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Seven Of Wands, 7 Of Wands, Seven of Wands Meaning

You almost certainly have a great deal of courage and perseverance to see yourself through difficult times. You may not be aware that you possess these qualities, but you will soon find yourself in need of them. Expect conflicts, possibly minor, but more likely to be significant. It is not sure where they will arise, but there is no doubt that you can overcome your adversaries.
Tarot Card: Seven Of Wands, 7 Of Wands
Planet: Mars
Keywords: Attack, Blunt, Defenses
Affirmation: I Endure, Stable And Calm
Zodiac – Leo
Key Dates: August 12 To August 22
Element: Fire
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes
Upright: Conviction, Standing Up For One’s Beliefs, Strong-Willed, Defiant, Determined
Reversed: Exhaustion, Compromise, Teamwork, Harmony, Solutions

Seven Of Wands Guide to Upright Meaning

Seven of Wands Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings
Standing Up For A Belief, Fighting Your Corner, Protecting, Defensive, Determined, Challenging, Opposing, Stamina, Holding On To Your Own, Taking Highways, Maintaining Control, Territorial, Assertive, Forceful, Relentless, Strong Will, Under Attack, Blame, Harassment, Extortion, Resistance, Busy, Hectic, Demanding.

General Meaning and Interpretation of (Upright)

In a general context, the Seven of Wands represents an opponent, standing up for what you believe in, fighting your corner, and holding your own. It means taking the high road, maintaining control, and being willing to do so. The Minor Arcana card indicates protective, defensive, assertive, forceful, relentless, determined, and territorial. It may suggest that you are under attack, harassed, blamed, or extorted, but you resist. With this card spread in your Tarot, life can be challenging, busy, and hectic, so you’ll need stamina to last.

​Love and Relationship (Upright)

In love spread Tarot, if you’re in a relationship, Seven of Wands tells you that you have some challenges coming up, and if you want your relationship to go a long way, you’re going to have to fight for it. This challenge may come from within a relationship in that you or your partner are trying to blame each other for issues. This Minor Arcana card can also indicate that your relationship is under attack by third parties and that you need to protect and defend it. You’re going to need to maintain control, hold on to your own, and be determined. Don’t let the others ruin what you’ve got. If you’re single, the Seven of Wands suggests that if you’re interested in someone, you’re going to have to fight for. There may be serious competition for this person’s affection, and if you allow yourself to sink into the background, you may be overlooked.

Money and Career (Upright)

In a career spread by Tarot, the Seven of Wands can represent a struggle to protect what you have. When it appears, you may find that you have a battle in your hands to hold on to your success or position. There are always young, hungry people coming up the ladder behind you, and you have to stand up for yourself if you want to maintain your status or your career position. You have the talent, the drive, and the ambition to do that. You should feel confident and assertive when the Seven of Wands show up in your Tarot spread. However, it may also mean that your conviction may be tested. You may be challenged or asked to do something contrary to your morality or judgement. This Arcana Minor Card would see you standing up for what you believe in. It can also indicate that you may have to defend your reputation as someone else trying to drag you down. In a financial Tarot reading, the Seven of Wands sees you protecting the wealth or financial security you have earned. This could be by making intelligent investments, saving on a rainy day, securing your assets, or taking out a pension. Whatever the case, you’re going to put some long-term financial plan in place.

Health (Upright)

In the health reading of Tarot, the Seven of Wands may mean that you have to fight to overcome illness or injury. Unfortunately, this card can also be a disease or condition that you must work hard to keep under control. It’s tough, but you’re driven, and you can do it.

Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Seven of Wands indicates that you may have to stand up for your spiritual beliefs so that someone may challenge your belief system, question your morals, or try to ridicule or harass you for your thoughts. However, you have a right to your belief system, so don’t let anyone else try and take that away from you.

Seven of Wands Guide to Reversed Meaning

Seven of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings
Folding On Your Beliefs, Giving Up, Admitting Defeat, Giving Up, Giving Up, Giving Up, Giving Up, Giving Up, Being Shy, Lack Of Courage/Self-Confidence/Stress, Failing To Defend/protect, Resolve, Compromise, Scandal/Losing Moral Authority/Control/Power/Respect, Sharing Territory, Being Overbearing, Worn Down, Burn-Out, Exhausted.

