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The Hanged Man Meaning

The Hanged Man can be interpreted in two different ways. First, all change is a small kind of death, as the old one must die to create the new one, and it may simply indicate upheaval or change in your future, perhaps beyond your control, but more likely a decision that, for good or ill, you will not be able to turn back. The other interpretation is sacrifice, although it is not easy to interpret whether this sacrifice is small or significant. Nevertheless, both interpretations imply permanence and that you should think very carefully about the decisions in your life.
Tarot Card: The Hanged Man
Planet: Uranus
Keywords: Letting Go, Enlightenment, Change, Cleanse, Feel
Affirmation: I Bring Heaven To Earth
Element: Water
Astrology: Neptune
As A Yes Or No Question: It Depends Wholly On The Question, It Has Neither Positive Nor Negative Connotations. Maybe Is The Answer
Upright: Letting Go, Sacrificing, Pausing To Reflect, Uncertainty, Spiritual Development
Reversed: Discontentment, Stagnation, Negative Patterns, No Solution, Fear Of Sacrifice

The Hanged Man History

Even in distant history, this card was meant to represent self-sacrifice and the blessings of giving up our body for a higher cause, rather than punishment for a crime. The Hanged Man wasn’t always hung upside down, though, except Tarocco Siciliano, where the neck hung him. In general, it was linked to the death penalty for a crime, but it was a symbol of the peace that was found through such a fate, of the debts repaid, and of the whole responsibility set in place to free our spirits. It was meant to be a natural punishment, one that allows us to rid ourselves of karmic debt and past misdeeds that have brought us to an unpleasant or dangerous position to begin with. It has always been a matter of full responsibility for the past and all our mistakes.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Explained

Are you trying to control things, but don’t you get the results you want? Then, it’s time to take advice from The Hanged Man. This tarot card tells you to pause so that you can gain a new perspective on your situation. It’s all about choosing to surrender to the flow of the universe. You’ve received this card in your tarot card reading because there’s a situation in your life that you need to respond to in a new way.

The Hanged Man Past (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Past ( Upright )
You’ve just gone through a time when you released something significant. Whether it’s in romance, your career, or your spiritual journey, you’ve gone through a period of pause and self-reflection because you knew you were fighting an uphill battle. Sometimes the universe puts obstacles in our way to force us to look at something that we might have avoided. As a result, you have successfully left behind something that no longer served you, which has brought you to where you are today.
The Hanged Man Past ( Reversed )
Have you made an impulsive decision in the recent past that has led you to a difficult situation? On the other hand, this tarot card may indicate that you didn’t take the time to pause and reflect before you rushed into something and that you are suffering the consequences today.

The Hanged Man Present (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Present ( Upright )
Take a breath and get away from the conflict! The Hanged Man in the present position tells you not to fall into the trap of engaging in conflict with other people. If you’re in a toxic relationship, try to recognize it for what it is and take steps to get rid of it. When we say surrender, we don’t mean giving up and giving in; it means giving in to the notion that the situation is what it is. We cannot control other people’s behavior, only our own choices, so instead of trying to fix the problem, you should take steps to protect yourself.
The Hanged Man Present ( Reversed )
Do you keep yourself super busy to avoid dealing with a difficult situation? Or on the other hand, you might be procrastinating! Try to find balance when it comes to any challenges that you may be facing at this time. Take an honest look at your choices and actions and try to remain open-minded. If you’ve been stuck for quite some time, this reversed card might indicate that the waiting period is finally coming to an end.

The Hanged Man Future (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Future ( Upright )
There’s a storm brewing in your future, so be sure you won’t get wrapped up in it. Take care to make sure you’re not painted as an aggressor. Choose the path of least resistance and get away from conflict. When people want to fight with you, sometimes the best thing we can do is hold back the conflict by refusing to engage in it.
The Hanged Man Future ( Reversed )
If you feel trapped in the circumstances beyond your control, the Hanged Man can be a good omen in your future. Depending on the surrounding cards, things can finally start moving again. However, if you find yourself embroiled in a conflict, take it as a warning and not engage.

The Hanged Man Love and Romance (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Love and Romance ( Upright )
It might seem that your relationship is stuck or that things don’t move forward the way you want right now. Receiving this tarot card in your love reading means that you need to take a break to find the good in it.
It’s natural for us to want things when we want them, but we need to recognize that the universe has a larger plan. Trust that this slowdown is the best thing to do, and try to learn as much about yourself as you can during this time. Use this time to work on your own. In our relationships, we attract and reflect our inner shadows. Are there other parts of your life where you could have caused a block?
The Hanged Man Love and Romance ( Reversed )
It’s time to act in your love life because the waiting period is finally over! You know what you need to do. If there’s a decision or action you’ve been stalling on, it’s time to move forward.

The Hanged Man Career (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Career ( Upright )
Things are on hold in your career right now, but that’s all right! Do not try to force forward motion or action. Instead, take the time to look at the situation and try to see it from different perspectives. Maybe there’s an unexpected benefit from this pause that you don’t realize yet. Allow yourself to surrender to the universe, and it will unfold as it should.
The Hanged Man Career ( Reversed )
The reversed Hanged Man points out that you’ve resisted hitting the pause button. Are you just being too busy to fill the time? Take advice and work by slowing down to look at the real issues. If you’ve been stuck for a while now, the reversed Hanged Man might indicate that this waiting period is finally coming to an end.

