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5 Of Swords, Five of Swords Meaning

This card indicates the conflict in your life. Worse yet, it is closely linked to defeat. The defeat is likely going to be traumatic, and you’re going to have to retreat and regroup. You may have suffered an injury to your pride or self-esteem, but the V of Swords is also a warning of the potential to be caught in the cycle. Handle defeat with grace, move on, and you will be rewarded with success.
Tarot Card: Five Of Swords, 5 Of Swords
Planet: Mercury
Keywords: Lost Arguments, Conflict, Misunderstanding
Affirmation: My Words Reflect On My Strong, Empathic, And Authentic Personality
Zodiac: Aquarius
Key Dates: January 20 To January 29
Element: Air
As A Yes Or No Question: No
Upright: Battles, Arguments, Conflict, Defeat, Surrender
Reversed: Compromise, Moving Forward, Solutions To A Conflict

Five Of Swords Guide to Upright Meaning

Five Swords Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings
Defeat, Surrender, Change, Walking Away, Self-sacrifice, Self-sabotage, Underhanded Behavior, Deception, Lack Of Communication, Aggression, Harassment, Intimidation, Abuse, Violence, Crime, Rape, Murder, Assault, Standing Up For Yourself, Victory, Fighting Back, Overcoming Challenges, Serious Conflict, Hostility, Stress.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

In a general context, the Five of Swords is not always a good omen, as they can represent defeat, change, surrender, and move away. It’s a Minor Arcana card for self-sabotaging or underhanded behavior and deception, and lack of communication. It may also represent serious conflict, stress, and lack of communication. The Five of Swords Tarot card comes with a warning that can mean hostility, aggression, intimidation, and violence and, as such, can represent situations that we hope we will never encounter in our lives, such as crime, theft, harassment, abuse, assault, rape, murder. On the other hand, it may simply represent the action that one must take to overcome being challenged by others, such as standing up for oneself and fighting back. As such, it could be a sign of victory. If that is the case, the triumph that it represents will be hard to win, as you will have quite a battle on your hands.

​Love and Relationship (Upright)

In the love spread of the Tarot, if you are in a relationship, the Five of Swords is not a great omen, as it may indicate arguments, hostility, and severe conflict arising from lack of communication. It is also a Minor Arcana card of deception and self-sabotage so that this card can indicate infidelity and cheating. It can also mean divorce or separation, as it can be a defeat and a walk away. The Five of Swords may show harassment, intimidation, abuse, violence, assault, rape, and murder in its extreme negative. You’re not supposed to be in fear of your partner, and if you are, this tells you that something is wrong. If your partner is abusive, you need to recognize the danger that you are in and reach out to support family and friends or organizations that can help you get the strength to walk away and take back your power. No one who loved you would treat you like that. If you are single, the Five of Swords indicates that you may be looking for relationships with people who have a dark side and are potentially dangerous or misleading. The extreme negative of this card means the types of situations you would never want to find yourself in, so make sure that you take suitable precautions when going on dates with people you don’t know very well, such as meeting in a public place and letting a family member or friend know who you meet and where, etc.

​Money and Career (Upright)

In Tarot’s career reading, the Five of Swords indicates a conflict in the workplace. Expect stress, tension, arguments, and hostility caused by poor communication or lack of communication when this Minor Arcana card appears in your career Tarot spread. This might lead you to feel defeated, or you might want to walk away or change careers. In its extreme negative, the Five of Swords may indicate harassment, intimidation, or harassment, and there may be some deception or under handling. You may find yourself in a position to have to fight back or stand up for yourself. Stay calm and rational in your approach to this. Make sure that any action you take is the right move for you, not made out of compulsion, but do not allow yourself to be victimized. At the same time, this is a self-sabotaging behavior card, so you need to look at your contribution to the situation and make sure that you are not part of the problem. In the case of a financial spread of the Tarot, the Five of Swords indicates that there may be some deception or underhanded dealings with finances. Be careful who you trust, and make sure you’re dealing with money fairly and legally. Any current financial woes are likely to make you feel defeated, but you need to look at how your current financial situation has come about. Have you sabotaged yourself, huh? If so, you don’t need to dwell on your mistakes; acknowledge and learn from them and start making better choices. You may have to sacrifice some luxuries until your finances get better.