General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the Seven of Wands reversed represents a folding of your beliefs, giving up, quitting, giving up, and giving in. It means admitting defeat, surrender, and lack of courage or stamina. This Minor Arcana card may represent weakness, failing to protect or defend someone or something you care about, being exhausted, burnt out, or worn out. It may indicate a compromise, a settlement, or a sharing of territory. It may also suggest that you have lost control, power, respect, or moral authority and have been involved in some scandal. The Seven of Wands reversed may also be overbearing and unpopular.

Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In love Tarot spread, if you’re in a relationship, the Seven of Wands reversed isn’t a great omen as it shows you quit, give up, or let go in the face of challenges coming up. Again, if you want your relationship to go the distance, you’re going to have to fight for it. This Minor Arcana card reversed may indicate that you fail to protect and defend your relationship or partner from people outside the relationship, such as family and friends. If you love your partner, you have to give the world a united front. Don’t let other people come between you or undermine your relationship with you. On the other hand, if you and your partner were arguing a lot, this card would see you find common ground and compromise. If you’re single, the Seven of Wands reversed suggests that you might be too timid to go to the person you like. You allow yourself to be overshadowed by others. If you want this person, be brave and tell them that! On the other hand, this reversed card can see that you are too forward to the point of being pushy and overbearing. If you’ve been doggedly pursuing someone without success, take a little step back, give them a breathing room, and let them come to you.

Money and Career (Reversed)

In a career spread Tarot, the Seven of Wands reversed may represent not protecting what you have achieved or worked for. When it appears, you might find that you took your eye off the ball, and someone else took your place. You may lack the stamina to engage in an endless competition to maintain your success or overcome the exhaustion of it all. You might have lost your drive or ambition. You may lack confidence or feel powerless when the Seven of Wands show up reversed in your Tarot spread. It may mean that you may be going against your moral code or better judgment to favor your boss. This Minor Arcana card is going to see you fold on your own. It can also indicate that your reputation may be in the mud as others try to disqualify you from pursuing their careers. In a financial Tarot reading, the Seven of Wands reversed sees you failing to protect the wealth or financial security you have earned. This could take the form of wasting your hard-earned money on frivolous purchases or forgetting to put financial plans like savings, wise investments, or pensions in place for your future.

Health (Reversed)

In a health Tarot reading, the Seven of Wands reversed is not a great omen, as it can mean someone is losing energy or fighting to overcome illness or injury. This card may also represent a disease or a spiraling out-of-control condition. Talk to your doctor about other possible treatments that may help, as the current treatment may not work.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the Seven of Wands reversed indicates that you may fold your beliefs when they are challenged. There’s nothing wrong with learning about new paths or religions and embracing them if they work for you, but be careful that you don’t just follow the crowd because you want to fit in! This can also mean a respected religious or spiritual leader or someone you look forward to becoming involved in a scandal and losing their moral authority, respect or reputation.

​​Seven of Wands Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Seven of Wands represents long-term success due to the strength it takes to overcome obstacles and to be able to take calculated risks. Use the courage to stand up for yourself, and what’s best is what this card is all about. The answer you’re looking for is yes.

Numerology of The Seven of Wands

Seven stands for introspection and thought. The enneagram is a perfect representation of seven. The Seven of Wands in numerology reminds you to consider before you act. For example, somebody might have wronged you recently, and you’re thinking about how to retaliate. Give it some time; you need to be sure of that. If this is a problem you cannot ignore, then try to solve the problem as peacefully and diplomatically as possible. You may feel like you’re in the minority, but you still need to fight your corner. If you’re reading many sevens, it might suggest the need to calm down and think about your situation, even if you feel the need to act now.

Seven Of Wands Time Line

Seven Of Wands Past
The positioning of the Seven of Wands in the past is somewhat odd because it shows the loop of affirmation and conflict, recognition and struggle, and makes us wonder whether we have won this time around. Either it puts us in the role of a critical observer who forces opinions and attitudes about the healthy energy flow of other people, or it speaks of obstacles seen in others and their aggression that we have been or have not been able to resist. Nevertheless, things have become easier as we have created some distance and recognized the actual force of external influences.
Seven Of Wands Present
With this card to talk about our current state of mind, heart, and situation, it is clear that the Universe itself is testing us, and we need to ask ourselves how important it is to our hearts what we are trying to protect. So then, if it’s at the top of your priority list, shake off any outside influences, hurtful comments, or aggressive meddling and approaches, and move on until you reach the goal that has inspired you for a long time.
Seven Of Wands Future
Set in future reading, Seven of Wands shows changes that will require our flexibility. Relationships and issues at work could be halved, leaving us alone or bruised, and we have to see that much more needs to be done to break our bonds and structures. Here, it gives us clarity and wisdom not to get caught up in meaningless quarrels or conflicts that take away our energy, as if it were a pointer to prepare us for things that we might lack the strength to overcome and face if we spend our energy now.

