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South Node Conjunction Pluto Aspect Meaning

South Node and Pluto conjunctions are pretty intense, even if they only last three days, as they usually do. We are going to enter the three-month intersection. The South Node represents our sentiments, our subjective experience of life, including our values, likes and dislikes, and the types of things and people we are drawn to. When the South Node conjuncts Pluto, specific terrible South Node facts emerge. Some unpleasant, unprocessed sensations beg to be let go. Pluto forces us to be honest about what we desire – and Pluto’s disclosures are always unwelcome, no matter how much shadow work we’ve done in the past or how spiritually evolved (we believe) we are. What we truly desire, what we value, the source, the underlying cause for everything is something so basic, so ingrained in our identity, that it directs our lives in a way that renders us powerless – until we become conscious of the dynamic.

South Node Conjunct Pluto, South Node Conjunct Pluto Synastry

South Node Conjunct Pluto, Natal South Node Conjunct Pluto Transit
This transit will arouse sentiments of jealously, obsession, and possessiveness in you. As a result, relationships may experience tensions and power battles. This passage, on the other hand, may produce intensely emotional sensations. However, if you have difficulties in your relationships, they might intensify and drive you to resolve them. When speaking with people, avoid manipulations and adverse reactions. You may enhance your relationships if you keep a calm and impartial attitude.
South Node Conjunct Pluto Synastry
South Node senses the depth of Pluto’s responses in this partnership, which South Node was not used to expressing freely. Their deep sexual attraction pulls them together and aids in renewing their love. With each discovery in the present, their past is tossed aside. This love has a hidden property that keeps its original nature. People seldom have these sentiments for extended periods, yet this component might mystically resurrect love. When the South Node discovers herself, Pluto recognizes this regenerating potential and assumes the cosmic role.

South Node Sextile Pluto, South Node Sextile Pluto Synastry

South Node Sextile Pluto
The South Node individual must avoid being emotionally invested initially (which is hard to resist). The Pluto person awakens your romantic side, and you see more into them than what is truly there. It is simpler to see any red flags early on and leave the relationship if necessary. The South Node person idealizes the Pluto person. Finally, the South Node conjunct Pluto synastry aspect must be considered in context. The sign of the conjunction indicates how it unfolds, particularly from the perspective of the South Node individual. A single feature will not make or break the connection; it is dependent on how it interacts with the rest of the chart. And, because humans have free choice, astrology should be viewed as a possibility rather than a guarantee.
South Node Sextile Pluto Synastry
Sextile of the South Node Pluto is one of the most romantic aspects in synastry. This is advantageous in a relationship. You exhibit each other the mystical side of life through your South Node sextile Pluto synastry aspect. You love art together, have exciting talks, listen to comparable music, see similar movies, and your preferences are generally quite similar. In synastry, the South Node sextiles Pluto, indicating a solid attraction. You see the other person as unearthly and fascinating, especially the South Node of Pluto individual. You have the potential to be too emotional and cheesy.

South Node Square Pluto, South Node Square Pluto Synastry

South Node Square Pluto
This transit will make you feel all of your emotions more intensely. Any feeling will now be more difficult to ignore, whether happy or bad. Control your reactions; they may be overheated or violent. Other individuals may also be able to influence or entice you easily. You’ll think more about what kinds of connections are beneficial to you or what kinds of behavior you don’t want to endure. This component of change will also apply to your character. As a result, you should utilize this transit to effect good change, whether in yourself or others.
South Node Square Pluto Synastry
The South Node feels everything that Pluto cannot see. With this partnership, South Node may find it challenging to manage because Pluto’s passion throws her off balance. The more South Node attempts to assist Pluto is changing, the more lost she becomes. This connection may experience spiritual progress, but there is too much turmoil and instability to continue this long-term relationship or marriage.

