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Chinese Zodiac Rooster, Rooster Overview

Chinese Zodiac Rooster, Rooster Zodiac
Rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029…
Rooster is almost the epitome of fidelity and punctuality. For ancestors who had no alarm clocks, the crowing was significant, as it could awaken people to get up and start to work. In Chinese culture, another symbolic meaning of chicken carries is exorcising evil spirits.
Earthly Branch: You 酉
Element: Metal (Jin)
Yin Yang: Yin
Season: Autumn
Rooster Overview 
Rooster (or Chicken) ranks tenth among the Chinese zodiac animals. In Chinese culture, Rooster represents fidelity and punctuality, for it wakes people up on time. People born in the Rooster year are beautiful, kind-hearted, hard-working, courageous, independent, humorous, and honest. They like to keep home neat and organized. On the other side, they might be arrogant, self-aggrandizing, persuasive to others, and wild as well as admire things or persons blindly.
Chinese: 鸡 (Jī)
Earthly Branches: You (酉)
Energy: Yin
Five Elements: Metal (Jin)
Lucky Flowers: Gladiola, Impatiens, Cockscomb
Lucky Gemstone: Citrine
Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 8
Lucky Colors: Golden, Brown, Brownish Yellow, Yellow
Lucky Directions: West, Southwest, Northeast
Best Match: Ox, Dragon, Snake
Unlucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
Unlucky Colors: White, Green
Unlucky Direction: East
Worst Match: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster, Dog

Years of the Rooster 

People born in a year of the Rooster are called Roosters in China. You have a one in 12 chance of being a Rooster. The Chinese lunar calendar generally dates rooster years (starting at Chinese New Year) if you were born in January or February.
Rooster Years Start, End, and Element

  • 1933 – January 26, 1933, to February 13, 1934, Element -Water
  • 1945 – February 13, 1945 to February 1, 1946 , Element -Wood
  • 1957 – January 31, 1957 to February 17, 1958 , Element -Fire
  • 1969 – February 17, 1969 to February 5, 1970 , Element -Earth
  • 1981 – February 5, 1981 to January 24, 1982 , Element -Metal
  • 1993 – January 23, 1993, to February 9, 1994, Element -Water
  • 2005 – February 9, 2005, to January 28, 2006, Element -Wood
  • 2017 – January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018 , Element -Fire
  • 2029 – February 13, 2029 to February 2, 2030 , Element -Earth

Personality Of The Rooster 

Male Rooster Personality Traits

Men under the Rooster sign are clever, capable, serious, frank, and decisive, featuring excellent organizational skills. The persnickety male Roosters dare to point out violence directly and criticize sharply and pursue perfection for everything. No matter what they do, they would follow the rules established and cannot understand those who are non-conforming. They would do all they can to offer help.
In daily life, male Roosters are good at money management, and they can pinch pennies on family expenses to make both ends meet. As good housekeepers, they also like to deal with all sorts of tough work and could do the things assigned very well. However, once the matters are too complicated or arduous, they can be emotional and lose their temper.
In terms of love and relationship, male Roosters prefer the lively maidens to the mature office ladies. In a relationship, they are just like kids looking for candy and need the honeyed words from their lovers. Therefore, do not forget to praise your boyfriend if he is under the Rooster sign. In marriage, they demand freedom and equality, believe in mutual respect, and hate quarrels.
Talented in dealing with affairs and hard work, Rooster men tend to start at a young age and make achievements early in life. However, they usually restrain their active personality in a rigorous and temperate way, and they are good at listening to the advice of others. Thus, although not necessarily making great achievements, the enterprising male Roosters can also gain a lot.

