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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice is a perfect card that can be found in your spread if you have acted kindly and fairly towards others, especially if you have been a victim. It’s a significant indicator of positive resolution, even though how and what sort will depend on your own experience. If, though, you have been unfair, abusive, or otherwise shady and immoral in your dealings, pay attention. For the unjust, this card is, at best, a dire warning to change your ways before retribution comes upon you and, at worst, a simple statement that it is already too late. In neutral cases, it may just be telling you to find a balance in your life.
Tarot Card: Justice
Planet: Saturn
Keywords: Fairness, Equation, Law, Ultimate Truth, Balance
Affirmation: Everything Is Just
Element: Water
Astrology: Libra
As A Yes Or No Question: Not Certain. If The Question Is Moral, Then Yes. Otherwise, No
Upright: Fairness, Integrity, Legal Disputes, Cause And Effect, Life Lessons
Reversed: Injustice, Dishonesty, Failure To Take Responsibility, Deceitful Practices, Negative Karma

Justice Card History

Justice appears as part of the major arcana since the early tarot, usually following the Chariot as the number VIII card. It has found its essence in the four virtues of classical European philosophy and catholicism, representing the balance between selflessness and selfishness. The Temperance and Strength Cards accompany this card as two other virtues. Interestingly, at some point, its position was changed to number XI, where Strength was traditionally found, with Strength is given number VIII. It is interesting to observe from the point of numeral astrology where the balance had to be achieved to bring Strength to the position of the rule of Mars (number eight) and Justice were two Suns (one and one in number eleven) combine to add to the intimate contact of the Souls – the Moon (number two).

Justice Tarot Card Explained

You can expect a fair outcome to a difficult situation in your life! If you have acted with integrity towards others but have been wronged or injured, the Justice Card assures you that karma will be brought back into balance. However, if you have taken decisions that have harmed others, the Justice Card comes as a warning.
Justice demands truth and honesty, so the reversed Justice card shows gossip, misinformation, and lies. You may have behaved in morally questionable ways, and you fail to take responsibility for your choices. Be fair in your options and be sure to look for the facts before making any judgments or assumptions about others, and make an effort to correct the wrongs you have committed before Justice does it for you.

Justice Tarot Card Past (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Past ( Upright )
You seem to have made a big decision in the recent past that is affecting your life today. In the past, the Justice Card usually indicates that you’ve made a significant change in your life. For example, you may have been divorced, changed careers, or moved to a new city. Whatever it was, you’ve made a major break from your past, and that choice is now the foundation of your current situation.
Justice Tarot Card Past ( Reversed )
Have you just been through a rough time? Have you been treated fairly by others? Or maybe you didn’t take responsibility for something that you were supposed to own? But, on the other hand, this card indicates a significant situation in your recent past where there was an evident lack of justice.

Justice Tarot Card Present (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Present ( Upright )
Karma is about to be served in your favor! The truth is coming out, and those who harmed you will be forced to take responsibility for it. A significant decision is at hand, and the outcome will be guided by fairness and accountability. If you are involved in a legal battle, it will be decided in your favor.
Justice Tarot Card Present ( Reversed )
On the other hand, Justice warns you that you are involved in a corrupt or dishonest situation. Someone may seek retribution or avoid taking responsibility for something they have done. If you have been engaged in unethical behavior, you are advised to take responsibility and correct the situation immediately.

Justice Tarot Card Future (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Future ( Upright )
Stay balanced and listen to both sides of the story when the critical decision comes your way soon. Make an effort to understand the facts and weigh all options carefully. Everything you’ve been working towards is about to go to your head, and if you’ve been acting in good faith, Lady Justice is going to reward you.
Justice Tarot Card Future ( Reversed )
Are you in denial, huh? Do you avoid taking responsibility for your actions? Justice in reverse warns you that if you continue on your current path, you’re going to get some karmic payback soon, and it’s not going to be good. But, in the end, the scales of justice are always brought back into balance. So, if you have the opportunity to do that on your own, now is the time.

Justice Tarot Card Love and Romance (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Upright )
When Justice appears in a reading of love, it shows the level of responsibility that the partners did or did not share in their bond. If a relationship has become sour, it reminds us of the healthy boundaries that should have been created. The new love that has arisen reminds us of the solid foundations that need to be laid while respecting our own needs instead of becoming tainted by emotions into an unhealthful compromise. It is a protection card and a marriage card, and essential ties to another person. We must be careful when giving interpretations to those who need a unique structure to give in to a healthy intimate bond.
Justice Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Reversed )
Unfairness seems to be a theme of your relationship right now. Are your expectations fair and reasonable? Is it your partner’s? Do the facts of the situation justify any negative feelings either of you might have? Or maybe one of you is making unfair judgments that are unjustified. Whatever the details of your case, it’s time for karma to take responsibility for you.

Justice Tarot Card Career (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Career ( Upright )
Have you been involved in a dispute in the office? If you were honest and trustworthy, then the Justice Card tells you that the situation will be resolved in your favor soon. Or, if there’s no conflict right now, Justice is reminding you to always work with integrity and honesty. If you embrace these qualities, you’re going to gain respect in the workplace.
Justice Tarot Card Career ( Reversed )
You may have some unfair and dishonest things going on at work. If you are blamed for something that isn’t your fault or someone is trying to sabotage your work, make a real effort to get to grips with the facts and fairness of the situation. Getting involved in a heated exchange is not going to help your case. Use logic and reason instead of letting your emotions get the best out of you.