The Hanged Man Friends (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Friends ( Upright )
Are you still hanging out with the people who are going to bring you down? The Hanged Man is a sacrifice card and may tell you it’s time to avoid high conflict relationships and situations by letting them go. Don’t try to change people or force things that don’t fit.
The Hanged Man Friends ( Reversed )
On the other hand, this tarot card tells you that you’ve probably been procrastinating to deal with this situation! Well, it’s time to do something about what you know you need to do. But, of course, you probably already know exactly what it is.

The Hanged Man Money (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Money ( Upright )
It would help if you had a change of perspective when it comes to money. If you’ve been dealing with a difficult or frustrating financial situation, take a moment to pause and re-evaluate. Look at the situation from a different perspective. Is there a way that you can turn this challenge into an opportunity?
The Hanged Man Money ( Reversed )
You might have made some financial sacrifices recently that don’t pay off as you had hoped. For example, did you ever lend money to someone to get it back? Or maybe you’ve paid for something that you can’t take advantage of? Use this time to learn how to avoid such situations in the future.

The Hanged Man Health (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Health ( Upright )
You burned the candles at two ends, and it’s time to give yourself a break. The Hanged Man asks you to pause and not let difficult situations get too busy or stressful. A period of rest and calm is indicated for your physical and mental health. And if you have any destructive habits, it’s time to let them go.
The Hanged Man Health ( Reversed )
If you have been lying low due to illness or bad health, the reversed Hanged Man may indicate an end to your incarceration. This period of waiting and suspension is finally over.

The Hanged Man Spirituality (Upright & Reversed)

The Hanged Man Spirituality ( Upright )
It’s time for you to surrender to the universe in matters of spirituality. Spend time meditating, reflecting, or praying and ask for guidance. One of the most significant challenges we face in our spiritual evolution is learning to accept that we cannot control our environment. When we embody the lessons of the Hanged Man, we surrender to the wisdom of the universe and place our trust in the divine timing of things.
The Hanged Man Spirituality ( Reversed )
Are you resisting the lessons that the universe is trying to teach you? Or are you afraid to do something you know you have to do? Then, put your trust in and surrender to the universe.

The Symbology of The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The Hanged Man is happy and happy to be suspended by one foot. A golden halo glows around his head, symbolizing his enlightened state. When we are tuned to our intuition, we know when to pause and step back and let the universe do its work.

Yes/No Key Interpreting

The Hanged Man suggests some metamorphosis by breaking patterns, letting go, or going through a transition period. Although it might indicate giving up something to gain a fresh perspective, it has neither positive nor negative connotations. So maybe that’s the answer.

Important Card Combinations

Letting go, sacrificing, pause to reflect are the main themes of the Hanged Man Tarot Card. But, of course, this meaning can change when combined with other cards. Below you can find the most essential Hanged Man Tarot card combinations.

The Hanged Man and The Hierophant

The Hierophant and the Hanged Man are connected when a person feels unsure of what to believe. Sometimes this relates to a specific situation, while the confusion may be more general in other situations. For example, a person might wonder if their lover is lying to them or might consider whether they believe the religious teachings of their childhood. If you question your faith, the Hanged Man encourages you to examine things patiently.

The Hanged Man and The Lovers

Together, these two Major Arcana cards suggest that someone is being pushed into a relationship, and that’s why they feel trapped. This happens when two people in a partnership move at different ‘speeds’ or have opposite end goals in mind. So when the Hanged Man and the Lovers appear together, it’s time to have a serious conversation about what’s going to happen.

The Hanged Man and The Wheel Of Fortune

If the Wheel of Fortune is combined with the Hanged Man tarot card, fate has been delayed. Although what is meant will surely come to pass, sometimes our misdeeds keep our blessings tightly locked for a while. Do you hold on to something so tightly that you’re stopping yourself from going to your goal? Although change can be scary, it’s necessary and something we’ve got to learn to accept. Otherwise, we’re living in a constant state of limbo and unhappiness.

The Hanged Man and Judgement

Are you struggling with acceptance, not with your actions, but with those of others? When reading the Hanged Man and Judgement cards, it is common not to allow others to make their own mistakes. It’s normal to want to stop those we love from falling or doing things that will only bring them pain. However, it is essential to remember that contrast and experience are what help us grow emotionally and spiritually. If we try to control (or judge) the decisions of others, we hold them back from their destinies. That’s why it’s so important to focus inward.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card In A Reading

The Hanged Man in the context of love and relationship indicates unhappiness and being in a rut. He advises you to free yourself from any toxic connections and focus only on those who give you peace and joy! That’s all the meaning of the Hanged Man Tarot Card! Can’t get enough of that? Did that make sense of your life situation if you pulled the upright or reversed Hanged Man in your spread?

The Hanged Man Tarot Card, The Hanged Man Yes Or No, The Hanged Man Tarot Love, The Hanged Man Tarot Card Reversed, Meaning Past Present Future Health Money Career Spirituality

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