Health (Upright)

In a healthy reading of Tarot, the Five of Swords indicates that you are likely to feel tired of fighting for health at the moment. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or a recent illness, the challenges you’ve been through or are currently experiencing have drained your energy. Treat yourself to kindness and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This card also warns against engaging in self-sabotaging. As such, if you’re struggling to cope with things, this card carries a serious warning not to use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism at this time, as it may have dire consequences for you.

​Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Five of Swords indicates that the challenges you have overcome have given you wisdom, strength, and sympathy to heal others. This card also indicates change so that you may find yourself on a new spiritual path when it appears.

​Five Of Swords Guide to Reversed Meaning

Five Of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings
The Peaceful Resolution, Compromise, Communication, End Of Conflict, Release Of Stress, Overcoming Challenges, Major Sacrifice, Risk Of Everything, Relentless Revenge, Escalation Of Violence, Accountability, Arrest, Uncovered Crime, Regret, Remorse, Humiliation, Shame, Not Heeding Warnings, Surrender To Challenges.

General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the reversal of the Five of Swords can be a good omen, as it can mean a peaceful solution to the situation, an end to the conflict, and a move forward. It’s the Minor Arcana Communications Card, Compromise, Challenge Overcoming, and Stress Release. However, the reversed Five of Swords Tarot card could mean an escalation of serious violence and vengeance. It can also mean risking everything, being relentless, not listening to warning signs, and surrendering to challenges. They can also represent someone being held accountable for their actions, exposing crimes, arrests, regrets, remorse, shame, and public humiliation.

​Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In a love spread Tarot, if you are in a relationship, the reversed Five of Swords may indicate that you and your partner may end some conflict in your relationship, learn to compromise, and overcome challenges. You may be letting go of any arguments or issues you have had and learning to communicate with each other, but be aware that this peace requires work to make it last. If you return, you will sabotage the progress you have made to previous patterns. On the other hand, the reversed Five of Swords may indicate a complete breakdown in communication and succumb to challenges in the relationship. If either of you has been unfaithful or underhanded in a relationship, this card may indicate that you will be exposed quite publicly as it indicates public shame, revenge, remorse, and regret. If you’re in an abusive relationship, this card tells you to heed the warning that you’re in danger! Get out of here before it escalates into serious violence. If you are single, the reversed Five of Swords indicates that you may have realized that you were too critical or dismissive of a potential partner and that you may now be willing to give them a chance or give them a chance. Alternatively, it might indicate that you have decided that a potential partner is not at all right for you and that you are letting them go.

​Money and Career (Reversed)

In a career reading Tarot, the reversed Five of Swords indicates that a conflict in the workplace may be coming to an end. Tensions may be released, compromises made, and a peaceful resolution is now possible as lines of communication open when this Minor Arcana card appears in your career Tarot spread. This card may see you making great sacrifices to overcome the challenges of your career. Alternatively, it could indicate an escalation of conflict as someone might be trying to sabotage you. Again, look at the support cards to confirm this. If there has been deception or underhanded business deals at play, the Five of Swords will see the guilty parties held accountably and publicly shamed or even fired. In the financial spread of Tarot, the Five of Swords reversed again sees any untoward financial dealings exposed and the person responsible held accountable to ensure that you are acting with integrity or that you are bitten back. It can also indicate a release of tension in financial troubles, so if you struggled to manage your finances, this card would see you finding a solution to your problems.

​Health (Reversed)

In a health reading Tarot, the reversed Five of Swords indicates that you will find a way to resolve an ongoing or recurrent health issue that has been a problem for you. It indicates that a compromise or sacrifice needs to be made to achieve this; for example, you may find that you are allergic to the food you love and have to give it up, or you may find that you need to adjust your fitness regime to compensate for the injury, but a solution is possible.

​Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the reversed Five of Swords may indicate that you have overcome a major obstacle about your spiritual path and that this may have required a major sacrifice on your part, such as parting with an old belief system and letting go of some of the traditions that you have been used to. However, you’re now in a position to move in a spiritual direction that works for you.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

Five of the Swords suggest conflict, discord, and trouble come. There may be loss, defeat, or painful separation shortly, accompanied by a sense of brokenness and low self-esteem. Nothing associated with this card is of a positive nature, so your answer is no.

Numerology of The Five of Swords

Five stands for energy, unpredictability, and change. Five have a great occult tradition; pentacles and five Chinese elements. The less positive aspects of number five are strongly represented by the Five of Swords. Expect some conflict and some loss, but remember, this brings about a change that may be for the better. If you have many fives to read, it sends out a strong message that you’re in for some change very soon.

