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The Devil Tarot Card, The Devil Meaning

The devil is in the trap business. It means a situation from which no escape or a road is leading to one. Forewarning may or may not allow you to avoid a trap. What kind of trap, and how you can prevent it, depends on where the Devil appears in your spread and what other cards it surrounds. This card does not predict the doom, only the need for caution.
Tarot Card: The Devil
Planet: Saturn
Keywords: Shadows, Curse, Instinctive, Animalistic, Cross Of Matter
Affirmation: The Divine Intent Is My Intent
Element: Earth
Astrology: Capricorn
As A Yes Or No Question: No
Key Dates: December 22 To January 19
Upright: Material Focus, Trapped In Bondage, Addictions, Depression, Negative Thinking, Betrayal
Reversed: Overcoming Addiction, Independence, Reclaiming Power, Detachment, Freedom

The Devil Tarot Card Explained 

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that no one else is responsible for our happiness and that no matter how hard we try, we can’t find joy in the outer world. That’s how addictions and attachments develop. The Devil card exposes our tendency to shift responsibility by adopting the victim’s mentality or snorting ourselves with sensual pleasures. Until we learn to create happiness from within, we choose to remain chained.

The Devil History

This card has always been linked to the ego’s temptations since the first known practice of divination. The devil has always been depicted in a strange, distorted earthly form, like a goat, a ram, someone with bat wings and horns of a bull, showing dysfunctional halves and pieces to the whole that seem to present a larger picture that we are to accept just as it is. In the tarot of Marseille, it was shown with a face on the belly and eyes on the knees, and it always had at least two figures that were tied together.

The Devil Past (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Past ( Upright )
Oh, Phew! It looks like you just got out of here in time! The Devil in your past position indicates that you were surrounded by some toxic energy holding you back. Whether it was a dominant person in your life or some addiction, it played a significant role in your life.
The Devil Past ( Reversed )
You have recently broken free from some of the major chains! It takes an honest self-reflection and a good dose of strength and courage to do that; well done. You left your addictions behind and freed yourself from self-destruction. The Devil in reverse indicates overcoming self-incarceration and attachment.

The Devil Present (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Present ( Upright )
When The Devil Card appears in your present position, it’s a warning to do some honest searching of the soul. Are you running away from your problems? Do you numb the pain instead of dealing head-on with the situation? The Devil card indicates that we have chosen to be slaves to something. Maybe it’s work, perhaps it’s too much exercise, it’s probably drugs or relationships that fill a hole, but it doesn’t mean anything to you on a deeper level.
The Devil Present ( Reversed )
On the other hand, The Devil card indicates a time of honest self-reflection and responsibility. You probably already know which parts of your life have become toxic. It’s time to face them head-on and make a change. The time of codependency and attachment may be a thing of your past.

The Devil Future (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Future ( Upright )
If you don’t stop and check what’s driving you, you’re going down a dangerous path. Are you being swept up in a toxic environment? Are you pursuing a course of action that you know will be harmful to you in the long run? In the future, the Devil card warns you to look honestly at your motivations and choices. In your future, there may be someone who will charm you that you know will lead you into a world of pain. So make an effort to tame your passions when you find yourself tempted to walk the path of self-destructive behavior.
The Devil Future ( Reversed )
If you’re currently in a toxic relationship, The Devil, on the other hand, appearing in the future position may indicate that you will soon be free from your destructive situation. By taking responsibility for your actions, you will find control and move away from codependency. You may be overcoming a victim’s addiction or mentality.

The Devil Love and Romance (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Love and Romance ( Upright )
The Devil is not a good card to read in love. Instead, it indicates the energies of self-gratification, lust, disdain for a partner’s feelings, and possibly even obsession. Essentially, this Major Arcana card is a hallmark of a toxic relationship. On a more superficial level, a relationship based on sex is not a bad thing, as long as both parties agree. But when these energies become more extreme, it does not bode well for an intimate union.
The Devil Love and Romance ( Reversed )
You may feel like you’re finally gaining a sense of control over your place in your relationship. The devil, on the other hand, indicates walking away from unhealthful love relationships. It’s a break away from chains and a healthy choice of self-reliance.

The Devil Career (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Career ( Upright )
You feel trapped at work. Feelings of powerlessness may be plaguing you, and your feelings of frustration with the way colleagues treat you. When the Death Card appears in your career spread, be aware that you are self-sabotaging. Negative beliefs give rise to negativity. The only way we can make a change is by changing ourselves. No matter where you’re in your life, you always have choices. Even if it’s scary, The Devil is warning you to do what you know you’re going to have to do.
The Devil Career ( Reversed )
The Devil, on the other hand, suggests that you are coming out of a time of restriction and finding your independence and freedom again. By standing in your power honestly, without blame-shifting, hiding behind addictions, or making excuses, we can make fundamental changes for the better.

The Devil Friends (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Friends ( Upright )
Are your friends having a bad influence on you? Even in adult life, we can end up in social circles that only bring us down or fill us with superficial pleasures. Is everybody talking about money and what great new stuff they’ve got? Is there no deeper connection? The Devil card seems to urge you to break free from your addiction to be seen as part of the “in-crowd” and focus more on the substance’s actual relationship.
The Devil Friends ( Reversed )
On the other hand, you probably just left behind some friendships that didn’t serve you on a higher level. Putting an end to the relationships that hold us back opens new doors and new possibilities. You have been wise to honor your inner knowledge and experience newfound freedom soon.

