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The Judgement Tarot Card, Judgement Tarot Meaning

Judgment tells the story of transition, but unlike Death or the Tower, it is not a sudden change or born of luck or intuition, but a change that stems from reason. It means plans, often long in the making, coming to fruition. If it points to the future, it may also speak to the nature of the change; if there is a choice that needs to be made, ruminate and let your mind guide the decision. In this case, Logic is a better guide than intuition. Be prepared to make a significant decision in your life, probably one that will shape the next chapter of your life.
Tarot Card: Judgement
Planet: Mars
Keywords: Pursue, New Chapter, Calling, Ready, Initiation
Affirmation: I Am Grounded And Safe
Zodiac: Pluto
Element: Fire
Astrology: Pluto
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes. But You Should Also Trust Your Instinct
Upright: Reflection, Inner Calling, Reckoning, Awakening, Rebirth, Absolution
Reversed: Feeling Down, Self-doubt, Missing The Call Fearlessness

The Judgement Tarot Card History

The card of absolution traditionally showed Christian Resurrection as all the people and children in the card are naked before God and facing upwards to hear His calling. Variations to the topic came as the sea was added to give up its dead (Revelation 20:30). Mountains covered in snow were added overtime to fill the symbolism and show that each individual has personal goals and boundaries to be respected, requiring solitude to understand the calling. When Thoth tarot deck came to be, this card got the name Aeon to refer more obviously to the New Age and the new phase of life entirely different from our past. Darkana deck named it Prudence to show it belongs to the four cardinal virtues, fortitude, justice, and temperance.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Judgment Card represents some change or transformation, probably one that has already occurred. It could mean the presence of a spiritual or professional vocation and the decision-making that will lead to your success. So, yes, the answer to your question is yes.

Judgement Tarot Card Past (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Past Upright
You have recently made a major life-altering decision, or you have experienced a spiritual awakening. Your choice is not to be judged – it was made based on the beliefs you held at that time. It is clear, however, that this choice has taken you to where you are today. The Judgment card in the past position indicates that you are now taking stock of the choices you have made and how they have influenced your current situation.
Judgement Tarot Card Past Reversed
Are you beating yourself for making a “wrong” decision? On the other hand, the Judgment card indicates that you may need to forgive yourself for past missteps. Please take responsibility for your choices and what they have led to, but let go of any guilt or shame. We make the best decisions that we can with the beliefs and knowledge that we have. The important thing is that we learn and do not repeat mistakes.

Judgment Tarot Card Present (Upright & Reversed)

Judgment Tarot Card Present Upright
You are on the verge of a significant decision that will have a profound impact on your life. Gather all the lessons of your life and trust your heart. Have the courage to make the right decision based on what honors you and your truth. Let go of any past wounds, shame, or guilt, and face the challenge with truth and integrity. You will need both your intuition and intellect to take advantage of this life-changing transformation and respond to your inner calling.
Judgement Tarot Card Present Reversed
It creeps on you softly in the back of your mind. You know it resonates in your heart, but you push it away. When the Judgment card appears in reverse, it suggests that you hear the call but choose to ignore it. Whether out of fear or disbelief, you must have confidence in your ability to deal with the situation. You have to choose one way or the other when you arrive at this crossroads. You can’t stay forever in the same place.

Judgement Tarot Card Future (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Future Upright
You’re about to get a chance to remake your life with honesty and integrity. The Judgment card in the future indicates that a significant change is coming and that your choice will allow you to live a new life in freedom and grace. Finally, if things have been cloudy and confusing, there’s clarity around the corner. The choice may be difficult, but if you use your intellect and intuition for the greatest good, you will find liberation.
Judgement Tarot Card Future Reversed
Don’t resist the call when it comes – it’s not going to go away. Take this opportunity to let go of any self-doubt, shame, guilt, or blame you bear on past wounds. Practice self-forgiveness and self-love, and be proud of all the beautiful things you’ve accomplished in your life. Then, when the time comes, make a bold choice from your heart and leave behind the old, negative patterns and cycles of behavior for good.

Judgement Tarot Card Love and Romance (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Love and Romance Upright
A renewal of love may be in store for you if you’re in a relationship right now. First, however, you must have the courage to deal with issues of compassion and honesty between you and your personality. If you’re single, it’s time to think honestly about your past choices and what motivates them. Then, allow this time to usher in the changes that will lead you to a beautiful soul connection with the love of your life.
The Judgement card indicates that your relationship will face a crucial choice with long-lasting effects if you are in a partnership. Make an effort to work together and to communicate clearly and honestly. Then your relationship will bloom. If you’re single right now, the Judgment Card asks you to do the same for yourself through self-love and self-respect. Then, when the new chapter begins, you will draw true love into your life.
Judgement Tarot Card Love and Romance Reversed
Your relationship may be on the rocks when the Judgment card presents the other way around in your love reading. Are you still carrying your baggage from past relationships? Are there lessons that you have not learned? There’s still time for a change! But you have to be honest with yourself and accept responsibility where it is yours, and forgive yourself where you still hold on to regret. You must release these negative energies to find a true bond of love.