Male Rooster Strengths & Weakness 

Male Rooster Strengths 
Desired to look attractive, male Roosters often dress up very fashionably. However, fashion is not only embodied in their clothes but also in their minds. They keep thinking about how to go ahead of time and how to be successful. It is the fashion mind that guides them to keep moving forward and making progress.
Rooster men love beautiful people, things and work with no resistance to beauty, and they are highly demanding for themselves and life. In a word, they just would not stop pursuing perfection.
Kind-hearted and Sweet
Rooster men are kind-hearted and sweet. When someone around is in a dilemma, they would be the spiritual support, care about them and make them feel that things are not so bad even if they can do nothing to help. Therefore, they are the typical sweet guy in the eyes of people.
Male Rooster Weakness 
Impulsive and Irritable
Male Roosters, with a dual personality, are sometimes sweet and sometimes irritable. In daily life, they attach great importance to their appearance and individuality. When someone challenges their appearance, they tend to become furious and very unconvinced; they often act on impulsion and could not wait to do something once determined. As the saying goes, ”a good gain takes long pain” – impulsion would make them get more kicks than halfpence and lead to failure.
The self-centered Rooster men like the holiday words and are demanding on others rather than themselves. While offering help generously, they want to get a return. In this way, they can hardly make true friends.
The biggest flaw of male Roosters is that they are too softhearted. No matter what they have suffered or how seriously they have been hurt, they would forgive once those who hurt them yield and say sorry. They just cannot stand tears and would sympathize when someone cries. Since they are extremely softhearted, they get hurt easily.

Female Rooster Personality Traits

Female Roosters are simple, unadorned, practical, delicate, caring, and considerate. Generally, they are family-oriented and take care of their families very well. In addition, women under the Rooster sign are always passionate and pursuing perfection; under the Rooster sign are more pragmatic than men, and they are not boastful or conceited. Instead, they act decisively and never do things sloppily. Unfortunately, however, they are emotional, vain, and verbally careless, which is the biggest resistance in social contact.
Rooster women are pretty and practical in life, and they are the typical charming lady who can serve as a secretary and a cook at the same time. Delicate and hardworking, they can balance work and life and not make themselves aggrieved in work or life. Generally, Rooster women work efficiently and seldom bring work into life.
From the perspective of life, they have clear goals, excellent management skills, and a strong desire to show off, and they like to realize the meaning of life by acting. Moreover, in the face of life, they enjoy being praised and care about other people’s views, thus often show the best side.
Despite many suitors around, female Roosters are quite discerning, which makes them single. Compared with love and relationship, they pay more attention to career and stand out with outstanding performance, great competence, and a strong sense of responsibility. But such fine qualities are not suitable for a love relationship.

Female Rooster Strengths & Weakness 

Female Rooster Strengths 
Diligent, Calm, and Eloquent
With a calm attitude towards work, Rooster women have the ambition of modern trendsetters. They are quick-witted, lavish in praise of others, frank, active, brave, resourceful, witty, concentrated, diligent, generous, and passionate. Meanwhile, the argumentative and convincing female Roosters make friends widely, consider carefully, maintain strict discipline, have a strong sense of responsibility, and hate the idlers.
Simple and Unadorned
Simple and unadorned, female Roosters are willing to work, and they are women of action with excellent management ability and a strong desire to show off. They want to be authority figures and get everybody’s appreciation. Full of enthusiasm, they try to be perfect no matter what they do, and you will be infected by their spirit fighting will and firm perseverance as a friend or coworker. Once offered the space, they would give full play to their talents.
Saving and Sacrificing
Female Roosters are born with many economic merits, such as saving, being generous to offer help, and sacrificing friends. Because of this, many people want to make friends with them.
Female Rooster Weakness 
Too Much Pursuit of Perfection
Like Virgo girls, Rooster women are also perfectionists who have no resistance to beauty, love and pursue beauty and always think about becoming beautiful. But, sometimes, beauty can be their poison which makes them get lost. When beauty becomes a tool, it will be no longer genuine.
As Innocent as Children
As innocent as children, female Roosters will not force themselves when they don’t want to think, and they may get lost when treated well by someone. This is a real headache. What’s more, they often believe in what others say readily, like the innocent children. However, the reality is cruel, and they need to develop judgment.
Selfish and Harsh
The selfish and harsh Rooster women are self-centered and tend to engage in idle theorizing rather than practice. Also, they are fond of blowing their own horn, always put them first, and rarely think about others.