Justice Tarot Card Friends (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Friends ( Upright )
The Golden Rule is your mantra when justice reads about your friends and social life in your tarot card. Change is in the forecast, but it will benefit you. If you treat others fairly and always stand up for the truth, your relationships will reflect the same. On the other hand, toxic friendships may be lost at this time, as justice balances the scales of karma. So don’t resist any change. And if you’ve been hurt by some of the things that your friends have said or done to you, you might get some excuse or restitution.
Justice Tarot Card Friends ( Reversed )
Are you being mistreated by some of your friends? Do you feel that you have benefited from it? On the other hand, the Justice card is a card of injustice, so be on alert. And if you have any changes to make within your social circle, make them right now.

Justice Tarot Card Money (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Money ( Upright )
Your finances are balancing under the influence of the Justice Card. Make sure you’re honest in your financial dealings, give what you owe, and get what you owe. Karma comes in to balance the scales.
Justice Tarot Card Money ( Reversed )
Beware of any sketchy financial dealings on the horizon, and be careful with whom you share your financial information. On the other hand, the Justice Card indicates injustice, so be sure to take responsibility for your finances where you need to.

Justice Tarot Card Health (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Health ( Upright )
Balance is the name of your game when it comes to your health. Do you have enough sleep and exercise? On the other hand, are you overeating? Irrespective of the scenario, the Justice Card reminds you to keep your life balanced. Your body, mind, and spirit should all work together in harmony.
Justice Tarot Card Health ( Reversed )
It would help if you took decisive action to restore balance to your health in your life. Take responsibility for how your choices may contribute to health problems in your life. And if you need to, seek advice.

Justice Tarot Card Spirituality (Upright / Reversed)

Justice Tarot Card Spirituality ( Upright )
We have to embody balance to grow spiritually. This means that we must learn to take responsibility for our lives, even for the bad things that happen to us. That doesn’t mean that things are our fault or wanted to suffer; it just means that we have to look at the world from the inside out. If you can see both sides and take responsibility for your part, you will discover that you receive what you put into the world. This is the lesson the Justice Card teaches.
Justice Tarot Card Spirituality ( Reversed )
It will help if you restore balance to your life about your spirituality. You may be resisting the need to reflect on your inner world truly. If you have fallen into negative thinking, be sure to bring your thoughts to a higher vibration. On the other hand, you might be in denial or self-delusion. Look for balance and listen to your guides.

The Symbology of The Justice Tarot Card

Lady Justice holds the sword of truth in her hand, and in the traditional tarot, the swords represent the mind, the truth, the logic, the facts. Justice is severing the truth from lies with this sword. Lady Justice holds the scales in her other hand. The scales represent looking at both sides equally and finding a balance between the two opposite sides. Scales can also represent the past and the future, and karma will always balance the two.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

Justice card is all about karma in different aspects of your life. It does not suggest an outcome either for or against you, but accountability, dignity, and integrity are all dear to its presence. So there is no clear answer to your question.

Important Justice Tarot Card Combinations

Justice focuses on getting what you deserve and karmic results (both good and bad). It also represents fairness, integrity, legal disputes in combination with other cards. Below you can find the most important combinations of the Justice Tarot card.
Justice and The Tower
When these two Major Arcana cards pair together, harmony is about to be restored – but not before a period of difficult change, as indicated by the Tower. Sometimes we must be willing to walk through the fire to get to what is waiting on the other side. As difficult as it may be, do not resist change or avoid pain. You’ve been heading in the wrong direction before, but a U-turn is possible.
Justice and Judgement
A lot of people are confusing these two cards. Although there are some similarities, there are critical differences between the two. Justice usually represents a decision-making period, while judgment symbolizes a time right after when everything is new. When combined, the two cards ask you to do two things: accept your past and decide on your future path. There is no benefit of guilt or shame. Instead, take your mistakes and any consequences that may have arisen as a result of previous decisions. Only then will you be ready to rise to a new level of vibration.
Justice and Strength
Challenging times are upon you (or leading your way), and preparation is the key. When Justice and Strength come together in a reading, your Spirit Guides want you to know that you have the power to win the war. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Take some time to be alone and take advantage of your inner power. What skills do you have to help you get through the tough days ahead? Armor yourself with these guys.
Justice and The Hierophant Or The Emperor
The Justice Tarot card often represents legal issues, and when it is linked to the Hierophant or the Emperor, this meaning is enhanced. If you’re not currently in a legal battle, one might be looming. Or perhaps you need to proceed with caution when it comes to matters of law or regulation. If you want to reconcile a situation, this combination suggests that the case will work out somewhat for all parties.

Justice Card in Reading

In The Right Position, The Justice Tarot Card Represents Cause And Effect As Well As Balanced Thought And Action. There are Times When We Find The Victims Of Someone Other’s Malice Intent. But, if you have been wrong in any way, justice comes to restore balance and order.

Justice Tarot Card, Justice Yes Or No, Justice Tarot Yes Or No, Justice Tarot Love, Justice Reversed, Justice Tarot Card Meaning Love Past Present Future Health Money Career Spirituality

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