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Temperance Tarot Card, Temperance Meaning

An optimistic card, Temperance, encourages you to find a balance in your life and approach problems calmly. It recognizes that the opposing forces do not need to be at war within you. Instead, take a careful look at any significant decisions you make, confident that good choices will lead to a good resolution for you.
Tarot Card: Temperance
Planet: Jupiter
Keywords: Synthesis, Moderation, Purpose, Spiritual Growth, Virtue
Affirmation: I Am Balanced And Calm
Element: Fire
Astrology: Sagittarius
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes
Key Dates: November 23 To December 21
Upright: Balance, Moderation, Good Health, Cooperating With Others, Finding Solutions
Reversed: Imbalance, Discord, Hastiness, Overindulgence, Risky Behavior

Temperance History

This card was numbered VI or VII in the oldest Italian card decks before reaching its stable fourteenth position. It is one of the four cardinal virtues and spoke of moderation typically represented by a person pouring liquid from one cup to the other, explained as a mixture of water and wine to show how we don’t have to give up anything to clean up, keep it in balance with the opposite. Some versions depicted the Hebrew Tetragrammaton on the angel’s chest. Since the Thot Tarot Deck appeared, it has been called Art instead of Temperance, turning its qualities into a more creative and physically productive nature of virtue and talent.

Temperance Tarot Card Explained

On The Fool’s journey through Major Arcana, the Temperance Card comes after the Death Card. So often, the most painful things in life become our greatest teachers. When life asks us to let go of something significant to us, we learn non-attachment. Temperance has discovered that adaptability, trust in the universe, and moderation bring us the most incredible peace. If we surrender to the flow of the universe, we can begin to live an enlightened existence.

Temperance Past (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Past ( Upright )
Your recent past was harmonious and calm, thanks to your patience and understanding. You’ve lived a life of moderation and balance, and that’s paying off for you now. If you’ve been through a significant trauma recently, The Temperance Card recognizes that you’ve grown positively from this experience!
Temperance Past ( Reversed )
Because Temperance is the other way round, you’ve just experienced a time of imbalance and impatience. You may have gone through a difficult period when you overreacted or behaved exceptionally. You may have thrown yourself into love too quickly, spent too much time at work at the expense of your relationship, or maybe you spent too much time on some careless spending.

Temperance Present (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Present ( Upright )
Temperance presented the reading of your tarot card as a reminder to remain calm and patient in the face of any adversity. Are you dealing with a difficult situation or relationship? Hang on your grace and composure, and it’s all going to be okay.
Temperance Present ( Reversed )
Are you going to fall into some extreme tendencies? For example, you may sink into some negative patterns of thought or over-indulge in something while neglecting your responsibilities. But, on the other hand, Temperance asks you to try to bring some balance back to your life.

Temperance Future (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Future ( Upright )
Whatever you’re going through right now, there’s peace and tranquility on the horizon. With Temperance in your future, you need to hang in there a little longer – your trouble is about to come to an end. So look forward to well-being and balance in your life, whether in relationships, careers, or any other aspect of your life.
Temperance Future ( Reversed )
When Temperance appears in the opposite position in the future, she advises you that there will be challenges ahead that you must approach with grace and calmness. Be careful not to respond in extreme ways to difficult situations, whether they are avoided, imprudent behavior, confrontation, or any other kind of imbalanced response.

Temperance Love and Romance (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Love and Romance ( Upright )
In romance, the Temperance Card represents the energy of harmony, balance, understanding, and patience in your relationship. Are there ways you can approach your relationship with more calmness and generosity? Or maybe you’re not talking enough? Either way, the Temperance Card advises you to find the middle road. If you’re currently single, Temperance suggests you not jump into new relationships too quickly. Instead, be patient and let things grow.
Temperance Love and Romance ( Reversed )
Are your standards too high for a healthy partnership? Maybe you’re in a state of affairs or nothing? On the other hand, the Temperance Card advises you to take a step back to evaluate your relationship. Make sure that you and your partner are in a situation of equal giving and taking action, and if not, take concrete steps in that direction.

Temperance Career (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Career ( Upright )
Things get settled, and times become peaceful at one’s workplace when Temperance is set to read. This card seems to know something we don’t do, and it leads us through learning, expansion, new seminars, business travel, and cooperation with foreigners and those who are at peace with the goal they want to achieve. It is an excellent card for a new partnership or collaboration, primarily when a higher mission will protect other people or the planet we live on. With its assistance, there’s no team we’re not going to be able to connect to and make something productive out of our cooperation with even the most difficult of our colleagues.
Temperance Career ( Reversed )
Things might be a little extreme in the office. Whether it’s you or the general environment, Temperance, on the other hand, suggests that something is out of alignment in your career. It could also be that you do not maintain a healthy balance between work and home life. Evaluate your current situation and see where you can better align things.

Temperance Friends (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Friends ( Upright )
Do you spend too much time with the same people? Are you the one who always asks the other to leave? Or, on the other hand, don’t you pay enough attention to those you love? Temperance is all about balance, so look for extremes in your social life. You may be too social while neglecting responsibilities, or you may have been delayed for some time with your beasts! Evaluate and find the places you can adjust.
Temperance Friends ( Reversed )
On the other hand, Temperance warns you that something is already out of balance and needs to be reined in. So look for ways you can bring some patience and harmony to your social circle.

