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8 of Swords, Eight of Swords Meaning

Any aspects in life are beyond your grasp, and the VIII of the Swords indicates that some of them are deliberately holding you apart. This may be anything as intimate as a poor manager or as sweeping as world politics. In any case, you are likely to find your options limited at any turn, and you can feel growing irritation and anxiety. The only thing you can manage is your most vital course of action: you. Approach this situation with flexibility and be willing to move as the situation improves.
Tarot Card: Eight of Swords, 8 of Swords
Planet: Mercury
Keywords: Dilemma, Limitation of Mind, Negative Convictions
Affirmation: I am Free to Create a Satisfying Reality
Element: Air
As A Yes Or No Question: No
Zodiac: Gemini
Key Dates: May 21 To May 31
Upright: Feeling Stuck, Unproductive, Feeling Trapped, Hopeless, Helpless
Reversed: Being Productive, Finding A Way Out, Taking Control, A Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Freedom

Eight of Swords Guide to Upright Meaning

Eight of Swords Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings
Feeling Trapped, Restricted, Cornered, Hands Tied, Victimized, Paralyzed By Fear/Terror, Anxiety, Feeling The Pressure, Hopeless, Helpless, Powerless, Silenced, Crisis, Dilemma, Drama, Imprisonment, Punishment, Slavery, Persecution, Judgment, Jury Trial, Consequences, Negative Attitudes, Psychological Issues, Serious Weight Loss.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

In a general context, the Eight of Swords may represent a sense of being trapped, confined, restricted, or held back in the corner, or having your hands tied. It means fear, terror, anxiety, and psychological issues. The Minor Arcana card is hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness, slavery, persecution, and silence or censorship. You’re going to feel the pressure when this happens, and it can be in crisis, or you’re going through a dilemma or drama. However, the overall theme of this card is that you are the one who keeps you in this situation through negative thinking and allowing yourself to be paralyzed by fear. The swords shown in the card surround you, but you can take the blindfold off and walk away at any time! This card also represents consequences and judgments, which may take the form of a jury trial, imprisonment, and punishment.

​Love and Relationship (Upright)

In the love spread of Tarot, if you are in a relationship, the Eight of Swords is not a great omen, as it may represent a feeling trapped, confined, or backed up in the corner of your relationship. You may feel like you can’t escape, but that’s just your perception. It may not be easy, but if you want, you can find a way to leave. This Minor Arcana card can also mean a relationship in crisis, drama, dilemmas, and negativity, so that your relationship may not be in a great place at the moment. The extreme negative can indicate an abusive relationship, representing being victimized and feeling powerless and hopeless. Remember, some organizations can help if you’re in that situation. It can also mean judgment and consequences, so this card sees the betrayal coming to light if the relationship has been created. If you’re single, the Eight of Swords indicates that you might be waiting for someone to swoop in and correct everything that you feel has gone wrong in your life. Remember that true happiness is coming from within. It’s not a partner’s job to fix your life, and if that’s what you’re waiting for, you’re likely either to put off potential partners as they feel your desperation or to attract the wrong kind of relationship. Instead, it would help if you worked for yourself to find inner contentment. When you find out, you’ll be ready to welcome the right kind of partner into your life.

​Money and Career (Upright)

In Tarot’s career reading, the Eight of Swords suggests that you feel trapped in your career or current position. You may feel powerless, hopeless, and helpless to improve your situation at the moment, but you are the master of your destiny. If you hate that much of your current situation, you have the power to change it. In the financial spread of Tarot, the Eight of Swords again indicates that you are trapped or restricted by your current financial status. Still, again this is more related to your anxiety than to the reality of your situation. You need to be creative and think outside the box if you want to make more money. There are ways you can get what you want, don’t give in to fear.

​Health (Upright)

In the case of health spread Tarot, the Eight of Swords may, in some cases, indicate mental health and anxiety disorders such as PTSD, agoraphobia, depression, or panic attacks. But it’s also a major weight-loss card, so if you’re trying to lose some weight, it’s a very welcome card to get! This card can also be an indicator of eye problems or blindness.

​Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Eight of Swords tells you not to allow yourself to be limited. You may feel powerless when it appears; it may take the form of feeling trapped in your life or confined to religion or the spiritual path. But this is just a matter of your perception. You can choose to change direction whenever you want if you want to. There’s power in your hands.

