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Neptune Conjunction Neptune Aspect Meaning

Neptune makes a direct approach to your natal sign. Neptune reveals new psychological characteristics. They’ll alter your course to the tangible world. They can exacerbate current psychological issues or assist you in resolving them once you understand how the unconscious influences your daily life. The many transits react to various aspects of inner and spiritual growth, as well as dive into your unconscious patterns and neuroses, either bringing them to consciousness or burying them more profound in the unconscious. These are always opportune times to seek psychological assistance and better understand your natal Neptune’s universal and mystical viewpoint. If your natal Neptune implies illness, they are likely to be moments when you mentally improve or worsen the situation.

Neptune Conjunct Neptune, Neptune Conjunct Neptune Synastry

Neptune Conjunct Neptune, Natal Neptune Conjunct Neptune Transit
Neptune’s transit conjunct your natal Neptune only happens after birth if you have Neptune retrograde or if it goes retrograde soon after birth. So it’s more fun to look up the meaning and date in your advanced chart.
Neptune Conjunct Neptune Synastry
We can’t overlook the possibility that this relationship contains delusions. There’s a significant likelihood that these two are enthralled with each other. Shared fantasies and goals are most likely what brought them together. They create their fantasy world together and find it difficult to return to reality.

Neptune Sextile Neptune, Neptune Sextile Neptune Synastry

Neptune Sextile Neptune
When Neptune sextiles your natal Neptune, it is a perfect moment to make beneficial changes. This happens around the first Saturn return, and the effects are linked. You begin to reconsider your life from a different angle. You could have previously felt that your life was focused on the wrong things or trivial matters. You may now visualize a better plan for your life and start putting it into action. Rather than focusing on your ego, your new perspective aligns your life with the rest of the world. Health problems may arise if you choose to cut yourself off to this new consciousness and dismiss the new vision for your life. It has the potential to create mild ailments or anxiety in you or a loved one. On the other hand, you have the chance to start again and make significant changes in your life. You’ve realized that, in the end, you have the power to choose what you want to accomplish with your life.
Neptune Sextile Neptune Synastry
Even when there are significant age gaps, there can be harmony. This kind of harmony is both spiritual and emotional. There is a sense of belonging and connection. Sharing art, imagination, sentiments, dreams, and spiritual philosophies can help people become closer. Take care not to undervalue each other.

Neptune Square Neptune, Neptune Square Neptune Synastry

Neptune Square Neptune
You’ll start to wonder if you’ve met your objectives and if you’ve lived up to your ideals, desires, and expectations. You may wish to make some adjustments, but be careful not to create too lofty goals. You can examine yourself, but making significant adjustments is not recommended at this time. There’s certainly some ambiguity in your life that you can’t pinpoint. Too much change today will make seeing reality more difficult. Allow yourself time and avoid making any significant commitments. Making poor choices now would have long-term effects. If your dreams seem impossible during this transit, it’s natural to feel disappointed and frustrated. Just keep in mind that pessimism and low self-esteem will almost certainly influence your viewpoint. Don’t give your dreams or psychic perceptions too much weight. Your intuition may be accurate, but it’s also possible that it’s incorrect. Square of Neptune The transit of Neptune is not a good time to experiment with Ouija boards or engage in psychological mind games. Maintain as much purity and health as possible in your mind, body, and spirit. You are currently overly sensitive to various things, including deception, fraud, infection, and psychic attacks. You can start to have doubts about your religious faith or spiritual beliefs. Meditation, prayer, and going to church can all help you feel better. Strange things might happen during this transit, and how you perceive it depends significantly on your spiritual development and the circumstances of your life. Con artists, pushy salespeople, get-rich-quick schemes, cults, and conspiracy theories should all be avoided.
Neptune Square Neptune Synastry
The connection may be strained due to age and differing ideas. They may not like the way they “feel” about each other. They may sympathize with one another, but they need to rely heavily on understanding, patience, and acceptance to establish a long-term relationship.