Temperance Money (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Money ( Upright )
You’ve been patiently building up and developing your resources; congratulations! Your diligence and moderation are paying off. But if you’ve only saved and never enjoyed spending some money on yourself, Temperance advises that it’s all right to do that every once in a while! In fact, in a spirit of moderation, taking the middle road is healthy. As a result, your savings will continue to grow.
Temperance Money ( Reversed )
If you spent imprudently, Temperance would appear on the other hand to advise you to bring some balance to your financial life! So do enjoy yourself from time to time, but don’t lose track of your long-term financial goals.

Temperance Health (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Health ( Upright )
With Temperance in Health Reading, time is needed for recovery and healing, even though a person might think they’re done with processes that have created problems along the way. This card shows that there are balance points that we must hold on to, see as they are, and believe in the ultimate intelligence of our physiology and the things that it is trying to show. For those who are seriously ill when reading takes place, it is a quiet place of acceptance where only upward movements can be made, as long as the person listens to his own emotions without fear and lets go of the inner authority for bits and pieces of the outer. Healing comes through bravery to follow the true Self, with all its “unacceptable” traits, and the heart’s call to cry out maybe our first step towards recovery. This card bears the knowledge that our weakness is our strength and that our true bravery lies in our willingness to sink into all our sad, angry, or dark emotions.
Temperance Health ( Reversed )
Balance and harmony will lead you to better health, so if Temperance is shown in the opposite direction, it means that you need to make an extra effort to embody the qualities of this archetype. And remember, this applies to emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.

Temperance Spirituality (Upright & Reversed)

Temperance Spirituality ( Upright )
Because the Temperance card embodies an enlightened state of being, reading this major arcana card in your tarot card indicates that you are connected to your higher self. Therefore, this is a great time to take the time to channel any messages from your higher self. Whether you do this through mediation or nature walks, you will receive clear notifications from your guides.
Temperance Spirituality ( Reversed )
If it’s reversed, try the flow in your life! Try to get your head out of the world and listen to your intuition. When we act on fear and anxiety, or other low-level passions, we tend to miss the beautiful messages that come from the universe to us.

The Meaning and Symbol of the Temperance Card

The angel shown on the Temperance card stands with one foot in the water and the other on the ground. This symbolizes staying centered between our emotions (water) and the physical world (land). The angel pours water back and forth between two cups as if he were looking for the perfect mixture or balance to handle the situation at hand.

Temperance Yes/No Key Interpreting

The Temperance Card indicates divine intervention, balance, and harmony. The overall positive presence of this card in your spread reveals a high level of self-confidence and control in your efforts. Therefore, the answer provided by this card is most likely to be yes.

Temperance Important Card Combinations

In a spread, the presence of one card may influence the meaning of other cards. However, some cards match up well, and they can change the meaning of each other. Below I wrote down the most important combinations of Temperance Tarot Cards. Overall, Temperance is a highly spiritual card that advises you to act wisely and prudently.

Temperance And The Chariot Or The World

Together, the Chariot and the Temperance personify a move or an overseas trip. If you’ve been considering relocating, this combination will give up your thumbs. Instead, start looking at the options to move, what it will take to make it happen, and prepare a timeline. The same is true if you wanted to take a trip far away. This isn’t something you’re going to want to rush into, but a solid plan can make this a beneficial decision for everyone involved.

Temperance And Judgement

These two cards are often confused and, for a good reason, confused. Temperance embodies balance, while Judgment is about what it’s like to do what’s right. Are you faced with a tough decision, huh? This duo urges you to make a choice that benefits not only you but everyone else, as well as the outcome. Then, with the greater good in mind, you’re sure to choose the right path.

Temperance And The Star

When dancing with the Star, the Angel of Temperance brings life to change. This is the goal of Temperance when this combination appears to help you get your life together. Let’s face it. We all have areas of our lives that need improvement. For example, you might need better communication with a particular family member, or you might need to focus a little more on eating right. Maybe you spent too much money, or you weren’t that productive at work. Now is the time to strengthen those weak points.

Temperance And The Wheel Of Fortune

Prepare for a journey, but not one of a physical nature. Temperance and the Wheel of Fortune are robust, especially when connected because joining can mean a quest for one’s destiny. Perhaps you feel you have some great reason to live (we all do), but you can’t figure out exactly what it is. Now is the time to put your finger on your goal and start making decisions that will catapult you in that direction.

Temperance in Reading

Temperance is the card of acceptance in which the entire natural cycle of life and death, passion and division, and all other oppositions that come as a given find unity for a common cause and for us to be on our way and to find a real purpose in life. It unites the masculine with the feminine, keeping us in balance when situations require strength and endurance, or tenderness and compassion, depending on the feeling of the moment in which we live.
This card speaks of personal and spiritual growth, which leads us to the self, where we understand how inner conflicts and troubles have led to specific reflections and problems in the outer world. Its symbolism is one of the alchemy of life, and it’s always significant in the layout because it’s the point where we get the answers we need to change the course of our lives or influence our lives to change whatever we want to do.
It’s going to give us what we need, without exception, more love and feeling if we lack it, or more practical initiative if we’re stuck in emotional loops and not productive enough. Water pouring from one cup to the other means knowledge of the gods and connects the symbolism of Jupiter with that of Uranus, and the sign of Aquarius is meant to bring the godly messages down to Earth for us mortals to find.

Temperance Tarot Card, Temperance Yes Or No, Temperance Tarot Love, Temperance Reversed, Temperance Tarot Card Meaning Past Present Future Health Money Career Spirituality

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