Five Of Pentacles, 5 Of Pentacles, 5 Of Pentacles Yes Or No, Five Of Pentacles Love, Five Of Pentacles Reversed, Five Of Pentacles Yes Or No, Five Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

Five of Pentacles, 5 of Pentacles, Five of Pentacles Meaning

The fifth pentacle may refer to financial matters, employment, or relationships, depending on the rest of your spread. Unfortunately, it is a negative indicator for all of them, suggesting duplicity, job losses, and the possibility of infidelity. It’s time for you to carefully evaluate what matters in your life and work out your priorities, such as whether your job or your relationship issues most. You may have to let some of the others fall away to mitigate the damage in some areas of your life.
Tarot Card: Five of Pentacles or Five of Coins, 5 of Pentacles or 5 of Coins
Planet: Jupiter
Keywords: Lacking, Concerns, Limiting Beliefs
Affirmation: I see all things through the light
Zodiac – Taurus
Key Dates: April 21 to April 30
Element: Water
As a Yes or No question: No
Upright: Financial Hardship, Struggle, Lack Of Faith, Rejection, Sickness
Reversed: Luck, Triumph, Better Health, Improved Finances, Recovery

Five of Pentacles Upright Meaning Guide

Five of Pentacles Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings
Temporary Financial Hardship, Negative Change Of Circumstances, Feeling Left Out Of The Cold, Financial Loss, Recession, Feeling The World Is Against You, Adversity, Struggle, Hardship, Bad Luck, Homelessness, Poverty, Unemployment, Financial Ruin, Bankruptcy, Outcast, Alienation, Illness, Divorce, Break-up, Scandal, Disgrace.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

In a general context, the Five of Pentacles is not a great card to get because it represents hardship, rejection, or an adverse change in circumstances. You may feel like the world is against you, and nothing is going your way when it appears. It could mean bad luck, struggle, or adversity. Homelessness, unemployment, alienation, and poverty are all represented by this Minor Arcana card, which can indicate illness, divorce, break-ups, or scandals that cause your life turmoil. If you feel left out of the cold, first, remember that this situation is only temporary, and then ask yourself if you have any help or support available. There’s some help out there for you. It may be in the form of moral support from friends or family, financial assistance from social welfare, or even the kindness of strangers, but whatever it may be, take it. Nothing lasts forever, and this hardship, too, will pass.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

The Five of Pentacles is not a good omen to get in love with Tarot’s reading. If you’re in a relationship, it can indicate that you may be struggling to feel abandoned, ignored, or unloved within a relationship. You may be rejected or left out in the cold by your partner, and in its extreme negative, it may mean breakups, separations, or divorces. It can also be a scandal, an illegitimate child, or a relationship that is considered improper or shameful by those around you. However, it can simply indicate that you and your partner may be struggling with financial problems or health problems, and this may cause a strain on your relationship. If you love each other, you’re going to have to decide to pull together instead of apart. If you are single, the Five of Pentacles may indicate that you feel rejected or have been given the cold shoulder by someone you’re interested in. You may feel lonely, isolated, or outcasted. It can also simply represent being a single parent and the struggles that can lead to it.

Money and Career (Upright)

In the career spread of Tarot, the Five of Pentacles is not a good omen, as it may represent unemployment, job losses, or the loss of business. If you have lost a job or a business, you may be dependent on social welfare, which may negatively affect your confidence or cause stress. Alternatively, you may be struggling to find your job, but you may not see another option, or you may feel outcast or isolated in your workplace. Whatever the case may be, the situation will not last forever, so try to stay positive and find alternatives. The Five of Pentacles may represent temporary financial hardships in an economic context, so expect money to be tight when it appears. Extremely harmful can also mean significant financial losses, poverty, homelessness, bankruptcy, or financial ruin. Be very careful about the money when it appears. If it appears in a future position, it is a warning to put financial safeguards to protect your financial security.

