devil, XV – Represents The Shadow Self, Material And Worldly Pleasure, Unhealthy Relationships, And Entrapment.
17- The Tower, XVI – Represents Imminent Or Present Danger, Upheaval, And Unexpected Change.
18- The Star, XVII – Represents Spirituality And Purpose, Connecting To The Divine, Transcendence, And Inspiration.
19- The Moon, XVIII – Represents Illusion And Impressionability, Deception, Confusion, And Strife.
20- The Sun, XIX – Represents Vitality, Joy, Good Fortune, Confidence, And Authenticity. It Is One Of Two (Along With The World) With No Reverse Or Negative Meanings.
21- Judgment, XX – Represents Resurrection, Awakening, Freedom From Inner Conflict, And Decisions To Be Made.
22- The World, XXI – Represents An End To A Cycle, Major Change, And Self-actualization. It Has No Reverse Or Negative Meanings.

The Minor Arcana, List of Minor Tarot Card With Meanings

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, split into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Within these four, there are court cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Page), which can be interpreted as people and personalities, but they can also represent “parts of ourselves that we’re being asked to reclaim. “While the Major Arcana represents broader themes, the Minor Arcana deals with more of your day-to-day circumstances. That’s not to say they’re less important! If the Major Arcana is the season, the Minor Arcana is the weather. Here’s what each suit speaks to-

First Suit- Suit of Swords

Suit of Swords – The suit of Swords is associated with the element of air, suit of spades, the fourth chakra, and harvest or autumn (also known as the heart chakra). While most people assume that the heart chakra is only concerned with love, it is much more and connects your spiritual reality with your worldly existence. The heart chakra connects our mind and body, allowing both to remain calm and clear and comfortably be in the world.
1- King Of Swords- Serious, Controlling, Rational, And Mind/intellect-focused.
2- Queen Of Swords- Intelligent, Writer, Communicative Yet Cold.
3- Knight Of Swords- Fierce, Determined, Aggressively Pursues Goals.
4- Page Of Swords- Mentally Unstable Or Intellectually Immature, Acts Without Thinking.
5- Ace Of Swords – A Fresh Start, A Sudden Opportunity Or Idea, Clarity.
6- Two Of Swords- Indecision.
7- Three Of Swords- Heartbreak, Betrayal.
8- Four Of Swords- Meditation, Rest, Retreat.
9- Five Of Swords- Mind Games, Hostility.
10- Six Of Swords- Leaving, Accepting Help, Going Somewhere Better.
11- Seven Of Swords- Secret Plans, Abandoning Ship.
12- Eight Of Swords- Feeling Powerless And Stuck.
13- Nine Of Swords- Overactive Mind, Anxiety.
14- Ten Of Swords- Feeling Defeated, Self-sabotage.

Second Suit- Suit of Cups

Suit of Cups – The Suit of Cups symbolizes water, the Suit of Hearts symbolizes summer, and the second chakra (also known as the sacral chakra). As such, the cup cards tend to show the state of our emotions and how we relate to ourselves and the people and the world outside of us. For example, cup cards offer the various levels of joy and pleasure that exist in a person’s everyday life. In addition, the cards depict a variety of relationships, past and present, and how we relate to the people in our lives—our family, our friends, our significant others.
1- King Of Cups- Need To Acknowledge Deep Feelings, Avoid Drowning Out Emotions.
2- Queen Of Cups- Emotionally Nurturing, Intuitive, Sensitive.
3- Knight Of Cups- Romantic, Adventurous, Following One’s Heart.
4- Page Of Cups- Creative, Inspired, Learning Artistic Skills.
5- Ace Of Cups – Emotional Fulfillment, Joy.
6- Two Of Cups- Partnership, Mutual Attraction, Compatibility.
7- Three Of Cups- Celebration, Fun With Friends, Laughter.
8- Four Of Cups- Boredom, Dissatisfaction With What Is Being Offered.
9- Five Of Cups- Dwelling On The Negative, Self-pity.
10- Six Of Cups- Sentimentality, Kindness, Help.
11- Seven Of Cups- So Many Choices! Indecision, Getting Lost In Fantasy.
12- Eight Of Cups- Abandoning Something In Search Of Something Better.
13- Nine Of Cups- Indulgence, Self-satisfaction.
14- Ten Of Cups- Emotional Bliss, Happiness, Attainment.

Third Suit- Suit of Wands

Suit of Wands – The Suit of Wands is related to fire as a whole, the suit of Clubs, the spring season, and the chakra between the feet (also known as the solar plexus chakra). As such, the wand cards show the intensity of passion in our lives, including our career, projects we want to work on, our vital interests, and our social and political activism.
1- King Of Wands- Career-focused, Mature, Passionate.
2- Queen Of Wands- Confidant, Focused, Has A Zest For Life.
3- Knight Of Wands- An Adventurous Risk-taker Who Follows His Passions.
4- Page Of Wands- Newly Inspired, Excited About Life And Work.
5- Ace Of Wands – New Beginnings, Creative Spark, Fertile Ideas.
6- Two Of Wands- Contemplation, Assessing One’s Life Direction.
7- Three Of Wands- Reaping The Rewards Of Your Efforts.
8- Four Of Wands- Celebration, Safety, The Home.
9- Five Of Wands- Competition, Minor Struggles, Or Disagreements.
10- Six Of Wands- Success, Accolades, And Achievement.
11- Seven Of Wands- Feeling Defensive And On Guard.
12- Eight Of Wands- Speed, Things Manifesting Quickly.
13- Nine Of Wands- Pessimism, Gearing Up For The Worst.
14- Ten Of Wands- Feeling Oppressed, Exhausted, Too Many Responsibilities.

