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Five Of Cups, 5 Of Cups, Five of Cups Meaning

The card is a dark omen. Like the rest of his suit, your emotions are bound up, and he brings with him a warning of loss and disappointment. Wait for a setback in your life, almost certainly emotional. While this may be emotional, it may be a project or a goal you’re mainly involved in emotionally. In certain positions, it may also refer to past events that continue to cause regret or heartache. Optimism is the only solution; this, too, will pass.
Tarot Card: Five Of Cups
Planet: Saturn
Keywords: Regret, Karmic Debt, Loss
Affirmation: I Feel Mercy Of The Divine
Zodiac: Scorpio
Key Dates: October 23 To November 2
Element: Water
As A Yes Or No Question: No
Upright: Sadness, Loss, Grief, Despair, Loneliness
Reversed: Finding Peace, Acceptance, Healing, Forgiveness

Five Of Cups Guide to Upright Meaning

Five Of Cups Upright Tarot Card Key Means
Sadness, Loss, Grief, Despair, Abandonment, Guilt, Remorse, Regret, Trauma, Bereavement, Mourning, Heartbreak, Unwelcome Change, Emotional Instability, Loss, Focus On Negative Emotions, Isolation, Loneliness, Emotional Baggage, Divorce, Separation, Anger, Disappointment

Five Of Cups General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

​How many negative emotions can a card have? Just a few in the case of the Five Cups! The Five of Tarot Cups card may represent sadness, loss, loneliness, and despair in a general context. When this card appears, it indicates that you’re focusing on the negative. This may be the result of some trauma or unwelcome change you’ve suffered. As such, this card may mean heartbreak, divorce, or separation. The Five of Cups also tends to appear if you have suffered a recent bereavement as it is mourning and grief. It’s a card of emotional baggage and instability that can mean you feel deep remorse, regret, anger, grief, or disappointment. It’s also the Minor Arcana abandonment card and can either represent you being abandoned by someone significant to you or you abandoning plans or people in your life. It may also indicate loneliness or isolation. However, there is a positive message underneath all the negative connotations that this card can bring. The figure shown in the card is crying over the spilled cups and seems oblivious that the two cups are still upright. This reminds you that no matter how bad things may seem, there’s always a silver liner; you have to choose to see it.

​Five Of Cups Love and Relationship (Upright)

​In a love spread Tarot, if you’re single, the Five of Cups may indicate that you’re overcome with sadness or despair about a past relationship that hasn’t worked out. You may feel like “The One” has slipped through your fingers and might be oblivious to potential partners as you are so focused on your sense of loss. You may also be consumed with remorse, regret, or guilt. Perhaps because of the mistakes you made in your past relationship. The Five of Cups is also a bereavement card and, as such, can indicate the loss of a loved one. If you’ve lost a partner, the Five of Cups may mean you’re insulating yourself as you feel too heartbroken even to contemplate dating someone else. If you don’t feel up to date, that’s fine! But try not to isolate yourself. You have to deal with the present and try to stay grounded. Keep a supportive network of friends around you or join a support group if you need assistance. There’s still love in your future, even if you’re not quite ready for it right now. If you’re in a relationship, the Five of Cups is not a great omen, as it can mean a break-up, a separation, or a divorce. It can also indicate that you may still have old feelings about an ex rather than emotionally committing 100% to your current relationship. If so, you’ll need to work to resolve these feelings if you want your current relationship to move forward. The Five of Cups may also represent abandonment or indicate that fear of abandonment is causing friction in your relationship.

​Five Of Cups Money and Career (Upright)

In a career context, the Five of Cups may indicate a job loss or the collapse of a business. If you are in business, it may also mean that a business partner or a staff member is leaving the company or that you are leaving the business or abandoning a business plan. Although this indicates an unwelcome, difficult change in circumstances, there is still something that can be saved from the situation, so try not to let anger, frustration, or despair overwhelm you. It can also be a career in grief or trauma counseling. In the case of a financial spread Tarot, the Five of Cups may indicate a financial loss, so now is not the time to be frivolous with money or to make investments. If you have suffered a recent bereavement, the Five of Cups may indicate that you will receive some inheritance.

​Five Of Cups Health (Upright)

Five cups are often considered a bad omen when it comes to health-related issues. Still, it is our opportunity to heal the core of our emotions that led to any dysfunction and problems in our physiology. It may also show that we have been in a state of sadness or negative emotions for too long. The burden of jogging too many pessimistic views may leave its mark if we do not change perspective and see what is needed for personal evolution. Finally, this card represents psychosomatic issues and depression, sleep deprivation, and a deep need for rest that we must indulge in healing.

