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The World Tarot Card, The Worlds Meaning

The world is an indicator of a significant and inevitable change in tectonic breadth. This change is a chance for you to bring about a desirable end to the Old and a good start to the New. This is indicative of growing maturity, a sense of inner balance, and deeper understanding. It suggests that you may be approaching a final definition of identity and self-confidence that comes with age. It also means falling away from boundaries, sometimes in the effusive sense of the spiritual, but sometimes in a purely physical sense, indicating journeys or journeys in the future.
Tarot Card: The World
Planet: Saturn
Keywords: Achievement, Responsibility, Ending, Repaid, Done
Affirmation: It Is My Responsibility To Love Me
Astrology: Saturn
Element: Earth
The World Tarot Yes Or No: Yes
Upright: Fulfillment, Harmony, Completion, Integration, Travel, Unity
Reversed: Incompletion, Short Cuts, Delays, Emptiness

The World Tarot Card History

Typically, a tetramorph was depicted in the older tarot decks, representing the four elements and the four trumps of the minor arcana. Figures in four corners were also led by the Book of Revelation and later decks avoided much Christian symbolism. Over time, numerous little symbols presented on it have changed, transforming the wrath into a snake biting its tail and dialing down on too many things that the card unifies with its symbolism. Thot tarot named this card “The Universe” and broadened its meaning. The central figure represents the fifth element, one to unite all the others, and the figure of Christ or Hermes has been shown in the past.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The World Card means satisfaction and success at the end of the journey. Achievement, rewards, certainty, and positive outcomes are all directly related to the presence of this card. The answer is more than

The World Tarot Card Past (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Past Upright
You are a force to be reckoned with, and you deserve the respect you enjoy. Your current situation is based on a profound sense of achievement and success in your past. It may have been recent or childhood, but it has, in, either way, laid a solid foundation for you that has supported you in the present.
The World Tarot Card Past Reverse
If you’ve experienced some problematic blockage or frustration right before you do something great, then the World Card will be on the reverse. But it means that, despite this, you managed to move forward, and that blockage is now a thing of the past.

The World Tarot Card Present (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Present Upright
You’re wondering if things are too good to be true? Are you worried that the blessings that are coming in your way right now are not accurate? It’s not every day that people see their dreams manifest in real life, but that’s exactly what’s happening to you right now. Whether you’re marrying the love of your life or starting your first day of work at your dream job, The World Card represents the arrival of everything you’ve been working towards.
The World Tarot Card Present Reverse
Don’t despair that this time the World Card showed up the other way round! It doesn’t mean that your dreams are unattainable, just that you still have another obstacle to overcome before you get there. The problem could be that someone else is standing between you and your goals or that you’re in your way. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves out of anxiety without even realizing it. You’re just going to experience a delay. Find the reason for this and fix it so that you can make it to the finish line.

The World Tarot Card Future (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Future Upright
You’re on the right track; keep going! The World Card is in your future position to encourage you to continue to do what you do. It’s leading you to the fulfillment of your dreams. So trust yourself and move forward with confidence because you’re almost there!
The World Tarot Card Future Reverse
Ask yourself if you’re endlessly chasing your dreams without ever finding satisfaction with your accomplishments. In reverse, the World Card in the future may suggest that you might take your pursuits too far while missing what you already have. So it’s a good time to pause and make sure you’re taking the time to appreciate your accomplishments.

The World Tarot Card Love and Romance (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Love and Romance Upright
When it comes to your love life, you have come to a place of joy and fulfillment. Everything you’ve been hoping for and working towards is now at your fingertips. If you’re in a relationship, you’ve built a stable bond that is both fulfilling and harmonious. This achievement also opens the door to a new chapter in your life, which could involve taking your romance to the next level. This could mean marriage or children, or whatever it might be that you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re single at the moment but you’re looking for a soulmate, you’re about to find one. You’ve done the work of bringing yourself to a healthy place of self-reliance, trust, and balance, and you’re going to attract someone equally harmonious to your life.
The World Tarot Card Love and Romance Reverse 
On the other hand, The World Card tells you that you’ve only got one last thing to figure out! So dig deep to find out what this hiccup is so that you can move forward with this new chapter in your life. You’re almost there, but it feels like something’s still missing. Is there something fantastic that your partner has to offer you missing? Or is there some old baggage that still holds you back? So take a moment to reflect and let go of anything that’s holding you back so you can enjoy your new life.

The World Tarot Card Career (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Career Upright
You’ve accomplished something extraordinary! Take the time to celebrate and enjoy! The World Card in your career reading indicates that you’ve achieved what you’ve set out to do, and it wasn’t a small feat. Your inner desires are aligned with the outcome of your efforts.
The World Tarot Card Career Reverse 
Or maybe you just fell short of what you set out to do. Perhaps your current job isn’t as fulfilling as you had hoped, or your last project didn’t hit the mark. Keep going, man. The World Card, on the other hand, reveals that you’re almost there. Assess what the setback is and take steps to remedy it.

