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3 Of Swords, Three of Swords Meaning

The presence of the Swords III in your spread indicates significant pain in your life. This pain is likely to be caused by or the result of a conflict, possibly due to a disturbing partnership or friendship. This pain may be part of a new beginning, but you must face your pain honestly to overcome it.
Tarot Card: Three Of Swords, 3 Of Swords
Planet: Saturn
Keywords: Ending, Loss, Pain
Affirmation: My Sadness Doesn’t Define Me
Zodiac: Libra
Key Dates: October 3 To October 12
Element: Air
As A Yes Or No Question: No
Upright: Heartbreak, Loneliness, Betrayal, Sadness, Grief
Reversed: Optimism, Acceptance, Perseverance, Forgiveness

Three Of Swords Guide Upright Meaning

Three Of Swords Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings
Heartbreak, Betrayal, Loneliness, Removal, Absence, Division, Depression, Separation, Sadness, Heartache, Unhappiness, Upheaval, Grief, Grief, Discomfort, Disorder, Confusion, Alienation, Loss, Distraction, Ill-Health, Conflict, Disillusionment, Trauma, Serious Misconceptions, Tears.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

In a general context, the Three Swords represent unhappiness, heartache, sorrow, and sadness. It’s a Minor Arcana card of grief, loss, depression, and tears. When it appears in your Tarot reading, it usually indicates a period of difficulty or hardship, usually at an emotional level. Distraction, conflict, disillusionment, and profound misunderstanding are all represented by this card, so whatever the situation means will lead to confusion, turmoil, and upheaval. Three of the Swords also indicate depression, trauma, disorders, loneliness, absence, and betrayal. You have suffered or will suffer some loss or betrayal when this card appears, and not one that can be easily brushed over. You’re going to feel this loss at a deep emotional level, and you have to give yourself time to process what’s happened. This card is not all bad, although it does represent hardship. Often, the most difficult situations in our lives teach us more about who we are and what we can do than good times. Give yourself time and space to heal and learn all you can from your experience. If you need support, don’t be afraid to reach out to people who love you.

​Love and Relationship (Upright)

Reading Tarot’s love, if you are in a relationship, the Three of the Swords is not a great omen, as it represents tears, heartache, heartbreak, sorrow, and conflict. This does not have to mean the end of your relationship, but it makes it very clear that some complex issues need to be addressed for the relationship to survive. First, you need to sit down with your partner, have an open and honest conversation about your feelings, and respectfully listen to each other. Declining arguments, ugly comments, or recriminations will only make the situation worse. Second, you may have become unhappy or disillusioned with the relationship. There may be a lack of communication between you and your partner, which leads to severe misunderstandings and a sense of alienation or loneliness in the relationship. Third, three Swords may indicate the breakdown, divorce, or separation of persons and the legal issues associated with such events. The three swords of this Minor Arcana card may also indicate the involvement of a third party. This may mean interference from a third party trying to stir up trouble. In some cases, it may be cheating or infidelity, as it is a card of turmoil and betrayal. Fourth, if you are single, the Three of the Swords may indicate loneliness or alienation. You may still feel the loss of your previous relationship and struggle to cope with your grief. You’re going to have to deal with your grief to move on. It can also indicate that someone cheats on their partner. Ask yourself, would someone who loves and values you put yourself in this position?

​Money and Career (Upright)

In the career spread of Tarot, the Three of Swords represents stress, disillusionment, or loss, so that it is not a great omen. This Minor Arcana card can signify grief and loss experienced due to sudden job loss or redundancy. It may also represent becoming disillusioned with your career or prospects. It may also indicate communication breakdowns, arguments, or strike action at work as a division and conflict card. Whatever the case, it’s generally an indication that your career is causing a lot of grief in your life at the moment. If you have a conflict at work, try to have a respectful, open, and honest conversation with the parties concerned to resolve it. Listen to their concerns as well as your own. If you’ve suffered a job loss, try to make the most of the free time you’ve had by doing the things you usually wouldn’t have time for. It’s essential to remain positive and to realize that a career is just one aspect of your life, don’t let any issues in that area overshadow the other areas of your life. The Three of the Swords is not a great omen in a financial context, as they can indicate loss and upheaval. You may have suffered a financial loss or an emotional loss with financial consequences, such as divorce or separation. Things may not have worked out the way you hoped, but now is not the time to stick your head in the sand. Instead, it would help if you came up with a step-by-step plan to manage your finances. Take one task at a time, and you’re going to get through this.

​Health (Upright)

In the health reading of Tarot, the Three of Swords is not a great omen, as it can indicate ill-health, surgery, and disorders. Your health or the health of someone you care about may not be as great as you would have hoped, and you will experience a level of sadness or disillusionment with that. It can also be an indication of heart problems. However, this card may also be associated with anxiety, depression, and trauma, indicating that any physical health issues may arise due to deeper emotional or mental health issues. Whatever happens, taking care of your mental and emotional health at this time will be extremely important to your recovery, so be kind to yourself and try to keep a positive outlook.

​Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Three Swords indicate that you need healing. Recent events or losses have left you feeling grieved and sad. You may feel that there is little consolation to be had at this time. However, our greatest sorrows often give us the greatest opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve as spiritual beings. Reach out to people that you trust for support at this time, and allow yourself the time you need to grieve for the loss you’ve experienced. Be open to the messages that your spirit guides are sending you; they are there to guide you through this storm.

​Three Of Swords Guide to Reversed Meaning

Three Of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings
Releasing Pain, Overcoming Depression, Optimism, Forgiveness, Overcoming Grief/Pain/Sadness, Recovering From Heartbreak, Reconciliation, Compromise, Sharing Problems, Overcoming The Worst, Repressing Emotions, Inability To Let Go Of Pain, Suppressing Memories, Refusing To Let Go Of Emotions.

General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

The Three Swords Reverse represents overcoming unhappiness, heartache, sorrow, and sadness in a general context. When it’s reversed, it’s a Minor Arcana card of optimism, overcoming grief or depression, and releasing pain. When it appears in your Tarot reading, it generally indicates that you are recovering from your heartbreak and going through the worst part of a bad situation or event. You may be reaching out to friends and sharing your problems or reconciling with someone you’ve been hurt by in the past. You may have reached a compromise, or you may be at a point where you can forgive and let go of past trauma. Alternatively, the reversed Three of the Swords has a flip side. It could be an indication that you are repressing your grief, grief, or traumatic memories. That you refuse to let go of negative emotions and hold on to your pain. Look at the support cards to confirm this.

​Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In reading Tarot’s love, if you are in a relationship, the Three Swords reversed may indicate that you are moving into a period of reconciliation or forgiveness in a relationship. You are ready to let go of the pain or heartache that your relationship has caused you in the past and to forgive and move forward. Once again, the lines of communication are open, and your relationship has a good chance of progressing as you release the pain you’ve been carrying. Reconciliation may also be indicated in some cases after a breakup. Alternatively, the reversed. Three of the Swords may indicate that you hold on to grief, sorrow, or pain that is unwilling to let them go. Your partner may have betrayed or hurt you in the past, and you continue to focus on it and feel unable to forgive them. If that’s the case, you need to ask yourself if there’s any point in continuing the relationship. Your relationship will not grow as you hold onto past indiscretions. This doesn’t mean you’re going to pretend it never happened, but you can’t keep using it as an emotional stick to beat your partner, even if they’ve caused pain and sorrow in your life. You need to figure out if you can draw a line from the past and move forward together. If you can’t, it may be time to let them go so that you can both move on to something healthier. The reversed Three of the Swords may indicate healing from breakup, separation, or divorce if you are single. It can also indicate that you are coming out of a period of feeling lonely and isolated and feeling much more optimistic about your future relationship prospects. Alternatively, the reversed Three of the Swords may indicate an extreme level of grief following a bitter breakup, divorce, or loss of a loved one. There’s no doubt that what you’ve been through has devastated you. At the same time, holding on to the pain doesn’t make you feel any better. You may need to consider seeking the help of a healer or professional counselor to help you start the healing process.

​Money and Career (Reversed)

In a career spread Tarot, the reversed Three of the Swords may represent a stressful work or career situation that begins to resolve itself and the optimism that comes in. You may feel more upbeat, and your work environment may be much more positive and happy. Perhaps the person who caused the stress left the company. Communication has improved, and there is a climate of reconciliation, compromise, and forgiveness. Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card can mean that the already difficult work situation is getting worse. Many previous upheavals and the bad feeling that caused it are made worse by people who are unwilling to let go of negativity or choose to hold back grudges rather than draw a line under things and move forward productively. In a financial context, the reversed Three of the Swords may indicate that you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a period of financial difficulty. You may come to a compromise with lenders to repay a debt, or they may agree to some level of debt forgiveness. You may be seeking support or help with your financial problems, and you should feel a lot more positive when it appears in your Tarot spread. Alternatively, this card may indicate a severe level of financial loss wallowing. You may have lost a job you loved or lost your home or financial status due to a recession. This card suggests that you still hold on to the memories of what was once, unwilling to accept where you are today. You need to accept your situation and start taking real steps to improve it, rather than wallowing in self-pity.