Health (Upright)

In the health spread of Tarot, the Five of Pentacles may indicate a period of illness or health problems. Other factors in your life may cause these health issues. For example, if you’re having a difficult time financially, you might find yourself having stress-related illnesses or just running down with the worry of it. If you’re struggling with your life’s adversity, it’s essential to try and take care of yourself in terms of your health. So try to take a few moments each day to meditate and ground yourself.

Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Five of Pentacles indicates that you may be going through a difficult time spiritually and feel that the world is against you or that you have bad luck. Get out to the people around you and accept the help you have to get you through this time. Remember that our hardships often show us our strengths, so embrace every lesson to learn and know that this period of your life will not last forever!

Guide to Reversed Meaning

Five of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings
Improving Finances/luck, Ending Hardships, Positive Change, Becoming Financially Secure, Recovering From Losses, Making Progress, Overcoming Adversity, Paying Off Debts, Forgiveness, Improving Health/Care, Being Welcomed/Received, Becoming Employed, Improving/releasing Relationships.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the reversed Five of Pentacles is a good omen, especially if you’ve been through a difficult time as it represents a hard time coming to an end, overcoming adversity, or a positive change in circumstances. You’ve struggled through a difficult time. When everything seemed hopeless, you were holding on, and now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It can also mean better relations, better finances, or better luck. This Minor Arcana card may also represent illnesses that improve, recover from problems, and be accepted or welcomed back after a period of alienation or isolation. You’re supposed to be in a much more positive frame of mind, starting to rebuild your sense of security and stability and making progress. You may also find forgiveness for anyone who may have caused you problems in the past. The Five of Pentacles reversed may also indicate letting go of people or relationships that have been toxic to you as you focus on the future.

Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In Tarot’s love reading, the Five of Pentacles reversed is a good omen to get. If you’re in a relationship, it might indicate that you’re going to overcome previous struggles. This can take the form of improving the relationship at a steady pace and making positive changes. It can also mean deciding to free yourself from a relationship that is no longer good for you. If your relationship initially caused a scandal, this card indicates that you should find people around you becoming more willing to accept the connection. If you’re single, the Five of Pentacles reversed is a positive card to spread in love Tarot as it indicates that you’re coming out on the other side of a period of loneliness or feeling rejected. You will make positive changes in your life and feel much more open to the romantic possibilities surrounding you. You’re ready to enter into a new relationship and take a chance on love. This positive energy is going to attract others to you.

Money and Career (Reversed)

In the career spread of Tarot, the reversed Five of Pentacles is a much better omen as it can represent a recovery for a struggling business or a return to work. If you were stuck in a career path due to a lack of opportunities, this card would indicate that the struggle is over, and the options will soon be presented. In an economic context, the reversed Five Pentacles may represent recovering from financial hardship or losses, paying off debts, and becoming financially secure after a period of instability. You’ve been through the worst of it now!

Health (Reversed)

If you have experienced health problems or illnesses in a health spread Tarot, the reversed Five of Pentacles may represent a diagnosis or treatment. If this diagnosis or treatment plan does not lead to health improvements immediately, at least give you peace of mind that you know what you’re dealing with and have a plan to address it. However, this Minor Arcana card, when in reverse position, may also indicate recovery or improvement in health or well-being. So it’s usually a positive card that needs to be read healthily.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the Five of Pentacles reversed indicates that you have spiritually come through a difficult time and feel like your luck is improving. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and your faith in the love of the universe for you is being restored. Think about how you can use the strength and wisdom you’ve learned from your struggles to help those who need it.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Five of Pentacles indicates the coming of financial or emotional problems or a period of bad luck. Worry, poverty, and setbacks are all linked to this card. These things could be due to a lack of faith or perhaps to a loss of confidence. The overall tone of the card is negative. The answer you have is no.

Numerology of The Five of Pentacles

Five stands for energy, unpredictability, and change. Five have a great occult tradition; pentacles and five Chinese elements. The Five of Pentacles vigorously represent your material wealth. Expect that your material status will change dramatically soon. This sounds negative, but if you’re struggling right now, it might be a change for the better. Right now, be very focused on your finances. If you have many fives to read, it sends out a strong message that you’re in for some change very soon.

