Three Of Cups, 3 Of Cups, 3 Of Cups Yes Or No, Three Of Cups Love, Three Of Cups Reversed, Three Of Cups Yes Or No, Three Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

Three Of Cups, 3 Of Cups, Three of Cups Meaning

This card is both a sign of celebration and a cause for celebration. It speaks of great happiness in the future for you, and not of passing kindness, but of pure joy that will last and be shared with those around you. Commonly associated with the completion of a meaningful project or, more likely, the birth of a child.
Tarot Card: Three Of Cups, 3 Of Cups
Planet: Mercury
Keywords: Tribe, Celebration, Friendships
Affirmation: I Bravely Speak The Truth
Zodiac: Cancer
Key Dates: July 2 To July 11
Element: Water
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes
Upright: Celebrations, Good Conversation, Happiness
Reversed: Neglected Social Life, Cheating, Gossip, Frustration

Three Of Cups Guide to Upright Meaning
Three Of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meanings
Meetings, Celebrations, Parties, Socialising, Gatherings, Indulgences, Festivals, Celebrations, Gatherings, Happiness, Weddings, Parties, Graduation, Baby Shower, Happy Times

Three Of Cups General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

​In a general context, the Tarot Three of the Cups card is the Arcana Minor Reunion or Celebration card. It could mean someone from your past coming back to your life. It can also mean parties, festivals, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, and similar celebrations. With this card in your Tarot reading, you can look forward to a happy event in your life. It means a group of people coming together with open hearts and minds to celebrate important events. It’s a very positive card that shows happy times, uplifting and positive energy, and good feelings.

Three Of Cups Love and Relationship (Upright)

In a love spread Tarot, if you’re single, Tarot’s Three Cups may indicate that someone from your past may reappear in a romantic capacity in your life. It may also suggest that you will have an abundance of potential suitors after a period of solitude or loneliness. If you’re in a relationship, it may indicate that you may have a celebration to look forward to, such things as marriage, wedding, baby shower, etc. When this card appears, you can look forward to happy times or events in your relationship. It can also simply indicate that you and your partner will be attending a lot of weddings or engagements.

Three Of Cups Money and Career (Upright)

​In a career context, the Three of Cups may indicate that there will be a celebration about your work or career. This may be in the form of graduation from a course, a successful business launch event, a celebration of the successful completion of a project, or an office party. It may also indicate that there will be a good atmosphere in your workplace or that there will be a buzz about the projects you are involved in. Any teamwork you’re interested in is going very well, and everybody will get along nicely. This card may also indicate that a promotion or a job offer might come your way. In an economic context, the Three of Cups tells you that you may have an abundance of money coming in, but you might find yourself spending a lot too much on all these celebrations!

Three Of Cups Health (Upright)

Three cups will be found in a health reading, usually when we are tired of interactions that hide our actual personality and when healing can be found in social contacts that support our freedom. For example, it may point out our problems with thyroid function, throat, or neck, or it may show that we need to find a way to express our desires, no matter what dogma we face every day. It symbolizes group or group healing, sometimes even ritual healing, and points us to ashrams and systemic therapy, as well as dance schools and adventures that we can share with people who love us to heal.

Three Of Cups Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Three of Cups may indicate that you may find yourself doing group work or interacting with others on a spiritual path in group scenarios that will boost your energy and teach you new ways to connect with the spirit. Embrace these new spiritual friends and take the opportunity to learn. Because it’s a ‘meeting’ spiritual reading card featuring the Three of the Cups that have to do with joining every part of you in perfect harmony: body, mind, and mind. Take some time to think about what areas might be disjointed, and then work to get them back together one at a time.

​Three Of Cups Guide to Reversed Meaning

Three Of Cups Tarot Card Reverse Key Meanings
Over Indulgence, Gossip, Bitchiness, Lack Of Social Life, Lack Of Friends, Cancelled Celebrations, Broken Engagements, Cancelled Marriages, Miscarriage, Termination, Cheating, Etc.

