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Death Tarot Card, Death Tarot Meaning

Death is a sign of change in your future. This change can be in almost any aspect of your life, but it will undoubtedly be permanent, meaningful, and absolute. Death suggests a complete separation between the past and the future, which is likely to be painful. Nevertheless, death fulfills an essential and natural role in life, despite the sense of loss that may accompany it, ultimately leading to acceptance. It’s a necessary part of moving forward, and if you embrace them, you’ll find the changes easier than fighting them. Expect the end of a close friendship, a job, a marriage, or even a life, but don’t focus too much on the negative.
Tarot Card: Death
Planet: Pluto
Keywords: Transform, Regenerate, Change, Purify, Cyclic
Affirmation: I Forgive Myself, Completely And Permanently
Element: Water
Astrology: Scorpio
As A Yes Or No Question: No
Upright: Ending Of A Cycle, Transitions, Getting Rid Of Excess, Powerful Movement
Reversed: Resisting Change, Fear Of New Beginnings, Repeating Negative Patterns

Death History

Skipping straight to the point where death itself is confronted, some decks in the past have shown this card as The Card with No Name or Rebirth to reduce the effect of fear-triggering and de-testify it while removing its realistic reality role. However, it has always depicted a reaper, a dead man, or a skeleton. No matter what its name might have been, symbolism has always stood for a straightforward thing that is inevitable in everyone’s life change. In some versions, this card was depicted by Hades, the god of the underworld, or a woman with wings bathing in the fire, posing for rebirth, and showing how our sensitive side, accompanied by faith, helps us rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Death Tarot Card Explained

Major Arcana’s Death Card symbolizes the end, allowing the chapter of your life to “die” so that a new one can begin. It isn’t always easy to let things go. Accepting the ends can be painful. But it’s important to remember that what’s in store for you is likely to be even better than what you’re leaving behind. Everything in the world works in cycles, so embrace the ends so that you can look forward to the new.

Death Tarot Card Past (Upright & Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Past ( Upright )
You just came out of the big end. It could have been painful, but it was necessary. The past position is the best place to get a Death card in your tarot card reading. It means you’ve already done the job, and now there’s a new door open to you. You may have left a relationship or had another primary end, but now this has cleared the way for you, and the worst is behind you.
Death Tarot Card Past ( Reversed )
Have you been clinging to something that hurt you? Have you been in a toxic relationship dynamic for fear of letting go? Of course, the change has always happened, but you may have made it more difficult for yourself by not accepting it. The Death Card teaches you to accept the inevitable, even when you’re scared.

Death Tarot Card Present (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Present ( Upright )
Right now, you’re in a difficult situation, and you know you’ve got to let something go. You can’t stop the change that’s on you right now. If you can accept that this is the way things need to be, you’ll soon discover something new and beautiful on the other side. Change can hurt, and the emotions around it are expected. But if you can surrender to the universe and understand that you are opening the door to blessings, your transition will be easier for you even if you can’t see how things will unfold.
Death Tarot Card Present ( Reversed )
Don’t resist the change that’s coming to you right now. On the other hand, the Death Card shows that you’re trying to prevent an inevitable shift from happening. But we can’t control or prevent change; in fact, it will only make things more difficult for you in the long run. So deep inner purging may be indicated.

Death Tarot Card Future (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Future ( Upright )
You’re going to have a significant change or loss in your future, but it’s nothing you can’t stand up to! When The Death Card comes to an end to something in our lives, it also brings lessons. The journey of The Fool through Major Arcana is all about spiritual growth. Every challenge and obstacle that we overcome makes us stronger and wiser. As we overcome and release, we learn our strengths and make room for new and beautiful opportunities.
Death Tarot Card Future ( Reversed )
On the other hand, The Death Card warns you not to resist the change coming your way. You might need to undergo a significant emotional purge. It’s a good idea to pull out some clearing cards to reveal the deeper meaning of this card in this position.

Death Tarot Card Love and Romance (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Upright )
The Death Card is known to complete its feminine counterpart, which relies more than pleasure on control stability and deep sexual drive. With this in mind, his love stories are highly intense, impossible to tame, and driven by a magnetic attraction that cannot be avoided. The emotional lessons from such bonds are outstanding, profound, and critical lessons to be learned in this body and this life. It may be challenging to keep the romance going with this symbol to complete the image. Still, with enough freedom, it announces the profound personal change from love relationships, uncompromising, passion, and devotion.
Death Tarot Card Love and Romance ( Reversed )
On the other hand, you are advised not to resist the change! Don’t stay in unhealthful relationships out of fear of being single, and don’t stay alone out of fear of love! Change is coming, and the best thing you can do is keep your way open.

Death Tarot Card Career (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Career ( Upright )
You’ve been unfulfilled in your career for a long time, and The Death Card advises you to make a change to your happiness. You may be afraid to let go of stability or security, but when our decisions come from a place of fear, we don’t live our best lives. So have the courage to listen to your heart and let go of what is no longer in your life.
Death Tarot Card Career ( Reversed )
You have been repeating some negative patterns in the workplace and resisting taking the appropriate steps to end this cycle. On the other hand, the Death Card advises you that change is inevitable, and if you ignore the call from the universe to take the plunge, the universe will do it for you. But it’s usually much more extreme and traumatic if you don’t make a change for yourself.