The Devil Money (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Money ( Upright )
The devil will manifest either as an obsession that money or money is always out of reach. In the first instance, greed, materialism, shallowness, and a desire to use capital to control others are more important than things in the emotional or spiritual realms. On the other hand, the Devil card may represent a dependence on others for money and a lack of sovereignty over their financial independence. Take a look at your financial situation to see if you’re heading towards one extreme or the other.
The Devil Money ( Reversed )
Reversed, you can finally get yourself out of the way and find independence. Or maybe you just gave up gambling habits or other risky financial habits. The Devil is almost always a positive card in the reverse because it indicates and ends the negative traits.

The Devil Health (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Health ( Upright )
The Devil card suggests that you may be engaged in excessive drinking or eating that isn’t good for your health in terms of health and wellness. In addition, the Devil card represents obsessions and extremes, so it could refer to an obsession with exercise that is no longer healthy. Finally, look at your motivations – are you hiding from reality behind vanity, possessions, or the excitement of superficial sexual relationships? The Devil card asks you to make an honest self-assessment before your choices lead to painful consequences.
The Devil Health ( Reversed )
It looks like you just overcame a bad habit! The Devil, on the other hand, indicates that you recently broke the spell that something had over you. By walking away, you have found your freedom and independence.

The Devil Spirituality (Upright & Reversed)

The Devil Spirituality ( Upright )
The Devil reading spirituality indicates that you need to dig into your shadows to find answers. It is only through hard work of self-reflection, realization followed by concrete action to change that dynamic, that we grow spiritually.
The Devil Spirituality ( Reversed )
The Devil represents everything that comes from fear. The projections that we put on others, or the predictions that they put on us. As far as spiritual ascension is concerned, it is imperative that we learn to separate projections from reality and that we tame the beast of fear.

The Devil The Meaning and Symbology

A man and a woman are chained to Baphomet, a half-goat, half-man creature. You’ve got to look closely to grasp the meaning of the symbolism of this card. The chains that bind the two figures are loose. They could both take them off and walk away quickly. So why are they choosing to stay?
The two figures look relaxed and at ease. Yet, they choose to be enslaved by their passions. This is a message from The Devil Card. We always have a choice, and it is by looking within ourselves (not pointing fingers at others) that we find the way to freedom.

The Devil Yes/No Key Interpreting

The devil is negative about all things. Wrath, violence, temptation, fear, and doubt are just some of the terrors associated with this card. It suggests feeling trapped, perhaps, in an unhealthful relationship, an addiction, or a lie. Without a doubt, this card says no to you.

The Devil Important Card Combinations

The Devil symbolizes how addiction, depression, and unhealthful bonds can make you feel out of control. Depending on where the Devil appears in your tarot spread, it can warn you about scams, obsessions, or (future) debts. Below you can find the most important combinations of the Devil Tarot card.

The Devil And The Lovers Or The Two Of Cups

Love should involve mutual respect and connection, but these pairings represent something very different. Obsession and jealousy are in the works when the Devil chains himself to the Lovers card or the Two of the Cups. If you are a jealous partner, take some time to figure out what causes these extreme emotions and deal with them accordingly. If it is your partner who shows obsessive/jealous behavior, you need to set firm boundaries.

The Devil And The Five Of Pentacles

Are you drowning in debt, huh? If you don’t, you should keep an eye on your spending, or you will. The Devil and the Five of Pentacles represent a pile of bills and an overwhelming amount of debt. But, unfortunately, even the best of us fall into hard times. That’s why it’s crucial to put money away at a time when things are going swimming. So, if you have one, take a look at your budget and decide what expenditure can be cut.

The Devil And The Magician

There is a con artist in your midst. This is the message of the Magician and the Devil when they fall into the same reading. Be careful with those inside and outside your inner circle who might convince you to do something that doesn’t feel right. Don’t ‘get rich quick schemes, love stuff, and pick up unhealthy habits. Your subconscious mind and spirit guides will guide you if you are willing to listen.

The Devil And The Two Of Swords

The devil is usually connected to the wrong choices of a physical nature. However, when the Two of Swords appears next to Baphomet, the issue is psychological. Are you having trouble speaking up for yourself? Do you tend to give into people-pleasing? It is honorable to avoid conflict, but it can cause you to swallow your thoughts and feelings when taken to the extreme. Doing this over and over again keeps you chained to the will of others. This leads to anxiety, depression, and feelings of helplessness. One way to fight this is to set boundaries early and make an effort to speak up for yourself, even when you feel uncomfortable. Doing so will increase your confidence and your sense of self-respect.

The Devil Tarot Card In A Reading

The simplicity of the Devil is what makes it an excellent ally in one’s reading, for it always gives information about the lessons of the Soul that are due. An increase in consciousness and self-acceptance can only overcome that. In general, this card with a negative symbolism, showing us that it’s time to let go of certain things, goals, and rigid ideas that bind us to the material world or the lower instinctive or social simplicity that doesn’t make us happy. It is the challenge of destiny, the fatal attraction of souls who have yet to learn, and it is there to test our faith in goodness and make us angry, sad, even angry, and depressed until we see the beauty in all things that seemed to be disconnected from duality.
This card calls on our hearts to be cleansed by negative, burdensome, or dark emotions and circumstances. While it may be announcing a time of difficulty, it is the most vital, most profound friend we want to rely on to open up our emotions so that we can deal with them from a clear perspective. Returning to ancestral patterns of behavior, chosen paths that we are drawn to by genetic magnetism, family karma, and curses of our past lives, gives us a chance to unravel our darkest shadows as we jump into a challenge with an open heart and focus on our personal spiritual and emotional growth. He’s raising his hand to tell us to stop and see how dysfunctional the larger image is and what we’re not seeing while being guided by too many inner polarities that are not the truth of life we’re striving for.

The Devil Tarot Card, The Devil Yes Or No, The Devil Tarot Love, The Devil Reversed, The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Past Present Future Health Money Career Spirituality

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