Health (Reversed)

In health reading Tarot, the reversed Three of the Swords may mean a return to health after a period of ill-health, surgery, or disorders. As a result, you should feel a lot more optimistic about your chances of recovery or healing. Alternatively, this reversed card may tell you that the level of anxiety plays a major role in any health problems you experience. Don’t let your fear overwhelm you, seek professional help if you need it.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the reversed Three of the Swords may indicate a time of forgiveness and healing after loss or heartbreak. Recent events or losses have left you feeling bereft and sorrowful, but you’ve come through it, and you’re finally healing the pain. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are holding on to your sorrow, unwilling or unable to let go of the sorrow you feel. When consumed by grief and pain, we often close ourselves to our spirit guides’ messages. Instead, try meditation or Reiki to help heal the sorrow and allow the guidance that your spirit guides are sending you to enter your heart.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Three of the Swords show the presence of pain and suffering either through emotional loss, the end of an important relationship, or through a separation of hearts. The emotional disturbances and mental anguish that come with this card depict the answer of no to your question.

Numerology of the Three of Swords

Three is a powerful number in numerology, grounded in the material world (three dimensions). Creative and stable, three of them can represent our life as birth, life, and death. In a numerological sense, The Three Swords reminds you that you are in a life cycle that may be difficult and overwhelming. You have to remember that time is cyclical; events begin, persist, and then vanish.

Three Of Swords Time Line

Three Of Swords Past
Three of the Swords will be found in our past as a time of sorrow that is finally left behind, reminding us that we are now in a different position and that we once felt a lot worse than we do today. It will typically show when we lack gratitude and confidence about the issues that we’ve actually accomplished along the way and give us a clearer perspective on the emotional world we’ve built up right now, even if we’ve failed a few times along the way.
Three Of Swords Present
With this card in our present, we’re ready to release and let go, set free, and move into a different future. It means our resistance to the flow of time and the flow of our own emotions, as we are pressed to grow up and face the facts instead of holding on to any illusion. It’s a reminder of sadness that we already carry within, telling us to set it free and allow ourselves to see where it comes from and cry out instead of artificially trying to make us feel better about situations that make us sad today. We need to move through the pain to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
Three Of Swords Future
The future colored by the Three Swords leaves little room for compromises and unsanitary choices, and we will face a situation that could not have been avoided, even though we have tried hard to avoid it today. It means our own boundary and the moment in time when we’re no longer prepared to deal with the same bruises. Holding on against our own feelings and self-care is toxic and leads us to the painful process of liberation.

Three Of Swords Important Card Combinations

Are you curious if there is also a period of emotional upheaval when the Three of the Swords are combined with other cards? Below, I wrote down the most important card combinations of the Three Swords.
Three Of Swords And The Fool
This card combination shows a lack of ability to commit to things. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a new relationship, the Three Swords combined with the Fool tells us that you’re going to struggle to decide to pull the trigger. It’s time to figure out what’s holding you back. Is it worth it that you give so much power over your life? It might be time to take a look in the mirror and finally make a move.
Three Of Swords And The Magician
When this duo appears in a reading, a communication breakdown causes serious problems. You must be mindful of the way you present yourself and your thoughts. Communication is a key building block for all relationships. Someone you care deeply about might be kept away from your actions if you choose not to pay attention to it. Take a close look and make sure you communicate as effectively as possible to minimize any damage that may result.
Three Of Swords And The Hermit
The Three Swords and the Hermit are an omen that you are lonely or will soon feel lonely. Perhaps this is the result of ending a relationship and, as a result, having difficulty adjusting to your new life. You can do this by reaching out to the people around you. For example, a family member or a friend may be able to provide you with the support and comfort you need. All you have to do is take the first step in that direction.
Three Of Swords And The Eight Of Cups
If the Three of the Swords and the Eight of the Cups appear next to each other, you surrender to the benefit of others. If you compromise your own beliefs or needs/wants to keep the peace, know that you should always put yourself first. This realization is hard to come to, especially if the person in question is someone you care deeply about, but it is imperative. If yours is empty, you can’t fill another cup. Make sure you get what you need before you think about others, and you get the fulfillment you’re looking for.

Three Of Swords in Reading 

Three of Swords are witnessing your pain. If you’re heartbroken or going through some loss, this card doesn’t beat the bush or pretend that things are – or are going to be – all right. Shit is going to be painful right now, and you really feel it.
But it’s also a reminder of your strength and resilience. It doesn’t say ‘be strong’ – this card lets you collapse and feel your pain; you don’t have to do anything except feel – it just reminds you that you’re strong. That this, too, is going to happen. And your heart will continue to beat, and you will continue to grow, and there is life on the other side of it.
You might even be wiser because of your experience. You may wear your scars with pride one day. This card can point to a heart with many scars, but it’s going strong. If you’re in pain right now, you know there’s no rush. Healing is non-linear and can take a long time. Let the process happen naturally, feel what you’re feeling, and let your heart do it. Know that he wants to heal, and he’s going to.

Three Of Swords, 3 Of Swords, 3 Of Swords Yes Or No, Three Of Swords Love, Three Of Swords Reversed, Three Of Swords Yes Or No, Three Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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