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Two Of Wands, 2 Of Wands, Two of Wands Meaning

The II of Wands suggests forming partnerships in your immediate future or the success of already existing joint ventures. You will likely find yourself in a position to reap the rewards of these partnerships in the form of financial gain or promotion. On the exact count, the tips indicated are those reasonably due to you, so this is better news for those inequitable partnerships than those who seek to profit at the expense of others. However, the presence of this card may also point to underlying insecurity or worry on your part. These feelings may be justified or not, based on the rest of the spread.
Tarot Card: Two Of Wands, 2 Of Wands
Planet: Sun
Keywords: Choice, Bravery, Authentic
Affirmation: I Listen To My Inner Child
Zodiac: Aries
Key Dates: March 21 To March 30
Element: Fire
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes
Upright: Having More Than One Option, Decisions, Travel, Discovery, Partnership, Personal Power
Reversed: Few Options, Restlessness, Fear Of The Unknown, Sudden Change, Canceled Travel Plans

Two Of Wands Guide to Upright Meaning

Two of Wands Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings
Two Paths, Decisions, Options, Planning, Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Hand, Emigration Suddenly, Decides To Stay Or Leave, Waiting, Anticipation, Restlessness, Detachment, Lack Of Contentment, Business Partnerships, Cooperation, Overseas Expansion, Overseas Travel.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

In a general context, the two walls mean having two paths. When this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot reading, you have a choice to make or a choice between two options, but remember that grass isn’t always greener on the other side! This card may mean overseas travel, sudden departures, emigration, and deciding whether to stay or leave. It can also indicate a lack of satisfaction with your life, restlessness, withdrawal, and detachment. On the other hand, it could be waiting, anticipation, and wanderlust. It is also a cooperation card, a business partnership card, or a foreign expansion card.

​Love and Relationship (Upright)

In a love spread Tarot, if you are in a relationship, the Two of Wands is not a great omen, as it indicates a lack of contentment in the relationship. You or your partner may feel restless, withdrawn, or detached when Tarot spreads in your relationship. This Minor Arcana card can also indicate cheating, as it may represent a choice between a partner and a lover. However, this card is also a travel card, so it may suggest that you and your partner may consider traveling or emigrating when it appears in your Tarot reading. If you’re single, the Two of Wands also indicates that you’re going to have a choice between two lovers. This card also represents being torn between security and adventure, so you may find one of these potential partners steady and reliable and the other daring and adventurous.

​Money and Career (Upright)

In the career spread of Tarot, the Two of Wands indicates that you will have two paths at your disposal. You may have a choice between staying in your current job or career and taking a new job or career path. Or you may have to choose between two positions in your current company. If you are in business, you may choose whether or not to expand or link up with another company. In the financial reading of the Tarot, the two walls represent financial stability. You’re supposed to find your financial balance when it appears.

​Health (Upright)

In the health reading of the Tarot, the Two of Wands indicates that you will have two paths in terms of health or need to decide which one to take. This may take the form of having two possible treatment pathways for illness or injury or choosing between sticking to your exercise regime or quitting entirely and going back to old habits. Only you can decide which way to go, your life and your health.

​Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Two of Wands indicates that you may be curious about another spiritual path, or you may find yourself wanting to learn more about another religion. Don’t be afraid to explore your options; even if a new way isn’t for you, there’s no harm in learning another path; you might find it holds some wisdom that might be useful to you.

Two Of Wands ​Guide to Reversed Meaning

Two of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings
Fear Of Change, Indecisiveness, Limited Options, Lack Of Planning, Fear Of The Unknown, Staying Away, Cancelled Emigration, Deciding Not To Leave, Being Held Back, Choosing The Safest Option, Self-Doubt, Disappointment, Anti-climax, Cancelled Or Delayed Travel, Choosing A Worldly Life, Sudden Arrival Or Return.

General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the Reverse of the Two Wands represents indecision, fear of change, and fear of the unknown. When reversed, the Minor Arcana card is held back by lack of planning, limited options, and disappointment. It may represent staying away, deciding not to leave, canceling or delaying travel, or canceling emigration. On the other hand, the two walls reversed can also mean choosing the safest bet, choosing a worldly life, anti-climax, and self-doubt. It can also mean a person’s sudden arrival or return to your life.

​Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In the love spread of Tarot, if you’re in a relationship, the Two of Wands reversed indicates that you or your partner may find your relationship mundane and boring, but you stay together because you see it as the safest bet. This Minor Arcana card reversed may also mean that the relationship may hold you back, but you’re afraid to leave as you fear the unknown. This card is also a travel card, but if it reverses, it may indicate that you or your partner are considering traveling or emigrating, but the other person wants to stay. This could lead to a breakup when it appears in your reading of the Tarot. Alternatively, if your partner has been withdrawn or detached, the two walls reversed could be an indication of a sudden turnaround when your partner re-engages in the relationship. If you are single, the two walls reversed can indicate that you will have a choice between staying single or going back to your ex. You may feel that your options are limited at the moment, but there are more choices out there than you realize. Alternatively, like the upright version, the two walls reversed may indicate that you will have a choice between two lovers, but the reversed version may suggest that you will choose the safest bet.

​Money and Career (Reversed)

In a career spread of Tarot, the Reverse of Two Wands indicates that you may limit or restrict your choices or options in a work context. This Minor Arcana card means that you may have taken the safe opportunity in your career, and now you want to have been more daring. If you’re in business, the decision you made may not have worked out well. A partnership or expansion may not have worked for you. In the financial reading of the Tarot, the reversed two walls represent economic instability. You might be struggling to find your financial balance when it appears.