The World Tarot Card Friends (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Friends Upright
You’re about to start a new adventure when it comes to your friendships! This could mean that your social circle is getting stronger, or it could mean that you realize that you’ve outgrown some of your relationships and that you’re ready for something new. Don’t worry about it! The changes that The World Card brings will take you on a beautiful new path.
The World Tarot Card Friends Reverse
Are your friendships holding you back from moving forward? On the other hand, the World Card indicates that something is in the way of you reaching the finish line to manifest your dreams! Are you holding back from committing yourself to the love of your life because of your loyalty to a friend? Do you hang on to the past because of a sense of commitment, even if it prevents you from making your dreams come true? Would you please take a moment to see where the blockade is and make an effort to remove it from your path? Anyone who has the best interest in your heart should want to see you succeed.

The World Tarot Card Money (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Money Upright
You have achieved a significant financial goal! Whether you bought your first home or paid off substantial debt, you worked hard to overcome a difficult situation, and you did what you set out to do. The World Card invites you to enjoy the fruits of your labors. So take a moment to enjoy your success and celebrate your success!
The World Tarot Card Money Reverse
Are you so close to getting what you want, but is there something that prevents you from signing on the dotted line? Don’t despair or give up your hope. On the other hand, the World Card encourages you to keep going because you’re almost there. You know, figure out what’s in the way and clear the path.

The World Tarot Card Health (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Health Upright
There is a lot of expectation with the World at our feet. Our physiology may suffer if we have completed some important projects and internal processes while not having enough rest to show our body the treatment it deserves. This card puts a strong focus on our physical needs and the level of material existence, as we cannot round up any idea without a solid link to the real, touchable, material world. It may be times of struggle when all we need is to be alone, to meditate, to remain in touch with the Universe and our Spirit guides, and to choose a healthy routine to follow that rest and relax the spasm that has been built up since we started journeys that are now complete.
The World Tarot Card Health Reverse
When reversed, the World Card suggests that you still need to make a health change. There’s only one stone left unturned. Don’t give up because you’re so close! But, honestly, look at what might still be contributing to any ‘disease’ and make changes to your new life.

The World Tarot Card Spirituality (Upright & Reverse)

The World Tarot Card Spirituality Upright
Your initial spiritual journey has come to a close, and you’re ready for something new. Everything that you have fought for and sacrificed for has brought you to a place of fulfillment and fulfillment. But what’s on the other side of it? You are starting a new chapter in your life, and your next spiritual journey will bring you to a new level. The World Card advises you that it’s time to think outside the box and expand your horizons to new levels.
The World Tarot Card Spirituality Reverse
You’re almost out there! Reflect on all the lessons you’ve learned throughout your journey through Major Arcana. You’ve only got one challenge left. Put your know-how to work for you.

The Meaning and Symbology of The World Card

A floating woman looks behind herself as she walks through a laurel wreath. She’s reflecting on the past with a sense of accomplishment, holding a wand of manifestation in each hand. She was able to unify and integrate her inner desires with her physical environment. This achievement enables her to dream new dreams that she can pursue with the support of the universe.

The World Important Card Combinations

Travel and exploration this is what the World Tarot Card is all about. Also, in combination with other cards, this theme is present. What’s important is to look at the other cards in your spread to learn more about the specifics of this journey: it may be a romantic getaway, a spiritual trip, or even the end of a long trip. Below, we’ve written the most important World Tarot card combinations.

The World And The Hermit

When the world and the hermit are in tandem, there are present feelings of isolation and loneliness. In a sense, these two are opposite cards, the World representing travel and exploration and the Hermit being alone in silence. The Hermit overshadows the World, leaving the person they represent feeling a little stuck with this combination. Thankfully, these two have a positive message to deliver: find a way to take what you have learned through your spiritual journey and share it with others. Doing so is going to give you a purpose.

The World And The Fool

Both the World and the Fool are traveling cards, so it makes sense that they represent globetrotting together. So if you’ve been itching to go on vacation or make a cross-country (or ocean) move, it seems to be in your cards. Just make sure you’re doing some budgeting and planning before you set sail.

The World And The Lovers

The Lovers and the World are a whirlwind romance that is sure to sweep you away from your feet. This pair is sometimes present in reading when a long-distance relationship is about to sprout. If you’re already engaged, prepare for a renewal of your relationship. A romantic getaway might be what it takes to bring back the spark that was there at the beginning.

The World And The Sun

One of the best combinations on the deck, the World and the Sun, represents success and light at the end of the tunnel after a long journey or struggle. If you need a boost of optimism, the cards shown in your reading are just that. Whatever project you’re working on or planning for your future, it’s going to work for your best.

The World Tarot Card, The World Yes Or No, The World Tarot Love, The World Reversed, Past Present Future Health Money Career Spirituality

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