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Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Strength is the rawest form of power, and you have it in some form. It’s a sound card if you fight illness or recover from injury. But, as you might suspect, its influence over you, and the use you have made of it, may tend to be light or dark. You are likely to face your problems boldly, head-on, and conquer them through perseverance and will. However, with this ability to overcome life’s barriers comes the responsibility to control yourself, and this card may be a warning to take control of your actions or emotions before they harm you or the people you care about.
Tarot Card: Strength
Planet: Venus
Keywords: Creation, Mother Nature, Life, Courage, Polarities
Affirmation: I Am Connected To The Core Of The Earth
Element: Fire
Astrology: Leo
As A Yes Or No Question: Yes!
Upright: Strength, Courage, Compassion, Focus, Persuasion, Influence
Reversed: Self-doubt, Weakness, Insecurity, Low Energy, Raw Emotion

Strength History

This card was also called Fortitude and Lust and conveniently changed numbers from XI to VIII and back. One of the cardinal virtues, he comes side by side with Temperance and Justice and has changed his design, names, and interpretations. It has shown moderation in attitudes towards painful things in life, the balance of accepting things that are not easy for the heart and the body. Older card decks offer two symbolisms: a woman breaking (or holding) a stone pillar and a lion being subdued by a human. It was also connected with Babalon, the Great Mother, and the Scarlet Woman, the goddess of the occult system of Thelema. Known as the “mistress of the beast,” she pointed to the sexual intensity of the card and the tamed instinctive nature that every human being carries inside.

Strength Tarot Card Explained

The Card of Strength follows the Chariot in the series of Major Arcan. After learning to use our strengths externally to overcome the stumbling blocks on our path, we also need to know more compassionate and refined ways to achieve our goals. The lesson of the Strength Card is that we don’t need to control others to succeed. Instead, we can rely on stamina, patience, and understanding to maintain the harmony and balance of our lives.

Strength Tarot Card Past ( Upright )

The strength that has been opened up in the past speaks of solid and creative contacts, things that have been done in unity, and a state of inner balance. The raw and free intent pushed us in a specific direction that doesn’t ask if we’re ready for the consequences. Instead, it shows actions are taken, transparent and proactive, that could have left a mess, started something great, and points out all those things that shouldn’t be dismissed just because a few minor problems have arisen in the past. It’s a beautiful foundation to rise from and build a life, but only when we’re free to cooperate with our vulnerability.

Strength Tarot Card Past ( Reversed )

The Strength card represents the self-mastery of your basic instincts, such as rage, guilt, jealousy, or shame. So, the Strength Card showing up in a reverse position in your post suggests that you have not been able to handle a difficult situation with grace and calm. Alternatively, you may have lost touch with your inner power. Some traumas can make us shake, with a loss of self-confidence. On the other hand, this Major Arcana card asks you to bring your inner power back to a state of balance.

Strength Tarot Card Present ( Upright )

Kudos to you for keeping your composure going through challenging times! Your non-confrontational nature allows you to deal gracefully with difficult situations. The Strength Card, which appears in the present position of your tarot card reading, is an excellent indicator of collaborative relationships and cooperatively working with others.

Strength Tarot Card Present ( Reversed )

If it’s reversed, take a breath and find your center! Although our basic emotions are natural, they do not necessarily help us achieve the best possible outcome. Try to release your negative feelings safely, and then try to reconnect with your compassion and patience. Inner strength and serenity will guide you through hard times.

Strength Tarot Card Future ( Upright )

You might have been struggling to maintain your composure lately, so the Strength Card showing up in the future position is a welcome sign that you’re about to get your emotions under control. The more you work on releasing the ego’s need for attachment and control, the easier it is for you to let painful events roll right off your shoulders. In addition, as you grow your inner power, you will feel less inclined to control others or allow them to control you.

Strength Tarot Card Future ( Reversed )

When a situation requires you to be brave and stand up for what you believe in, remember that you catch more honey flies. Force your will lead to conflict and adverse outcomes. Instead, try to tap into your powers of persuasion.

Strength Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Upright )

This is a highly passionate card that connects the masculine and feminine energies in their most raw, intuitive forms and speaks of the relationships that come to life, that bind to life only to break apart, as well as the secret bonds that could last for years. Instincts need to be under control and the careful guidance of emotion. For a love reading, this card shows how vital the creative, fiery, feminine side of the person is, showing them how much love the caregiver is and how much control they need. The Strength card represents the purest power of emotion and offers the sacrifice and freedom that one has to carry in their hearts for the right partner and love to inspire them and push them on the journey of their hearts.

Strength Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Reversed )

But there is a risk of explosive emotion wherever there is an intense passion! The reversed Strength Card warns you to be on the lookout for jealousy or anger. There could be a power imbalance where one partner becomes dominant and the other submissive. Be careful not to be part of a codependent relationship. Be sure that both parties come from sympathy and compassion and approach conflicts with patience and understanding.

Strength Tarot Card Career ( Upright )

Self-mastery of your raw emotions has enabled you to make bold career choices. Of course, your passions still influence your work, but you can channel them into creative progress without creating conflict or chaos. If you’ve been considering making significant changes to your work environment, you need to have the courage to take that leap!

Strength Tarot Card Career ( Reversed )

When you’re reversed, you feel unsure about your value at work, and you worry that you don’t have what it takes to make it happen. Instead, dig deep into your core power to restore self-confidence. Your fear of making mistakes prevents you from taking bold steps forward, but we would remain stuck forever without taking any risks.