Rooster’s Best Birth Dates, Months, And Times

Rooster’s Fate by Birth Time
The birth time of people plays a significant role in terms of whether destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Rooster sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fates. Those who were born and will be born between 07:00-09:00, 11:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00, and 21:00-23:00 are most auspicious.
Rooster’s Fate by Birth Date
Best Birth Dates: The Roosters born on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, or the 26th day in the Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.
Rooster’s Fate by Birth Month
Best Birth Months: Auspicious birth months for the Roosters are February, March, April, August, and September. Following are explanations about how lucky they are.
February: Born in February, they are blessed to enjoy a free and pleasant life. No matter in career or other aspects, they could achieve great success.
March: The Roosters born in March are pretty clever and could adjust to the changing circumstances. Their life would be glorious that bring prestige and honor to their families.
April: The Roosters born during April are optimistic by nature. Their fine business brain, intelligence, earnestness, and down-to-earth spirit enable them to own a prosperous business that is started from scratch.
August: Born in August, they are bold and crafty in character. Together with their strong will and wisdom, they could get a distinguished career and be respected by others.
September: The Roosters born in September are capable, independent, and pleasant in personality. They could have a good run for the money. Life for them will be pleasant and comfortable.

Rooster In Love

One of the top four zodiac signs blessed in a love relationship is Rooster, which is extremely popular among the opposite sex. People of Rooster sign are easy-going, brave, witty, resourceful, hardworking, passionate, and decisive. With a positive attitude towards love, they pursue a warm and romantic relationship.

The Male Rooster In Love

Rooster men of complicated personalities usually live an exciting and passionate life after getting married. They look very charming in pursuit of individuality and freedom and become very tender and romantic once they fall in love. To pursue loved ones, they can produce romance and maintain the relationship very well. Also, male Roosters can bring a sense of security and wealthy material living to their partners. They are good at living and can look after every aspect of their loved ones very well, from body weight and diet to family health. No one can feel unemotional to the meticulous Rooster men.
Male Roosters’ Attitude Towards Love
The talkative male Roosters have a strong desire to excel and lay emphasis on material life. Therefore, they could reduce worries in life and maintain stable living conditions since they are good at money management. Also, men under the Rooster sign struggle to create the air of romance, thus always lead a passionate and joyful married life.
How Should Male Roosters Maintain Love Relationship?
Men born in Rooster years are very complicated in personality, partly very pragmatic, and partly hooked on softness and sweetness. Rooster men would pay the least capital to win the most cost-effective beauty and prefer the tender, generous, beautiful, and capable women. It may sound whimsical, but they do think in this way. So it is imaginable that they can hardly get their wish. In fact, love is neither unconditional nor conditional, and it depends on feelings. Therefore, male Roosters are suggested to pay more and be more sincere and less calculating to maintain romance better.
How To Know How Much A Male Rooster Loves You
Your Rooster boyfriend is childish, and he wants to draw your attention by doing something boring. If you want to know how much he loves you, just check whether he allows you to control the purse strings. For Rooster men, money is equal to life. If he gives you all his money, he is giving you his life. If he has observed and identified you as a trustable one, he gives his money to you. Once he is sure that you will not abscond with the money but spend all your life with him, he can feel relieved to give you his life. If you are controlling his purse-strings, it means he loves you most and will stay with you forever.

What Kind Of Women Do Rooster Men Like?

1) Intellectual and Graceful Women
Rooster men know how to dress up with good fashion taste, and they are easily attracted by the intellectual and graceful women but dislike those who are slovenly.
2) Women Diligent and Thrifty in Running the Household
For male Roosters, family is of great importance. They hope their partners can also be family-oriented to have something in common and feel like-minded. Because of this, they like women diligent and thrifty in running the household and dislike those who take home as a hotel.
3) Smart and Pretty Women
Most male Roosters are good-looking and desire to marry beautiful women who can match them. Besides, Rooster men are smart, calculating, and gifted in money management and hope their partners can also be like this. Because of this, they show no resistance to smart and pretty women in daily life.