Five Of Coins Time Line

Five of Pentacles Past 
The past reading with this card involved shows some hard times when our brain got stuck in a loop and took away a lot of our time trying to decipher things while looking in the wrong place. This mistake was made to teach us something and a reminder that we are not to feel guilty about wasting time but to see what the real need of our Soul has been in the process. So what has happened in the past should be left in the past.
Five of Pentacles Present
If the present is marked by the Five of Coins, our state of hope is not set in place, and, to broaden our horizons, it might be best to plan a trip to a faraway land or find an external source of inspiration and motivation for our efforts. Hard work could give fewer results and products than we expected, only to show that the path ahead of us should be dreamed of and enriched by new experiences and more creative professional (and other) choices. It’s up to us not to stay stuck in one place or rely on relationships that hold us back to help us out.
Five of Pentacles Future 
Reading for our future with this card in the layout isn’t exactly what we’d hope to see, obviously to show that some of our current choices aren’t really in tune with our heart’s yearning. It’s a signal that we’re thinking too small and heading towards an unsatisfied fence when we’re meant to spread our wings and fly. We should start looking around the direction we’ve already chosen because we might be stuck in a place that could have been avoided if we were flexible enough.

Important Card Combinations

Financial hardship, struggle, lack of faith, refusal, sickness. The Five of Pentacles are not all puppies and rainbows. However, this meaning can change when combined with other cards. Especially when major Arcana cards like Strength or Temperance appear together with the Five Pentacles.
Five Of Pentacles And Strength
Although things may be hard at this time, hard times are only for a season. When this positive Major Arcana card (Strength) attaches itself to the Five Pentacles, it gives a brighter outlook. Your circumstances may not change right away, but you have the power to push through whatever you are facing either now or in the future.
Five Of Pentacles And Temperance
If you’ve been dealing with any illness, Temperance brings good news. Although the Five of Pentacles represents poor health, Temperance predicts that things are about to balance for the better. Just remember to take advantage of any resources available to you, such as treatments and support services.
Five Of Pentacles The Six Of Cups
Deep childhood wounds may cause problems in your adult life. But, contrarily to popular belief, time doesn’t heal all wounds. If you’ve had a bad childhood or struggled to meet your needs when you were younger, this past hurt can easily spill over into current relationships. So this Six of Cup duo advises you to spend some time on self-care and explore how to overcome your past for total healing.
Five Of Pentacles And The Five Of Cups
Have others rejected you? Lack of support can cause some complicated and painful emotions, no matter how strong you are. But, although you may feel lonely right now, things are bound to improve. By practicing gratitude (even when it’s complicated) and focusing on what we do instead of lack, situations like those predicted by the Five of Pentacles and the Five of Cups can turn around.
Five Of Pentacles And The Ten Of Wands
The Five of Pentacles and the Ten of Wands together predict a situation, possibly in the present, where you’re working very hard on little pay. You may feel as if, on top of being underpaid, you are undervalued. This could lead to frustration and a dip in overall happiness. The good thing about this situation is that there’s always the possibility of change – if you’re going to reign. Take some time to consider what resources are available and formulate an improvement plan.

Five Of Pentacles In a Reading

Take an honest look at your relationship to any pain you’re going through right now. Harsh as it may sound, this card often points to a ‘victim’ mentality in which we take pain and suffering as part of our identities. As a result, we choose not to accept help or solutions because we have become attached to this struggle. As a result, we may not want to solve (or try to solve) our problems at some level.
The Five of Pentacles may point to ways in which you are disadvantaged. An obvious example would be a society or a system that privileges some people, not others. Those with privilege will enjoy comfort and security. Those who are disadvantaged are suffering from the lack of these essential things. If you feel that this is appropriate in your reading, let this card open a conversation about the role of privilege in your life.

Five Of Pentacles, 5 Of Pentacles, 5 Of Pentacles Yes Or No, Five Of Pentacles Love, Five Of Pentacles Reversed, Five Of Pentacles Yes Or No, Five Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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