​Eight of Swords Guide to Reversed Meaning

Eight of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings
Escape, Freedom, Release, Find Solutions/Options, Relief, Take Control, Stand Up To Abuse, Self-Confidence, Survivor, Face Fear/Truth, Release Anxiety, Hopeful, Empowered, Healing, Mental Strength, A Clear Mind, Overcome Obstacles, Release From Prison, End Of Punishment, Severe Depression, Paralysis, Oppression, Surrender.

General Significance and Interpretation (Reversed)

The reversed Eight of Swords may represent release, freedom, escape, and solutions and options in a general context. On the other hand, it means the relief of pressure, the release of anxiety, and the face of fears and truths. When it’s reversed, it’s a Minor Arcana card of self-confidence, ignoring criticism, standing up to abuse, and taking back control. You may feel clear-minded, empowered, mentally strong, and hopeful when this card appears in your Tarot spread. This card indicates that you may find that you are ready to heal, ask for help, and overcome obstacles. It can also be a release from prison and an end to punishment. On the other hand, the reversed Eight Swords card may indicate extreme oppression, surrender to pressure, or be completely paralyzed by fear and severe depression.

​Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In a love spread Tarot, if you’re in a relationship, the Eight of Swords reversed may represent releasing your fears or anxieties about your relationship and overcoming obstacles so that it can be a good omen if you’ve experienced concerns about your relationship. For example, if you were in an unhappy or abusive relationship where you felt trapped, this card would suggest that you escape the relationship. However, the flip side of this card may indicate severe depression or oppression. As such, it may also suggest that severe depression will hurt your relationship or, if you are in an abusive relationship, your partner’s controlling behavior will escalate to extremes. If you are single, the reversed Eight of Swords indicates that you may have let go of any fear or anxiety that has kept you from finding love. As a result, you should feel empowered and hopeful about love. Alternatively, it can be an indication that your dating anxiety has reached such an extreme that it is paralyzing when it comes to finding a partner. Look at the support cards to confirm what the meaning is.

​Money and Career (Reversed)

In a career Tarot reading, the Eight of Swords reversed may indicate that you may have learned to relieve stress, anxiety, and fear about work and that you should have a much easier time at work. It can also mean that you may have left a job or a career path that has limited your potential or made you feel trapped. On the other hand, however, this Minor Arcana card may indicate that you have become even more oppressed by a career that has already caused you a great deal of anxiety. As with the upright version, if you’re so unhappy with the job, you need to realize that you can walk away if you choose to. In the financial spread of Tarot, the Eight of Swords reversed again indicates that either you have freed up your fears or fears about finances and are in a much more mentally healthy place, or you have become more entrenched in your anxiety. If you’re doing well financially at the moment, you might want to start saving a little rainy day’s money to make you feel more secure in your financial stability.

​Health (Reversed)

In the health of Tarot spread, the Eight of Swords reversed may represent recovery from or overcoming mental health and anxiety disorders such as PTSD, agoraphobia, depression, or panic attacks. It can also mean a successful treatment of eye problems. On the other extreme, however, it can also represent severe depression and feeling like suicide is the only way out. If you’re suffering from depression or feeling suicidal, remember that there’s always a better solution. Talk to a mental health professional or trust family and friends. You can get through this, don’t give up!

Spirituality (Reverse)

In a spiritual context, the Eight of Swords Reverse tells you that you will feel empowered, hopeful, and free to explore your spiritual path when it appears in your reading of the Tarot.

Eight Of Swords Yes/No Key Interpreting

The Eight of Swords is a card that shows the presence of obstructions and challenging obstacles. It offers a fear of failure as well as a fear of bad luck. The frustration and constraint that surpass the tone of this card points to the answer of no to your question.

Numerology of Eight Of Swords

Eight represents energy and momentum for the future. A firm number that will guarantee success. The Eight of Swords in numerology is a sign that you face problems that seem overwhelming. We’ve got to face trials to grow. If you get something without earning it, you’re not going to value it or feel it’s achieved. Despite the problems, if you keep going, it’ll all be worth it. A lot of reading eights suggest a significant, positive change in your life.