The Seven of Wands Important Card Combinations

The Seven of Wands card is designed to stand up to what you believe in. Also, when combined with other cards, it doesn’t lose its meaning. Below I wrote down the most important combinations of Seven Wands.
Seven Of Wands And The Emperor Or Strength
When paired with the Emperor or the Strength, the opposition you face will be a powerful one. The Emperor suggests that a person in authority will come up against you and require you to be strong. With Strength, the Seven of Wands urges you to stand up for those who cannot protect themselves, such as children or animals. Is there a way you can use your own personal power to help others?
Seven Of Wands And The High Priestess
When the High Priestess appears next to this Minor Arcana card, you may need to get tougher. Being too passive or holding back will not put you in a position to succeed. Instead, prepare to take control and control of the situation at hand.
Seven Of Wands And The Five Of Swords
The Five of Swords suggests that enemies surround you. Although the conflict may not be your fault, resist developing a ‘them against me’ outlook. This mentality will only hold you back and stop you from coming up with a plan to overcome your challenges.
Seven Of Wands And The Two Of Swords
Are you avoiding making tough decisions? If so, you’re not going to be able to do that much longer. The Seven of Wands combined with the Two of Swords indicates that the time has come to make a choice and to stand firm in it. You’re only prolonging the inevitable by straddling the fence.
Seven Of Wands And The Queen Of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles combination tells you that the family needs to come first. Protect your home and all the people you love. Rid yourself and your environment of anything toxic. The same is true of things that no longer serve you.
Seven Of Wands And Wheel Of Fortune
When the combination with the Wheel of Fortune appears in a reading, it reminds you to protect your long-term wealth. A savings account or an investment account you have may be under attack. Be careful to lend any money at this time. The person who comes to help you may have ulterior motives and, as a result, will negatively affect your future.
Seven Of Wands And Eight Of Cups
When the Seven of Wands and the Eight of Cups appear next to each other in a reading, it means walking away from stress. Any situations you have in your life that give you anxieties, it’s time to let those emotions go and walk away. It’s sometimes easier said than done, but it’s imperative for the future that you deserve. Protecting your inner peace by eliminating things that stress you is the best rule of thumb for a happy and harmonious life.
Seven Of Wands And Three Of Cups
The Seven of Wands and Three of Cups duo has come to remind you of the importance of spending time alone. If you’re a social person, it’s easy to get lost in your day-to-day interaction with friends or social circles. Now is the time to step back from interaction and spend some time alone. The relationships that you have will thrive when you take the time to recharge your batteries.
Seven Of Wands And Ace Of Pentacles
If the Seven of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles come up in a reading, you can expect increased responsibility at work. These responsibilities may be coupled with a promotion or title change, or they may be as simple as learning and taking on a new task. The new skills you will learn will make you more valuable in your career and feel confident. So take on the changes and get all of you to learn everything you can. The cards tell us that if you do, you’re going to be successful.

Seven Of Wands in Reading 

A little like the Five of Wands, you might feel really attacked right now or called to stand up for yourself. However, unlike that card, the fight is worth it here. The Seven of Wands is trying to embolden you and remind you that you are strong, powerful, brilliant… and right!
As an activist card, this points to any situation where you have to stand up for your beliefs. That includes standing up for others. If you enjoy power and privilege, use that power to lift others or allow others to step up and join you on your platform. There is loneliness in this card because it focuses on your power and difference as an individual, but within this is the question of what you can do with that power. Just focus on that.
Irrespective of the presence of a ‘real fight, it’s about celebrating who you are and not being afraid to show it. We live in a society that rewards conformity, which gives us very narrow ideas of what a ‘good’ or ‘successful’ person looks like. Many of us are left out of these spaces at the very moment we were conceived! Others move through life, gradually realizing that this mold is not for them. So be proud of what makes you different, what makes you different. Don’t hide it, but bring it out to make the world more beautiful, more colorful. And in the end, to make sure you are free yourself.

Seven Of Wands, 7 Of Wands, 7 Of Wands Yes Or No, Seven Of Wands Love, Seven Of Wands Reversed, Seven Of Wands Yes Or No, Seven Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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