Five Of Cups Spirituality (Upright)

​The Five of Cups indicates that you may hold on to feelings of deep anger, frustration, or resentment in a spiritual context. As the saying goes, holding on to anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. It would help if you forgave those who have wronged you, for your own sake, to move forward on your spiritual journey. Consider therapy or energy healing to help you put those emotions behind you. Try to visualize those who have hurt you coming to you to apologize for the pain they have caused you in the past, and ask the universe to help you forgive them, forgive yourself, and release the pain you have endured.

​Five Of Cups Guide to Reversed Meaning

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Key Meanings
Moving Forward/moving Forward, Accepting Help, Healing, Forgiveness, Rejoicing In The World, Releasing Emotions, Letting Go Of Grief, Letting Go Of Regret Or Guilt, Letting Go Of Sorrow, Overcoming Despair, Releasing Emotional Baggage, Accepting

Five Of Cups General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

​The reversed. Five of Cups Tarot card represents acceptance, forgiveness, and healing in a general context. You’ve come to terms with your grief and sorrow. You have realized that living the rest of your life in regret, mourning, or sadness will not change the past and that you have to move on with your life. You are beginning to open your awareness of the opportunities that have been around you all along. Alternatively, the card can also indicate the negative feelings of the upright card being prolonged or dragged out. However, reversing the Five of Cups usually means that you’re ready to start re-joining the world. You let go of the past; you let go of your negative emotions and your emotional baggage. You may also be willing to accept the help of those around you with this Minor Arcana card in your Tarot reading. This is a positive step forward, as before, you were so caught in despair that you could not accept the help offered to you, which left you feeling lonely and isolated. If you were bereaved, the reversed Five of Cups could mean coming through a period of intense mourning.

​Five Of Cups Love and Relationship (Reversed)

​In a Love Tarot reading, if you’re single, the Five of Tarot Cups card in a reversed position may indicate that you’ve let go of your regrets or sorrows over your past relationship and are ready to move on. You are beginning to see the possibilities of romance that are all around you. You’re starting to go back to life and get out there and meet people. You are finally in a position to forgive others for the pain they have caused you. Alternatively, it might indicate that you still hold on to the negative feelings of the upright version of the card, to the detriment of your future. You may want to consider counseling or healing if you are struggling to resolve these feelings independently. If you’re in a relationship, the reversed Five of Cups indicates that you may be willing to forgive past relationship errors so that you and your partner can move forward. It represents a time of healing and renewal of the relationship. Alternatively, it can mean that you’re still holding on to the old pain that’s stopping the relationship from progressing.

Five Of Cups Money and Career (Reversed)

​The reversed Five of Cups may represent getting back on your feet after a job loss or redundancy in a career context. It may also represent rebuilding a business after a loss or being abandoned by a business partner. With this Minor Arcana card appearing in the reversed position of your Tarot spread, you may even find that you can recover some of your losses or save a business or part of a business and build it into something even better. In a financial context, the reversed Five of Cups indicates that your finances should improve after a period of financial difficulty. It can also mean problems or disputes over inheritance.

​Five Of Cups Health (Reversed)

​In a health Tarot reading, the reversed Five of Cups indicates that allowing yourself to let go of past pain and open up to positive healing energy will be vital in resolving any health issues you are experiencing. If you’re struggling to let go of negativity, some energy healing may be beneficial.

Five Of Cups Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the reversed Five of Cups may indicate that you are coming out of a period of significant loss or sorrow, ready for a fresh start and a new spiritual journey. You’ve learned some essential karmic lessons from the pain you’ve experienced, and you’re allowing these experiences to make you a kinder, more spiritual, and more empathetic person. Alternatively, you may be wallowing in pain or sorrow and refusing to let the past go. This will hold you back from learning your karmic lessons and keep you on your spiritual journey. Instead, return your sorrow and grief to the universe and ask the universe to help you heal.

Five Of Cups Yes/No Key Interpreting

The Five of Cups is a heartfelt card full of sadness, loss, and contempt. It could be a sign that you don’t appreciate what you have in your life, or maybe avoid something that’s yet to come. The disappointment and discontent associated with this card is the answer no to your question.