Three Of Cups General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the reversed Three of the Tarot Cups card may indicate that the celebrations are canceled. This may take the form of a canceled party, a canceled marriage, or a broken marriage, to name but a few. The Three of the Cups reversed may mean that your social life may not exist at the moment or that you’ve grown apart from your friends. While the upright Three of the Cups is all about people who are open and loving to come together to celebrate, the reversed card may indicate backstopping or bitchiness from those around you. It can suggest that people who should be happy with you or should be empathizing with you if a significant event has come to an end are being ugly or gossiping about you behind your back. People you thought were your friends might try to start rumors or sabotage you with gossip when this card appears. Be careful about who you trust. The Three of the Cups in a reversed position may also indicate that a celebration is being tainted somehow; you might find that a rowdy, intoxicated guest is ruining your party, or someone is crashing or causing a scene. It can also simply be a sign that family and friends are going their separate ways after coming together to celebrate. Look at the support cards for more information.

Three Of Cups Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In a love spread Tarot, if you’re single, the reversed Three of the Cups may indicate a short-term relationship that won’t last for you. The relationship may be a joy to start with, but it’s going to fizzle out quickly. It can also indicate a meeting with someone you’ll soon realize was out of your life for a good reason! If you’re in a relationship, reversing the Three of the Cups is not a great omen in general, as it can indicate canceled celebrations, such as weddings or engagements. It could also mean someone trying to cause trouble in your relationship. This might be a third party trying to sabotage your relationship with gossip or rumors. However, it could also be someone who’s trying to seduce your partner behind your back while being nice to your face. Watch out for your back with this one! Finally, the reversed Three of the Cups may be an indicator of miscarriage or termination. Look at the support cards to confirm this. If you are not pregnant and are not ready for a child, be warned and take appropriate precautions.

Three Of Cups Money and Career (Reversed)

In a career context, the Three of Cups reversed may indicate that people in your workplace or team may give you the impression that they are team players, but they may secretly attempt to sabotage or damage a project to make you look bad. It may also indicate that the gossip mill may be in overdrive at your workplace, so try to focus on your work, remain professional, and don’t give any ammunition to the gossips. It may also indicate the cancellation of a launch or the failure to plan a promotional event. Financially, reversing the Three of the Cups may mean that the financial implications of a canceled event, such as a wedding, will give you some stress. But, on the other hand, it can also mean that you may be over-spending and over-indulgent, trying to keep your spending going before you get over your head.

Three Of Cups Health (Reversed)

In a health context, reversing the Three of the Cups may be a strong indicator that you will be over-indulgent or over-indulgent to the detriment of your health. The Three of the Cups can indicate miscarriage or termination, thus canceling a baby shower or celebrating a birth. However, this should be confirmed by the supporting cards.

Three Of Cups Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, if you have been doing spiritual work in a group or have the opportunity to do so, the reversed Three of the Cups may indicate that there may be some in the group who do not have good intentions. Trust your instincts about people; if someone acts nicely on your face, but you have a bad feeling about them, go with your gut. Someone might be jealous of your powers. Discern which practices you take and only use what works for you and what you consider ethical. Don’t go against your morality.

​Yes/No Key Interpreting

The Three Cups bring with them an abundance of love and joy. It suggests happy gatherings or celebrations and success in all aspects of your life. It’s associated with loving celebrations and close relationships, and it means that the answer you’re looking for is yes.

Numerology of The Three of Cups

Three is a powerful number in numerology, grounded in the material world (three dimensions). Creative and stable, three of them can represent our life as birth, energy, and death. The Three of the Cups, in a numerological sense, reminds you that you may have just finished or approached the end of a cycle; something memorable has just happened in your life. It’s closed, and it’s contained, and you can learn from it and move on.

Three Of Cups Time Line

Three Of Cups Past
When set in the past, Three of the Cups will be the wind in our sails and the proof that it’s always been best to be who we are. It’s a reminder of people who have always loved us, no matter what we choose to do or what path we choose to follow. In terms of a significant moment, this card might be about a party or a gathering of friends, one where we’ve been in the flow of the moment, allowing ourselves to be carried away by our social role in some fun and adventurous new experiences.
Three Of Cups Present
The present colored symbolism puts us right where we can create, socialize and connect. It is a carefree emotion of the moment that brings us in touch with our mental efforts and connects our hearts and minds through contacts with others that can be used for the greater good. In general, this is a good symbol of a healthy emotional state. Whatever happens in any other area of life, we always have loving contacts in our family or friends to give back as support and comfort. So it’s a shared meal that we enjoy and a concert that we’re going to have in a group, as well as all those plans at home that aren’t planned at all.
Three Of Cups Future
​Fun times are announced, and shared efforts can lead to new directions that we have never anticipated. This card helps us understand that our unique contribution to any group will be valued, recognized, and appreciated by others, reminding us that if we are free to shine like ourselves, we will have our place in the right environment. Pointing out the importance of honesty reminds us that we have nothing to be ashamed of in our tribe.