​Health (Reversed)

In a health Tarot reading, the two walls reversed may indicate that you may need a second opinion on the current health issue. For example, it may suggest that there may be more information about your condition that has yet to be discovered or that you may need to identify the root cause of your illness to identify the best treatment options. Of course, this does not mean that you should ignore the advice of your healthcare providers, but if you can get a second opinion without adversely affecting your recovery, it may be prudent to do so.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the Two of Wands reversed indicates that you are sticking to your current religion or spiritual path, not because it inspires you, but because you are afraid of change and fear of the unknown. Therefore, don’t be afraid to explore your options again!

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Two of Wands shows that you are in control and that you are experiencing gains in your life on one hand. On the other hand, it brings a great deal of anxiety and the possibility of losing the control you once had. The dynamism projected through this card does not give a clear answer. Maybe that’s what it’s suggesting.

Numerology of The Two of Wands

Two are duality, partnership, and sharing. The two symbolize this. The two walls in a numerological sense may reflect that your life is currently quite balanced, although if you’re looking to improve it, there’s always a way to do it. You’re going to have to share the next stage of your life with someone; this isn’t something you should do independently. If you’ve got a lot of Twos reading, it’s a strong indication that your life, in general, is going to be all right; things could be better, they could be a lot worse.

Two Of Wands Time Line

Two Of Wands Past
Two of the Wands set in the past reminded us of when we made a certain choice to remain loyal to this day. It needs us to take responsibility for that choice, even if we choose to do nothing at all and stay in our bubble of comfort where little will be changed over time. This card is here to let us know how our patience or lack of patience has influenced our course of destiny and wants us to get back to the core of our personal desires.
Two Of Wands Present
There is a clear choice that needs to be made, and it shouldn’t be rushed today. This position points to the value and importance of patience and tenderness with the Self when we are in the process of making a fiery move forward on our own. No advice should be taken lightly, and we must ask ourselves whether we hold on to certain values out of fear or whether we are truly satisfied where we are at the moment. Safety is not guaranteed in any of our options, but our inner child only wants to be brave for one of them.
Two Of Wands Future
A choice will eventually have to be made, even if it isn’t today. When set in the future, Two of the Wands warns us of the path that we are taking right now, as it might be a long way from the overall goal that we want to achieve. However, it shows that we’re eventually going to have to take responsibility even if we’re off the hook for now. It is announcing times of change when doors will open, but we may be reluctant to walk through them, however optimistic our nature may be.

Two Of Wands Important Card Combinations

Choices, decisions, and travel are all embodied in the two walls. However, this meaning may change slightly when paired with other tarot cards. Below I listed the most important card combinations.
Two Of Wands And Death
The Death Card and the Two Wands are similar because they both represent change. When the two come together, the result can be dramatic shifts that are beyond one’s control. In these cases, it’s not what happens, but what really matters is your reaction. So stay strong and keep your head up in bad times. In the end, after you have endured so much difficulty, you will be even more proud of your successes.
Two Of Wands And The High Priestess Or The Hanged Man
The High Priestess is card number 2 of Major Arcana, and the Hanged Man is card number 12. There is a strong link between the Two of Wands and these other ‘two’ cards due to the two connections. It will or should be followed when either a ‘pause’ or a ‘waiting period’ is paired. Like the Death Combo, this may predict a situation where the ball is in someone else’s court, and you have no choice but to wait for it.
Two Of Wands And Two Of Pentacles And/or The Emperor
A powerful business partnership is predicted when two of the walls and two of the pentacles are linked together. More than that, there is no doubt that this connection will bring financial gain. If the Emperor is involved, a financial benefactor might be willing to fund a new venture.
Two Of Wands And Temperance
Temperance is another major arcana card that often shows up with the two walls. Together, they predict cooperation and a successful idea or business venture. There’s sure to be a balance here, no matter what direction you take.
Two Of Wands And Six Of Swords
Are you thinking about moving to a new place? Or do you have any doubts about your relationship? Then, when the Two of Wands and the Six of Swords show up, the cards tell you it’s time to move on. This combination assures you that there is a need for change and will improve your situation for the better.
Two Of Wands And The Tower
The Two of Wands combined with the Tower signifies that you want something bad for yourself. Therefore, the destructive nature of the Tower, combined with the decision-making of the two walls, must not be taken lightly. Be aware of this and stay away!

Two Of Wands in Reading 

You’re standing at the gateway. You’re getting ready. The time has come to act soon. Get your ducks in a row for now. Take the time to make it clear where you want to go. It’s a good time to write a manifesto or an action plan. You know, figure out why you want to do something, really understand what it is that’s driving you.
Feel the flow of your idea within you. Let it change – your initial vision may be very different from what you finally decide. Would you please allow space for this to happen? Don’t be too quick to act, but explore your idea from different angles or talk to someone about it. Feel the tension within you, the feeling of power and potential. You can do a really great thing here (no pressure…!). Know that you’ve got what it takes. Get ready for that.
This may also signal a return to the idea that you abandoned a long time ago. So pick your idea back up, and play with it for a while. How does it feel right now? Is it time to let another go?

Two Of Wands, 2 Of Wands, 2 Of Wands Yes Or No, Two Of Wands Love, Two Of Wands Reversed, Two Of Wands Yes Or No, Two Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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