Fourth Suit- Suit of Pentacles or Ace of Coins

Suit of Pentacles – Pentacles are associated with the earth element, suit of diamonds, winter, and the first chakra. The paper focuses on this topic (also known as the root chakra). Pentacle cards tend to point to the physical needs of food, water, shelter, warmth, rest, breathing, sleep, homeostasis, fundamental security, and safety.
1- King Of Pentacles- Enjoys A Good Life (Food, Drink, And Leisure), Financially Secure.
2- Queen Of Pentacles- Healthy In Body And Finances, Grounded And Calm.
3- Knight Of Pentacles- Cautious, Sensible, And Slow To Progress.
4- Page Of Pentacles- Student, Commitment To Learning.
5- Ace Of Pentacles – Financial Reward, Clarity Of Life Purpose, Goals.
6- Two Of Pentacles- Balance, Multitasking.
7- Three Of Pentacles- Meaningful Work, Enjoying One’s Work, Suitable Career.
8- Four Of Pentacles- Hoarding, Feeling Poor, Holding Self Back Out Of Fear.
9- Five Of Pentacles- Minor Money Troubles, Health Problems, Feeling Like An Outsider.
10- Six Of Pentacles- Charity, Accepting, And Giving Help.
11- Seven Of Pentacles- Patience, Waiting For Your Plans To Bear Fruit.
12- Eight Of Pentacles- Hard Work, Focused Efforts, Laying The Groundwork.
13- Nine Of Pentacles- Luxury, Rest, Financial And Material Comforts.
14- Ten Of Pentacles – Financial Success, Strong Business Relationships.

Tarot Cards List, All Tarot Cards, Tarot Cards Meaning List, List Of Tarot Cards, Tarot Card Meanings, Major Arcana Tarot, Minor Arcana Tarot, List Of Tarot Cards In Order, Tarot Cards Names, All 78 Tarot Cards

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 The Major Arcana 

1-The Fool - 0

2-The Magician Tarot Card -I

3-The High Priestess Tarot Card -II

4-The Empress Tarot Card -III

5-The Emperor Tarot Card -IV

6-The Hierophant Tarot Card -V

7-The Lovers Tarot Card -VI

8-The Chariot Tarot Card -VII

9-Strength Tarot Card -VIII

10-The Hermit Tarot Card -IX

11-The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card -X

12-Justice Tarot Card -XI

13-The Hanged Man Tarot Card -XII

14-Death Tarot Card -XIII

15-Temperance Tarot Card -XIV

16-The Devil Tarot Card -XV

17-The Tower Tarot Card -XVI

18-The Star Tarot Card -XVII

19-The Moon Tarot Card - XVIII

20-The Sun Tarot Card - XIX

21-The Judgement Tarot Card -XX

22-The World Tarot Card - XXI

The Minor Arcana 

The Suit of Swords - 1st Suit

1- King Of Swords Tarot Guide.

2- Queen Of Swords Tarot Guide.

3- Knight Of Swords Tarot Guide.

4- Page Of Swords Tarot Guide.

5- Ace Of Swords Tarot Guide.

6- Two of Swords, 2 of Swords.

7- Three of Swords, 3 of Swords.

8- Four of Swords, 4 of Swords.

9- Five of Swords, 5 of Swords.

10- Six of Swords, 6 of Swords.

11- Seven of Swords, 7 of Swords.

12- Eight of Swords, 8 of Swords.

13- Nine of Swords, 9 of Swords.

14- Ten of Swords, 10 of Swords.

The Suit of Cups - 2nd Suit 

1- King Of Cups Tarot Guide.

2- Queen Of Cups Tarot Guide.

3- Knight Of Cups Tarot Guide.

4- Page Of Cups Tarot Guide.

5- Ace Of Cups Tarot Card.

6- Two Of Cups, 2 Of Cups.

7- Three Of Cups, 3 Of Cups.

8- Four Of Cups, 4 Of Cups.

9- Five Of Cups, 5 Of Cups.

10- Six Of Cups, 6 Of Cups.

11- Seven Of Cups, 7 Of Cups.

12- Eight Of Cups, 8 Of Cups.

13- Nine Of Cups, 9 Of Cups.

14- Ten Of Cups, 10 Of Cups.

The Suit of Wands - 3rd Suit 

1- King Of Wands Tarot Guide.

2- Queen Of Wands Tarot Guide.

3- Knight Of Wands Tarot Guide.

4- Page Of Wands Tarot Guide.

5- Ace Of Wands Tarot Guide.

6- Two Of Wands, 2 Of Wands.

7- Three Of Wands, 3 Of Wands.

8- Four Of Wands, 4 Of Wands.

9- Five Of Wands, 5 Of Wands.

10- Six Of Wands, 6 Of Wands.

11- Seven Of Wands, 7 Of Wands.

12- Eight Of Wands, 8 Of Wands.

13- Nine Of Wands, 9 Of Wands.

14- Ten Of Wands, 10 Of Wands.

The Suit of Pentacles or Coins - 4th Suit 

1- King Of Pentacles Tarot Guide.

2- Queen Of Pentacles Tarot Guide.

3- Knight Of Pentacles Tarot Guide.

4- Page Of Pentacles Tarot Guide.

5- Ace Of Pentacles Tarot Guide.

6- Two of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles.

7- Three of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles.

8- Four of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles.

9- Five of Pentacles, 5 of Pentacles.

10- Six of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles.

11- Seven of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles.

12- Eight of Pentacles, 8 of Pentacles.

13- Nine of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles.

14- Ten of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles.

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