Death Tarot Card Friends (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Friends ( Upright )
You’re going to be parting with some people in your social circle when The Death Card shows up in a friend’s reading. Don’t be alarmed, though. Are there friendships that you’ve been giving energy to that draining away? Are there relationships that take more than what they offer or leave you feeling unsteady? Then, the Death Card is coming to clear the way for you.
Death Tarot Card Friends ( Reversed )
Don’t resist the change when The Death Card appears on your spread. Look at the places of conflict in your social circles and try to assess the situation honestly. Parasitic or toxic relationships are going to wear you down and hold you back. Take on the change!

Death Tarot Card Money (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Money ( Upright )
The Death card reading the money indicates a financial loss. Do you accept the loss and deal with it in the best way possible? We all need to learn how to adapt to loss and change – remember that it doesn’t need to be permanent.
Death Tarot Card Money ( Reversed )
Are you having trouble accepting a financial loss? Are you stealing from Peter to pay Paul instead of buying this change? Be careful not to engage in destructive spending habits to avoid a difference that has come your way. If you continue this cycle, your long-term financial outlook will not improve.

Death Tarot Card Health (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Health ( Upright )
The Death Card comes after the Hanged Man, and some healing tools and knowledge have already been collected. It shows deep-rooted fears in us, things that are inevitable and carry the healing energy that is unquestionable and accessible to every physical body on the planet. Speaking of the natural part of the life cycle, it brings a strange kind of “negative balance,” pointing out blockages in our emotional world that have led to severe health problems as we cast aside our inner child, thinking that we are protecting our hearts. This card leads us on the path of ultimate faith in the intent of the Universe. It may announce an energetic healer or show the need for family constellations and work with the dead to bring our ancestors to order and better understand the core of our problems.
Death Tarot Card Health ( Reversed )
It’s time to let go of any unhealthful habits or behavior that contributes negatively to your health. For example, do you avoid a doctor, or are you in denial? Or maybe you have old fears about specific issues that prevent you from moving forward productively. The Death Card indicates that you must let go of it.

Death Tarot Card Spirituality (Upright &Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Spirituality ( Upright )
There is an end to your spiritual journey, which can lead to the release of outdated beliefs. You may realize that you’ve been working on unconscious beliefs that don’t align with where you want to go on your spiritual path. Allow yourself to let go, let it come to an end, and soon a new door will be opened for you.
Death Tarot Card Spirituality ( Reversed )
Your resistance to change is currently blocking your spiritual evolution. So we have to learn to let go when the universe says it’s time to do that. Practice non-attachment, and remember that once you release outdated patterns of thought or belief, you will be filled with new enlightenment.

Death Tarot Card Meaning and Symbology

The Death card depicts a skeleton riding on a horse holding a white flag in his hand with a five-petalled rose on it. This rose is a symbol of beauty, purification, and immortality. Our bones are what give structure and support to our bodies. They make up the foundation of our body, and they stay for a long time after we go to the other side. The white horse is a symbol of purity and power. This Major Arcana card brings us back to the basics, the basic building blocks of life. And the new can emerge from releasing and letting go.

Yes / No Key Interpretation

The Death Card shows some dramatic change to have a new beginning. However, it is often associated with some loss, failure, or destruction. The overall tone of this card is dark and not very good. So your answer is no.

Important Card Combinations

The Death Card represents the end of a cycle and is a symbol of transitions. Also, when paired with other cards, the card usually indicates the end of the era. Below you can find the most important combinations of the Death Tarot card.

Death and The Lovers Card Or The Hierophant

When Death is paired with either the Lovers or the Hierophant, changes in the relationship are imminent. This often means a break-up or a divorce. Even if you stay together, things won’t remain the same. If the end isn’t something you want, remember that pain is only temporary. The end of a relationship is often followed by an even better one if we accept it and let it be.

Death and The World

This combo with the World Tarot card is meant to be completed. Something you’ve been pouring a lot of time and energy into will soon come to an end. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. It’s just time to move on to much higher heights. Closing a chapter is the very first step in this process.

Death and The Devil

The Devil and Death cards, what a pairing! The devil is often a symbol of addiction. When connected with Death, the Devil can be a triumph over such struggles. Although this may be related to drug abuse, there are many other scenarios. For example, these two cards may mean overcoming disease or breaking the chains of a toxic relationship. It could also mean stopping a bad habit, such as smoking, overeating, or gambling.

Death and The Moon

If you’re looking for a message from Death and the Moon, that’s it: there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If things are tough or change seems inescapable or unbearable, try your best to keep your thoughts focused on what you want, not reality. Doing so may seem counter-productive, but it will allow you to make decisions based on what brings you joy instead of pain. Having faith over fear will allow you to manifest your greatest desires.

Death Tarot Card In A Reading

“Don’t be afraid of the reaper.” His sickle may seem extreme and frightening, but Death is here to help you grow and teach you valuable life lessons. You’re about to go through a significant change, and the cards in front show you how and why it’s coming to you. Welcome Death, and you’d be surprised what you can get out of it.

Death Tarot Card, Death Yes Or No, Death Tarot Love, Death Tarot Reversed, Death Tarot Card Meaning Love Past Present Future Health Money Career Spirituality

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