Judgement Tarot Card Career (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Career Upright
Your genuine passion for the workplace is becoming evident to you. The voice grows stronger, and it won’t go away until action is taken to honor it. The Judgment card allows you to make a life-changing change in your career that will bring you true fulfillment and purpose. The difference may be challenging, but it’s worth it.
Judgement Tarot Card Career Reversed
If you have been involved in any conflict at work, it is time to take responsibility and make positive changes. There is no need to beat ourselves or feel bad, but we must learn from our choices and always strive to improve how we affect others and ourselves.

Judgement Tarot Card Friends (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Friends Upright
Significant issues are coming up in your social relations that could test the strength of your friendships. Don’t be afraid to face these challenges because by working through them with self-reflective responsibility-taking, you will be able to make changes for the better.
Judgement Tarot Card Friends Reversed
You may be tempted to ignore the signs or point your finger when the Judgment Card appears in the back of your friendship. But, remember, the only thing we can control is the choices we make. So be honest about what things you have allowed or ignored to prevent the same kind of situation from recurring in the future.

Judgement Tarot Card Money (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Money Upright
It’s time for an honest look at your financial habits. Do you repeat the poor choices? Are you making decisions that are not in the service of your financial objectives? The Judgment Card invites you to pause and take a close look at what is beneficial to you and what is hindering you.
Judgement Tarot Card Money Reversed
Are you overly careful about your money? This may be why the Judgment Card was shown in the reverse position. It’s asking you to restore your balance. If you know you’ve made mistakes, don’t beat up on them! The Judgment Card also teaches pardon and grace. There is no benefit to beating yourself, but there are significant benefits to learning from our mistakes.

Judgement Tarot Card Health (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Health Upright
When Judgment appears in a health reading, it requires particular focus and attention for a person to be ready to listen to the call of their physiology as the greatest form of intelligence they have. Every problem that might arise has a much higher purpose, to show us the way, to show us where we need to work on the matter, and how deeply we feel about any issue that might arise. Change is going your way, so if you’ve been struggling with a disease, the Judgment Card promises you a chance to make changes in your life that will bring you a new shot to life. You’re going to have to be honest with yourself about how your choices can contribute to poor health, but if you take concrete action to release bad habits and negative thoughts, you’ll see a significant change unfold. Using the body as a radar that recognizes much more in life than our brain can ever do, all physical issues can be resolved from the body’s point of awareness. Health itself will have a new dimension of understanding and perspective. This card could show problems with our eyes, ears, and senses in any negative setting because the messages they receive are not interpreted correctly.
Judgement Tarot Card Health Reversed
On the other hand, do not wallow in shame and guilt when you recognize that poor choices have contributed to the current challenges. We’re doing the best we can in life with the tools we’ve got. Forgive yourself and free yourself from all negative beliefs about yourself.

Judgement Tarot Card Spirituality (Upright & Reversed)

Judgement Tarot Card Spirituality Upright
You are experiencing an awakening, a transformation into higher consciousness. Now that you’ve learned the lessons of Major Arcana, you’ve been presented with your final test. You’ve got what it takes to follow your actual call. But, are you going to accept it?
Judgement Tarot Card Spirituality Reversed
Don’t avoid a call to judgement! You’re almost at the end of your journey, and the next and final step is The World Card. Allow your enlightenment to manifest itself.

The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning and Symbolism

The Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet, and the dead souls rise from their graves to meet their creator. Behind them is an impassable mountain range that indicates that this final judgment is inevitable. This is the time of reckoning. But, for those who have lived a life of honesty and compassion, you will be guided by a new life of freedom and grace.

Important Card Combinations

The Judgment is a reflection, an inner call, and a rebirth. However, this meaning may change slightly when paired with other cards. Below you can find the most important combinations of the Judgement card.
Judgement And The Lovers – Don’t be surprised if you see an old love when Judgement partnered with the Lovers card. Although you’ve only got one shot to make a first impression, you’re going to get a second chance to make this thing work! If you’re already in a relationship, the next step may also be indicated by this combination. Think about moving in or getting married. Then, things are going to get serious!
Judgement And Justice Card Combination –Are you involved in a legal dispute or a trial? If so, this combination tells you that this battle will soon be over!

The Judgement Card Final Words

That’s all the meaning of the Judgment Tarot card! Can’t get enough of that? Learn how to read the Tarot in this Tarot Beginners Guide or read more about the other major arcana cards here. Did that make sense of your life situation if you’ve drawn the Judgment Tarot card in your spread?

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