The Female Rooster In Love

Women born in Rooster years are bold, outgoing, lively, and somewhat masculine. When they are romantically involved, they will take the initiative yet become quiet ladies when necessary. The attractive charm often makes men fascinated head over heels. Female Roosters cannot stand men who try to control them from every aspect. They are family-oriented and can be good wives but just would not stay at home all day.
Female Roosters’ Attitude Towards Love
Women under the Rooster sign are enterprising and hardworking, and they hold a positive attitude towards love. However, romance does not mean the intense relationship or the candlelight dinner for the mild Rooster girls but the little by little care in daily life. So do not take great pains to create the air of romance for Rooster women as loving care in daily life is the most important for them.
How Should Female Roosters Maintain Love Relationship?
Faithful and gentle as they are in a love relationship, Rooster girls can be sensitive, suspicious, and lost in various fancies, which is their fatal flaw. Once they find some suspicious points from the words and deeds of their lovers, they would conjecture whether something is being hidden from them. The most important thing in love is mutual trust. Such groundless suspicion would be nothing good but asking for trouble and increasing psychological burden to their loved ones, leading to the deadlock of both sides. How to continue the relationship when there is no trust? As a result, Rooster women are suggested to trust more and be less suspicious in romance.
How To Know How Much A Female Rooster Loves You
Rooster girls hold a beautiful vision for marriage, and they long for the ordinary and simple life and the sincere partners rather than the intense relationship. Therefore, if your Rooster girl frequently pulls you to shop in furnishing stores and supermarkets and keeps talking about daily trivial matters, it means she wants to marry you, so do not be upset for shopping, or you will hurt her.

What Kind Of Men Do Rooster Women Like?

1) Straightforward and Generous Men
The shrewd Rooster women plan their budget carefully in daily life and prefer the generous men who would not haggle over every ounce. That’s why they are usually attracted by generous and informal men rather than the excessively mean men who are greedy for small advantages.
2) Gentle and Rich Men
The fashionable and pretty Rooster women know how to dress up and never lack wooers in daily life. But they are realistic and demanding in choosing boyfriends and wish their partners can be gentle and rich men who can take good care of them and boast good economic conditions. Therefore, they have no immunity to this kind of man.
3) Frugal Men
Sensible with money and sensitive to figures, female Roosters can always save every penny unnecessary to spend in life. Consequently, they are attracted by frugal men with good taste and dislike those who spend extravagantly without any plan.

Love Compatibility of the Rooster

Perfect Matches: Ox, Snake
Combining with people in Ox or Snake signs, most will obtain everlasting and harmonious marriage lives. The connection between them can become tight. In addition, couples of these combinations always become enviable ones in other people’s eyes.
Avoid: Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Rooster, Dog
They have a large chance to obtain a tough and unstable love life if they get married to people with the above five signs. During their whole life, they always meet difficulties and troubles. However, they don’t have enough abilities to solve them because of their born different opinions and attitudes with each other. Therefore, lots of divergences will damage the relationship finally.

Careers For Rooster

The Rooster people are usually energetic and have a strong ability to deal with affairs. Most of them build their own careers in earlier days. Also, in work, they are serious, talented, and courageous. They hate to be ordered to do things. Based on these, suitable jobs for the Roosters include politicians, police officers, diplomats, athletes, dress designers, and beauticians. Also, they are fit to show their ability in the fields of tourism and entertainment.
● Best Working Partners: Ox, Dragon, and Snake
● Best Age to Start a Business for Rooster: Age 50 – 60
● Best Career Field for Rooster: Literature and Art
● Best Business to Do: Daily necessities Store, Cosmetic Store
● Best Direction for Career: West, South, and Southeast
Careers For Rooster
People under the Rooster sign are mild, modest, prudent, and highly economy-oriented yet vain, tend to show off and pursue pleasure and mannerism. Roosters hold an indifferent attitude towards money and spend as they wish. However, at work, they are serious, talented, and courageous, sometimes smart and unwilling to be controlled by others. Rooster people are nimble and always can come up with countermeasures immediately to any emergency as good mind readers. While dealing with people, they have good social skills and can get along well with new friends. They can be either mild and kind of evil and cunning. The suitable jobs include speeches, fashion designers, sole traders, doctors, civil servants, etc.
● Suitable Jobs for Rooster: politicians, policemen, diplomats, athletes, fashion designers, cosmetologists, intelligence agents, speeches, teachers, professors, trainers, commentators, singers, etc.
● Work Partners for Rooster
→ Best Working Partners: Ox, Dragon, and Snake
→ Good Working Partners: Monkey and Dog (The three should work together)
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Pig and Sheep
→ Bad Working Partners: Rabbit, Rat
● Best Age to Start a Business for Rooster: Age 50 – 60
● Best Career Field for Rooster: Literature and Art
● Best Business to Do: Daily necessities Store, Cosmetic Store
● Best Direction for Career: West, South, and Southeast