Three Of Cups Important Card Combinations

The Three of Cups is a card that’s all about celebrating and having a good time. Also, in combination with other cards, these themes dominate. Yet, regardless of all celebrations and parties, some combinations tell you that it is essential to be mindful of your role in the lives of others and make sure you keep your relationships balanced. Below you can find the most critical card combinations of the Three of Cups.
Three Of Cups And The Magician
When the Three of the Cups and the Magician appear together, get ready to meet your soul mate! More specifically, this person is bound to meet you at a party. Maybe he’s a mutual friend or a handsome stranger at the bar. The best thing you can do to attract this person is to be yourself! It’s up to you to meet and fall in love with him. All you need to do now is trust your intuition and go with the flow – in other words, enjoy the ride!
Three Of Cups And Strength
If the Three of Cups and Strength arrive in your reading next to each other, it tells you something about your role in your social group. The combination confirms that you are at the heart of your social circle. People you surround yourself with may look to you for guidance or wisdom when they have a problem. As a result, you will need to be mindful of your role in the lives of others. Of course, you can’t be expected to be perfect all the time, but you’re a trusted companion. Make sure you’re using your head to advise your friends. The last thing you want to do is get them wrong based on emotions!
Three Of Cups And Ace Of Pentacles
The Three of the Cups and the Ace of Pentacles point to new business friends or partners. It’s a duo that encourages you to get out there and network! You are destined to meet someone who will push your career to the next level. This business relationship will be mutually beneficial as it will bring you both financial success and stability. You will be very close to this person, and your connection will be long-lasting and fruitful for years to come. Trust this person, but be careful not to give them too much power. It’s always best to be equal in business and personal affairs!
Three Of Cups And Knight Of Cups
The Three of the Cups and the Knight of the Cups draw attention to an important celebration! The most common interpretation of this combination is a celebration of love. If you spread this combination, a romantic gesture is in your future. Maybe some engagement or a romantic getaway? The best part is that the Three Cups promise that whatever they are, they will be successful and memorable for all the parties involved. So get in with your partner and get ready for the time of your life!

Three Of Cups in Reading

Three of the Cups are good times. Happy, accessible, friendly time. It’s a lovely card to see in our readings because it says, “You’re loved.”
Celebrate with your friends. Get them to know, tell them how much you love them. Make time to hang out, throw a party, go on a day trip, call a cuppa round. Think about how much your friends – or a friend – mean to you, and let them know. Remember how much strength and energy there is to be part of a community of friends—three is a magic number, and there’s magic here. You’re giving a lot; you’re going to get a lot back – there’s an exchange again.
It may be time to ask your community for support. If times are hard for you, please reach out and ask for the love and support you need. Or someone close to you might need some help. It’s time to be a good friend. What could you offer? For some, this card may point to polyamory or the opening of a two-person relationship. Welcome to a new person, bring new dynamics to life. As this is the suit of cups, we’re firmly in the ‘feelings zone’ here – remember to check in regularly with your heart and the hearts of others.
The three indicated teamwork in the Pentacles suit. It is similar here, but the focus is less on specific roles and achievements and more on the energy of mutual support. If you’re struggling in a group situation right now, try to put aside the need for self-advancement, quiet that nagging urge for fame or recognition. Know that you’re part of something bigger than that. Support the group itself, and it will necessarily lift all of you. In particular, this is an important message for activists. It’s time to focus on all the strengths and skills you have in your group and share positive energy. Focus on getting each other up and strengthening the group as a whole.

Three Of Cups, 3 Of Cups, 3 Of Cups Yes Or No, Three Of Cups Love, Three Of Cups Reversed, Three Of Cups Yes Or No, Three Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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