Neptune Trine Neptune, Neptune Trine Neptune Synastry

Neptune Trine Neptune
When transiting Neptune is trine to your natal Neptune, you begin to consider your life from a new perspective. Rather than focusing on your ego, your unique perspective aligns your life with the rest of the world. You have a lot more empathy and compassion for other people now. You’re more aware of everyone’s issues and empathize with their suffering. You can use this time to help others, but it will also benefit and increase your consciousness. You may develop an interest in charitable work or environmental problems even if you are not particularly sensitive. You have a stronger sense of being connected to everything. You can see the interconnectedness of everything. Because you’re more capable of doing things for people without expecting anything in return, your connections improve. You’re more concerned with your spirit’s requirements than your ego’s. This might be a transitional period or the start of a new way of life.
Neptune Trine Neptune Synastry
Spiritual and intuitive connection. They have the same feelings as each other. In specific ways, it’s possible to grow addicted to how the different feels. Appreciate art and creativity in a group or alone. There is receptivity and compassion. Keep an eye out for hypersensitive people depleting each other.

Neptune Quincunx Neptune, Neptune Quincunx Neptune Synastry,

Neptune Quincunx Neptune, Neptune Inconjunction Neptune
Quincunx of Neptune in Transit A time of psychological or spiritual readjustment occurs during the birth of Neptune. There may be tensions between objects with monetary value and those with spiritual significance. This is a time for introspection rather than action. Investigate possibilities for a new interest or outlet. Inspiration might come from either a very genuine or a very unreal source. Past attachments or karmic conditions can be dissolved, particularly if they have been understood and transcended.
Neptune Quincunx Neptune Synastry, Neptune Inconjunction Neptune Synastry
Your conversations have a beautiful, imaginative feel to them. Neptune awakens Neptune’s inner poet and dreamer. On the other hand, practical communications may suffer, and you should both be aware of exaggerating, hiding, or fooling each other. He is frequently perplexed, less precise, and exact than usual when dealing with Neptune, mainly because Neptune rarely gives clear answers! Neptune may demand Neptune to define and express things that Neptune believes should remain unsaid or unspoken!

Neptune Opposite Neptune, Neptune Opposite Neptune Synastry

Neptune Opposite Neptune
When roughly eighty years old, Neptune transits opposite your natal Neptune. It has something to do with Uranus’ transit of Uranus conjunct Uranus. It’s the point at which traditional categories of living and particular events lose their meaning. Although it causes some uncertainty at first, your degree of consciousness rises. Different aspects of your life may collide. To allow the universe to show you new spiritual truth, you must be patient and let go of old beliefs. Relationships between people and things you could never see before are now visible. You can comprehend the interconnectedness of all things. You’ll have more empathy for others, and you’ll be able to teach and assist others. If you don’t let go of old thoughts to make place for new ones, on the other hand, you can experience a time of intense introversion. You may believe that you have nothing to teach or share with others, so you withdraw into yourself. It could also be a brief hospitalization that forces you to start to find inner calm. Remember that now is the time to let go of anything preventing you from experiencing ultimate spiritual union with everything and everyone.
Neptune Opposite Neptune Synastry
Boundaries are strewn and smeared. Here, one or both people have a lot of power over the other. It can be a struggle of manipulation and subtly seeking to change or emotionally infiltrate each other. The common ground is shaky, but it’s probable that only they notice. Fights and quarrels are more felt than seen. Nevertheless, there are lessons about being naive, impressionable, watching out for the untrustworthy, and establishing boundaries that almost revolve around psychic protection.

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Neptune Conjunct Neptune Synastry, Neptune Conjunct Neptune, Trine, Sextile, Square, Quincunx, Inconjunct, Opposite, and Synastry, Neptune Conjunct Neptune Natal, Neptune Conjunct Neptune Transit, Neptune Trine Neptune, Neptune Sextile Neptune