Suitable And Ideal Jobs For Rooster

Language Related Jobs
Roosters are outstanding performers and often the center of attraction at places of activity. They usually dress up beautifully and are ready to show at any time. With impressive personalities, they draw the public’s attention with every act and every move. They have speech talent and writing ability and are ready at all times to talk on any topic. Anyone who wants to debate with them on a certain topic will fail because they have good eloquence. So, they fit those language-related jobs like intelligence agents, speeches, teachers, professors, trainers, commentators, singers, etc.
Interesting Jobs
Most Rooster people have a good reputation and know-how to win the trust of superiors with intelligence and efficiency. Therefore, every Rooster can get honor, reward, and good development and realize their important values from the work that they are interested in. For those who have no interest, however, they won’t make any efforts.
Best Field: Literature And Art
Unlike the entertainment industry, the realm of literature and art requires real skills. The persevering Roosters can be amazingly influential once they focus on something, so they’d better stick to the literature and art road in a down-to-earth way to carve a niche. Perhaps some people would say that literature and art need talent. Don’t worry; Roosters never lack talent. In anywhere full of artistic features, people under the Rooster sign know the game rules clearly, and they can properly handle any problems, thus quite talented.
Best Business To Do: Grocery/ Cosmetics Store
Rooster people like to look attractive and know how to keep good looks. Since they have the hobby, they might as well use it to the maximum. Once they run a grocery/cosmetics store, they can mix with and convince customers with skill and ease.
Career Advice
1. With a strong sense of time, Roosters are trustworthy and loyal to friends. At the same time, they are short-tempered and would have a load in their minds once they fail to get something done in the first place. However, a short temper will lead to nothing, and they should learn to calm down and think twice at work.
2. People under the Rooster sign are so suspicious and jealous that a simple behavior of someone else may make them ponder for many days. Once they take someone as an enemy, the one will never have the chance to befriend them. Such irrational behavior is harmful and useless. They are suggested to be generous in the workplace.
3. In addition, Roosters are suggested not to be arrogant or poke and pry at work to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Famous Rooster People

  • Bob Marley, born on February 6, 1945, is a Wood Rooster
  • Jennifer Lopez, born on July 24, 1969, is an Earth Rooster
  • Britney Spears, born on December 2, 1981, is a Gold Rooster
  • Hans Zimmer, born on September 12, 1957, is a Fire Rooster

Health and Lifestyle

Overall, Roosters have average health. This means that there aren’t any serious illnesses, but small problems are inevitable. Roosters must not be careless. They aren’t the healthiest naturally, and outside factors can affect their health greatly.
Being picky eaters is common in all zodiacs, but Roosters are especially so. They are even picky with the food they like to eat. Their diets are influenced by their mood too. Since they often have mood swings, this can lead to problems in the digestive system. The best way for Roosters to maintain their health is to fix their bad habits and oversensitive personality.

Rooster’s Personality by Blood Types

  • Blood Type O: Most of them are clever and wise. They can always find the fastest way to learn new things and adapt to a new environment.
  • Blood Type A: They are gentle, generous, and kind-hearted in ordinary life. Thus they always win high popularity among surrounding people.
  • Blood Type B: Type B people have keen insight when they need to make decisions. They are suitable for being the group leader because they usually can provide valuable suggestions.
  • Blood Type AB: They have outstanding working abilities that can easily attract others’ attention. Most of them are willing to help others even though they have more important things to do.

Which Type of ‘Rooster’ Are You?

People born in different years of the same zodiac sign vary in personality according to the Chinese Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. To see what kind of Roosters you are.

  • Wood Rooster – 1945, 2005 – Energetic, humorous, paying great attention to family.
  • Fire Rooster – 1957, 2017 – Holding a strong sense of time, trustworthy; good at managing money.
  • Earth Rooster –  1909, 1969 – Active, perceptive, like traveling and making friends.
  • Metal Rooster – 1921, 1981 – Clear mind and exceptional logic, brave to overcome difficulties.
  • Water Rooster – 1933, 1993 – Smart and agile, sensitive, keen on art and niceness.