Strength Tarot Card Friends ( Upright )

Your friends will be there to help you when you need them, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for support when you need it! Major Arcana’s Strength Card is represented by the zodiac sign Leo. A social and amiable personality, this tarot card indicates a harmonious relationship with friends and family. Your bond is strong and based on sympathy and compassion, so there’s no need for you to go on your own.

Strength Tarot Card Friends ( Reversed )

Then again, with the reversed Strength Card, you’ll feel emotionally explosive. So be careful who you freak out about! It would help if you were selective about who you’re venting to because not everyone can handle it.

Strength Tarot Card Money ( Upright )

You have resisted the urge to spend money frivolously and are in a stable financial position at this time. Continue to manage irresponsible impulses responsibly, and you’ll soon be in a position to make a big purchase if you choose to.

Strength Tarot Card Money ( Reversed )

The reversed Strength Card indicates financial uncertainty, so if you need to make a financial investment but are too scared to do so, try to get the emotion out of your decision. Don’t let fear lead the way.

Strength Tarot Card Health ( Upright )

You are vibrant and glowing with inner power, which will be reflected in your physical health and well-being. Of course, keeping those wild emotions in check is a wonder for your stress levels, and we all know that stress can lead to all kinds of health problems. However, the Strength card indicates that you feel physically resilient and have a positive health outlook at this time.

Strength Tarot Card Health ( Reversed )

Are you feeling deflated or low in energy? Are you avoiding investing in your health by engaging in a new exercise routine or diet? If you are held back by low self-esteem, allow yourself to move forward in small steps. Set your goals in bite-sized pieces so that you climb the stairs instead of the rock wall!

Strength Tarot Card Spirituality ( Upright )

You will have impressive, mind-opening realizations and experiences that will bring your spirituality to a whole new level. Major Arcana’s Strength Card is powerful, brave, and boundless in potential, so don’t shy away from taking bold steps at this time! You are more vital than you realize and not even the limit of the sky.

Strength Tarot Card Spirituality ( Reversed )

Are you feeling unsure about your spiritual journey? The Reverse Strength card indicates that low self-esteem or insecurity is holding you back. Focus on what you feel right about yourself.

Strength Tarot Card Symbology

The lion shown on The Strength Card symbolizes our animalistic nature, raw emotions such as anger, violence, and displays of power. The woman holds the lion’s jaw gently in her hand, and it is clear that the beast has been tamed. She can manifest what she wants with her newly-found self-mastery through compassion and persuasion rather than force.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Strength card shows a presence of self-confidence and confidence in facing problems in your life. It indicates a person who enjoys power but can exercise great self-control in all matters. Patience and strength may be needed in your pursuits, and the answer you seek is most likely yes.

Strength Tarot Card Combinations

The Strength Tarot card represents a powerful connection. Although the images on different card versions vary, most of them include a female and a lion. At first glance, these two creatures are very different, but together they create an unshakeable resolve. When you see the Strength Tarot card paired with other cards, it can shed light on an otherwise confusing situation.

Strength And The Hanged Man

One common misconception that people share when it comes to strength, in general, is that being vital means having to fight a battle aggressively. If you’ve ever watched a boxing match, then you know the fighters have to be very careful about how they use their strength. If all their energy is expelled in the first round, they will quickly tire and lose the match. When Strength and Hanged Man join forces, the message is one of patience, not action. Now is not the time to make hasty decisions. Instead, take the time to assess the situation and make a plan to move forward.

Strength And The Tower

The Tower is a chart of chaos and destruction. But, combined with the Strength Tarot card, it means that even in situations of sudden change and upheaval, you can master things around.

Strength And The Chariot

The Chariot and the Strength are two of the most powerful cards in the deck. The Chariot deals with pushing forward, often in a warlike or aggressive way, while Strength represents using inner fortitude to ride out the waves of any difficulty you might face. When paired together, they represent the power to overcome any obstacle with dignity. Whatever challenge you face will soon be a distant memory.

Strength And The Eight Of Cups Or Six Of Swords

Do you feel completely drained and unable to move forward? The Strength Card has a very literal meaning for the Eight of the Cups or the Six of the Swords: it’s time to find your inner strength and overcome your present situation. When you’re sick, face heartbreak, or go through any disappointment or loss, it can feel like life is over. The Strength Tarot Card urges you to take heart despite the setbacks and patiently. Soon, you will move past your troubles and embrace a new lease of life.

Strength And The Queen Of Cups

The water cups suit element symbolizes unconsciousness and feelings, and as such, this suit is all about emotions. The Queen of Cups combines this energy with an inward focus and calmness, just like the Strength Card. The equation 1+1 = 3 is the case for this card combination! You can use your inner strength and stability to master any situation.

Strength Tarot in Reading 

Your inner power will allow you to overcome challenges with grace and calm. The compassionate and gentle power of The Strength Card teaches us that we don’t need to use force to achieve our goals. Instead, approach your hardships with courage and confidence, and favor persuasion and influence over aggressive displays of power and ferociousness. Did the meaning make sense of your life situation if you pulled this card out of your tarot spread? Remember that when you read this card, it signifies that you have the power and the strength to overcome any obstacle. You can do it!

Strength Tarot Card, Strength Yes Or No, Strength Tarot Love, Strength Reversed, Strength Tarot Card Meaning Reversed Love Past Present Future Health Money Career Spirituality

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