Five Of Swords Time Line

Five Of Swords Past
With this card in our past, lessons have been learned that should not be forgotten today. It’s a reminder of the mistakes we made, and it shows us how we didn’t have a dilemma about things that might test us again. The mark of the news cycle and the moment when everything has to go up, or life doesn’t make sense anymore; it stands for the time when we gave up logic and decided to follow our feelings, even if we had to do it all by ourselves and feel like we’re nowhere at all.
Five Of Swords Present
Five of Swords stands as a light that shines on our true energetic state and potential. If one thinks they can do it all, maybe this is the time to reflect on the real strengths, abilities, and emotional needs instead of putting our head through a wall. Our social groups need a change and a shift of sorts when this card colors our present, and we need to expand the circle of people we communicate with daily to learn the true truth instead of spinning in circles.
Five Of Swords Future
The future colored with such an intense verbal challenge card reminds us to measure our words and avoid conflicts that lead nowhere. A struggle will resolve nothing, and the only real understanding comes from the emotional and intimate touch of the two souls. Battles of the ego are announced, and we are warned that we might get bruised if we don’t lift our fences and protect ourselves while remaining committed to understanding the pain and limitations of others.

Five of Swords Important Card Combination

The Five of Swords stands for conflicts or other battles that are present or imminent in your life. Also, combined with other tarot cards, it is often a sign of disagreement, neglect, and defeat.
Five Of Swords And The Magician
When the Five of Swords and the Magician appear next to each other in a reading, they represent the power of words. This serves as a warning to be careful about what you say to others, especially when you feel stressed or angry. When we allow our emotions to take over when we try to communicate, the result is rarely a good one. It’s important to say what you’re saying and what you’re saying. You should avoid speaking a sharp tongue wherever possible.
Five Of Swords And The Empress
When you see this duo appear in a reading, it’s a sign of neglect. Are you in a relationship where you feel like you’re not getting all you need to be happy with? The Five of Swords and the Empress are here to remind you that you don’t deserve this kind of treatment. It’s up to you to stand up for yourself and demand the treatment you want and need. Don’t let anybody make you feel neglected or unwanted.
Five Of Swords And Nine Of Wands
If you’re reading the Five of Swords and the Nine of Wands, you’re taking advantage of an important relationship in your life. Unfortunately, a friend might take more than they put into your friendship. Now is the time to pay close attention to the people you’re keeping around you and to commit some time to think about what this person is contributing to your life. A healthy and happy relationship involves giving and taking some of the partners involved. If you’re doing too much, or your friend is doing too little, it’s time to re-evaluate and possibly a getaway.
Five Of Swords And Ten Of Pentacles
The combination with the Ten Pentacles is here to alert you to an unhappy family situation. Is there a conflict going on in your home that has recently come to its head? If so, the cards strongly encourage you to take control of the situation and make some serious effort to de-escalate things. You deserve to live in a happy home with a family of harmony. You should be in a place of rest and relaxation when you’re home. No matter how bad you feel the situation has become, there’s always a way to find the solution you’re looking for. Focus on living authentically, and you’ll find a way out of the issues you’re having in every area of your life.

Five of Swords In Reading

Think about the conflict areas of your life. Is that still worth the fight? Was it worth it at all? Consider how old grudges consume your energy, take up brain space, and cause pain and harm to you. Could it be time to walk away – even if that means admitting defeat? Remember that you don’t always have the last word to say. It’s probably more loving to admit defeat and turn your attention to something more positive or more productive to yourself and anyone else involved.
It could be a helpful card to see when you’ve lost in the ‘battle.’ Maybe you got the worst off in a difficult breakup, or you got fired. This card suggests that nobody really won and that you’re no more a ‘loser’ than anyone else.
Still, a lot may have been lost in this process. If you have to apologize, consider it time. If you’re going to have to let go and forgive, do that job again. Don’t hang on to old guilt or grievances for the sake of it, and don’t scratch open wounds. Recognize that this battle is no longer worth fighting, and be ready to lay down your sword. Healing may not happen right away – things are a little raw – but at least the stage is set when the time is right.

Five Of Swords, 5 Of Swords, 5 Of Swords Yes Or No, Five Of Swords Love, Five Of Swords Reversed, Five Of Swords Yes Or No, Five Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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