Numerology of Five Of Cups

Five stands for energy, unpredictability, and change. Five have a great occult tradition; pentacles and five Chinese elements. The Five of Cups reminds you to think back to the ‘good old days’ with respect but not sorrow. Those times have happened, and there are better times ahead. If you feel down right now, remember the rule of impermanence. Nothing lasts forever, not even bad times. If you have many fives to read, it sends out a strong message that you’re in for some change very soon.

Five Of Cups Time Line

Five Of Cups Past
Time To Grieve And Regret Looks Behind Us With The Five Of Cups In Our Past. It may represent a foundation that isn’t exactly healthy, but also a loop of time where we might feel like we’ve been spinning in circles for a while and finally found a way to get out. So when We Have Very Little And Stumbled Upon Disappointment, The Main Question Is – How We Have Dealt With Loss And Trauma, And Are We Still Tied By Emotions That Have Not Been Metabolised Even Though Our “Dark Ages” Are Going Now.
Five Of Cups Present
This card will show the importance of moving away from the stagnating emotions that we have been in for a while. The State It Brings Is Not Easy But It Will Be Liberating If We Build Enough Flexibility To Embrace Our Shadows And Dark Sides To Our Personality. It points to Lonely Time We Are In, Psychological Barriers For A Constant Emotional Flow, And Our Resistance To Circumstances We Have Recently Encountered.
Five Of Cups Future
This Is Not A Goal Many Will Like To See For The Future Reading, For The Five Of Cups Announces The Consequence of Mistakes Made Today. It’s Time of Contemplation After Moves That Scarred Others And Ourselves And Reminds Us To Check Twice If We Choose Our Current Setting Well. It’s a clear warning sign that we have to acknowledge, understand that even though we have to hit some lows to rise, we don’t have to do it intentionally when we can take the time to rest and calmly assess our options.

Five Of Cups Combinations Of Important Card

The Five of Cups still denotes feelings of misery, loss, or sorrow combined with other cards. But it also tells you that if you can leave the past behind and focus on positive things. Below you can find the most essential Five of Cups card combinations.
Five Of Cups And Ace Of Cups
The Five of Cups and the Ace of Cups in a spread together tell of the end of a fling. Although the conclusion of this relationship may come as a shock to you, know it’s for the best. The partnership was bound to be unsatisfactory to both of you, so the end was necessary. Concentrate on pouring love into yourself and finding yourself at this time in your life. You’re going to attract a fulfilling relationship when the time is right.
Five Of Cups And Seven Of Cups
Are you regretting the decision you made recently? The Five of Cups and the Seven of Cups are representative of that decision. You may have decided to change careers, but you have found the job market to be uninspiring. Push forward and keep looking for the right fit for you. It may take a while, but it’s essential not to settle. Otherwise, you risk ending up in the same situation down the line later.
Five Of Cups And Eight Of Cups
The Five Cups and the Eight Cups are telling you that it’s time to face your sorrows. If you’ve lost someone close to you, it can be hard to let yourself feel the sadness inside. Still, you have to give yourself the time to feel those emotions. Eventually, the sadness you feel will subside as long as you allow yourself the time you need to process this loss.
Five Of Cups And Knight Of Cups
If the Five of Cups and the Knight of Cups appear together in a spread, it’s time to get away from your relationship. Maybe a friend has been taking advantage of you, or a family member is causing you stress. Whatever the circumstances, you can be sure that what you are doing now will positively impact your future.

Five Of Cups in Reading 

Please, let yourself be sad. If you’re putting on a brave face or being strong for someone else (or for yourself), it’s time to drop the act. Give yourself the space to feel what you’re feeling. It could be simple grief. It could be a complex mix of things. You don’t have to be anything for anybody. All you need to do right now is feel it. Healing can only occur when mourning is done – it may take a few days, it may take years, and both are fine.
Remember, though, that life is going on around you. Those two cups – symbols of so much opportunity for joy, love, and fulfillment – are right behind you. Whenever you’re ready – and there’s no rush – they’re going to be there for you. Hold that knowledge deep inside and let it support you as you work through how you feel right now. This could also represent going back to the old wound. If there’s anything you’ve ‘stuffed down’ in the past, grief, guilt, or grudge you’ve been carrying, it’s a good time to face it. Don’t be afraid of it – make room for yourself in your life so that you can gently recognize what has happened. It’s about healing, and it starts with being truly honest about how you feel.

Five Of Cups, 5 Of Cups, 5 Of Cups Yes Or No, Five Of Cups Love, Five Of Cups Reversed, Five Of Cups Yes Or No, Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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