Eight Of Swords Time Line

Eight Of Swords Past
History, marked by the Eight of Swords, represents all the times we have tried to make rational calls and decisions, wandering around like a little lost but not knowing what we can’t see. It shows how much we’ve grown since and how much we’ve become aware of our emotional world today if we only remember the weakness our minds have brought us in the past. Depending on the rest of the opening, this card may show that the foundation set has not been in tune with our Soul and is still in full bloom.
Eight Of Swords Present
With this card set in the present, a person is unsure which path to choose and where to turn. Everything seems to move parallel, similarly powerful roads, and they don’t really belong to either of them, torn between too many harmful thoughts. Time is needed for solitude, meditation, and contemplation of options outside the box where one has not yet looked. The best thing to do is to do something else. Choose the third of two options.
Eight Of Swords Future
Eight of Swords colors one’s future when the time has come to reassess our choices, or we might end up in a dead-end street as time passes. The consequences of too many “rational” yet heartless choices will come to collect their emotional debt, and if we continue along the same path, we may find ourselves in front of a wall that we can’t move or jump over. This setting requires self-examination and testing our current environment for validity and our actions for childlike honesty and joy.

Eight Of Swords Important Card Combinations

The Eight of Swords is a card that feels stuck, unproductive, and trapped. In combination with other cards, the meaning of the Eight Swords may change slightly. Here you can find the most common eight card combinations of Swords.
The Eight Of Swords And The Magician
The Eight of the Swords and the Magician in a Spread together means that you receive mixed messages. Are you interested in starting a new romance with someone, but don’t you know if they feel the same way? Is there a friend or a coworker who confuses you? Perhaps this person is warm, inviting for one minute, and cold for the next. Don’t let someone else’s issue keep you wrapped up in negative emotions. Express how you feel to this person and see if they’re the same!
The Eight Of Swords And The Hanged Man
If this duo appears in a reading, it tells the story of feeling scared of upsetting others. Are you in a situation where another person will be upset or angry with the best thing for you? Remember that your priority should always be yourself. At the end of the day, the only person you can always count on to put you first is you. Anyone who is hurt or offended by your decisions will recover from the emotions they feel. So for the sake of others, avoid putting your life on hold.
The Eight Of Swords And Four Of Swords
The combination of the Eight of Swords and Four of Swords reminds you not to care so much about what other people think. In a world where social media has prevailed, the comments of others are more open than ever before. It’s not always the easiest task to live your life regardless of the opinion of others, but it’s necessary. Prevent the tendency to seek validation. Otherwise, your happiness is always in the hands of others.
The Eight Of Swords And Two Of Cups
If your reading contains the Eight of Swords and the Two of Cups, it will alert you to miscommunication in your relationship. You may have been struggling to see your spouse or a significant other eye to eye. This card combination tells you that the problem is a lack of effective communication. Take the time to sit down and discuss the issues you’re experiencing in your partnership. If you do, your happy ending will be on the horizon!

Eight Of Swords in Reading

Although this is a caring card, it can be a tough message, and it’s about showing you that you have choices. You’re not as trapped as you feel; there are options open to you. It may be hard, uncomfortable work to step out of a position of fear or powerlessness, but it’s about you taking hold of something you’re afraid of. Reframing your situation so that you can see options, not barriers. In the end, it’s empowering if you can do it.
When you see this card, ask yourself what unnecessary boundaries you’re creating around yourself. Where are you, out of fear or self-doubt, holding back? Where do you say, “I can’t…” when you know you’d really like to try it? Challenge yourself to overcome fear and rise to the challenge.
This card may also point to anxiety and/or depression or other mental health issues. It might suggest that you or someone else has been trapped by your own mind and could use some support to overcome this. The Eight of Swords does not shed light on mental health but points to areas where you can bring in supportive, healing practices or people to help you move forward.
It also points to self-harm, addiction, and self-destructive behavior – again, a little like the Devil. Remember that you hold the key to your own healing and that your journey home begins with lifting your eyes and making positive choices.

Eight Of Swords, 8 Of Swords, 8 Of Swords Yes Or No, Eight Of Swords Love, Eight Of Swords Reversed, Eight Of Swords Yes Or No, Eight Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning, Past, Present, Future, Health, Money, Career, Spirituality

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