South Node Trine Pluto, South Node Trine Pluto Synastry

South Node Trine Pluto
Your relationships will be strained and heated. If you meet a new individual, they will significantly influence your life. This person may be able to teach you something new about yourself. Your intuition will assist you in understanding the interactions around you and the behavior of others. What matters to you now is your sexuality, which will pique your interest, and you will feel compelled to learn more about it and comprehend your instincts.
South Node Trine Pluto Synastry
The warmth of the South Node matches Pluto’s vigor here. South Node can detect light at the bottom of the well shown by Pluto. Pluto urges South Node to improve her personality and rise out of psychological torment to the simplicity of self-recognition. Minor adjustments result in tremendous growth for both partners. As they approach each other, Pluto becomes aware of the power of love, and the South Node sees the light of love on the well’s rim.

South Node Quincunx Pluto, South Node Quincunx Pluto Synastry

South Node Quincunx Pluto, South Node Inconjunction Pluto
This might manifest as a sense of being stuck or constrained over time; the south node person finds it more challenging to move forward in healthy ways because they are frequently pulled back into routines that no longer serve them. Even if the planet person is unaware, they often lend a hand to the south node person’s growing efforts. Certain south node connections and past-life events (harrowing ones) will also resurface. As a result, people with the south node may find themselves suddenly reliving events and sensations that have no relevance in their present existence.
South Node Quincunx Pluto Synastry, South Node Inconjunction Pluto Synastry
This aspect suggests that your families of origin (and the people who nurture and love you) and you are periodically thrown off by Plutonian persons, organizations, or events spanning many incarnations. A quincunx signifies that something unexpected has thrown the usual sequence of events completely off-kilter. As a result, some people have trauma-related symptoms. Others appear to be unable to settle into a groove or remain on a track they plan and choose–and sometimes work incredibly hard to build and further–because they hold deep, multi-life memories of being pushed off course by something more significant than them, something unavoidable, or some catastrophe.
Plutonian items, organizations, or situations may be dark and violent, threatening death or devastation. It may not happen in many people’s lives, but you’ll half expect it to, leading you to fear that you’ll never be able to relax and go on with your life. A natural disaster or an overwhelming invading army may have caused havoc on your stability or safety in some incarnations, while in others, it may have been a specific predicted personal loss from which you felt/believed you would never recover (the house and sign of your natal pluto will tell more of the story). To correct this today, you must expel the trauma residues and relearn how to feel comfortable in your skin. Furthermore, it would help if you cultivated healthy Plutonian expressions, such as a willingness to evolve in the face of painful human feelings and situations, as well as recovering trust that all things can be cured, even though they appear to threaten to overwhelm you at times.

South Node Opposite Pluto, South Node Opposite Pluto Synastry

South Node Opposite Pluto
You will have an intense, revealing, and personal encounter. It does not have to be a sexual encounter; it may also be a dialogue about sentiments you are generally hesitant to disclose. Your connections may also reveal the source of the problem. It is entirely up to you whether it positively or negatively influences you. Be wary of your propensity to persuade people and acquire what you desire. You may also be afraid of loss and betrayal. If this is the case, try to remain calm and optimistic.
South Node Opposite Pluto Synastry
This characteristic results in a highly passionate yet unstable relationship that typically does not endure long. Pluto’s spouse unconsciously examines their feminine side and attempts to eradicate anything that may be deemed a weakness. South Node’s partner sees their mirror in the other but does not grasp this destructive potential and attempts to combat it with South Node’s caring nature. As a result of this component, difficult transitions can be accomplished once a tremendous sexual force reaches feelings, encounters opposition, and finally manages to uncover new consciousness that leads to progress.

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South Node Conjunct Pluto Synastry, South Node Conjunct Pluto, Trine, Sextile, Square, Quincunx, Inconjunct, Opposite, and Synastry, South Node Conjunct Pluto Natal, South Node Conjunct Pluto Transit, South Node Trine Pluto, South Node Sextile Pluto