Destiny By Birth Date

  1. Rooster people born on the 1st day of a month: Family on bad terms often feel distressed; keeping faith and self-cultivation can bring good luck.
  2. Rooster people born on the 2nd day of a month: The strong will could lead to success. Shall not change about, or zero development can be accomplished throughout the life.
  3. Rooster people born on the 3rd day of a month: No ancestors’ blessing and parents’ support. Kind-hearted yet unlucky shall accumulate merits.
  4. Rooster people born on the 4th day of a month: Upright and honest, enjoy a good reputation in youth, good luck for wealth, everything goes well.
  5. Rooster people born on the 5th day of a month: Clever, independent, as wished, conjugal harmony, enjoy wealth and rank.
  6. Rooster people born on the 6th day of a month: Intelligent, thoughtful, good at planning, seldom fails throughout the life.
  7. Rooster people born on the 7th day of a month: Weak-minded, lack of drive, overly cautious, shall act boldly.
  8. Rooster people born on the 8th day of a month: Willful, wavering, often in adversity, can make great development if strong-willed and decisive.
  9. Rooster people born on the 9th day of a month: Poor, fed with hardships and illness, fetch up nowhere.
  10. Rooster people born on the 10th day of a month: Talented, blessed yet grumpy, thus experience both success and failure.
  11. Rooster people born on the 11th day of a month: Hypocritical, unpractical, impatient, and can hardly make a career.
  12. Rooster people born on the 12th day of a month: Fond of wine, women, and gambling, can be freed from hardships if they give up the dissipated lifestyle.
  13. Rooster people born on the 13th day of a month: Blessed with good luck, ambitious, upright and honest, will succeed if they act boldly and decisively.
  14. Rooster people born on the 14th day of a month: Impatient, lack of consideration and planning, thus often come to nothing.
  15. Rooster people born on the 15th day of a month: Blessed with wealth and rank, can become well-known everywhere, and have filial children.
  16. Rooster people born on the 16th day of a month: Infirm, often give up halfway, can make something if they cultivate the persevering and hardworking spirit.
  17. Rooster people born on the 17th day of a month: Lucky from birth, versatile, glorious, peaceful family, sound health, good wife, and filial children.
  18. Rooster people born on the 18th day of a month: Lucky in official career, glorify and illuminate the ancestors, prosperous family, shall not be proud and arrogant.
  19. Rooster people born on the 19th day of a month: Vigorous, smart, resolute, and decisive, can make something independently.
  20. Rooster people born on the 20th day of a month: Despite the hardships in youth, the vigorous and firm mind will change the situation in middle age and lead to wealth and rank in old age.
  21. Rooster people born on the 21st day of a month: Clever and quick-witted, close to high-ranking people, outstanding courage and brilliance, can become widely known.
  22. Rooster people born on the 22nd day of a month: Less spirit of bearing hardships and enduring, will build up from nothing if can bear up.
  23. Rooster people born on the 23rd day of a month: Sharp-minded and talented, keep good faith and achieve great success.
  24. Rooster people born on the 24th day of a month: No relatives or friends to depend on, ambitious yet unable to realize the goal.
  25. Rooster people born on the 25th day of a month: Calm and steady, unlucky in youth, lucky in middle age to get profits pouring in from all sides.
  26. Rooster people born on the 26th day of a month: Talented in business, good fortune, and well-fed for the whole life.
  27. Rooster people born on the 27th day of a month: Intelligent, will succeed in literature and art to make great efforts.
  28. Rooster people born on the 28th day of a month: Smart, exquisite and versatile, will get good results if they can make unremitting efforts.
  29. Rooster people born on the 29th day of a month: Chivalrous, helpful, sacrificing, philanthropic-minded, enjoy lifelong happiness.
  30. Rooster people born on the 30th day of a month: Mixed luck, versatile yet non-proficient in any, lack of concentration, will succeed if can keep forging ahead in a specific profession.
  31. Rooster Born on 31st day of a month -Born on 14th day of a month in the year of the Rat, people may have a steady personality. They may live a plain early life and happy and smooth middle and late-life.

Rooster – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Rooster – March, April, July, August, September

  1. Rooster Born in January –People with Chinese zodiac Rooster born in January are healthy and can live an abundant and long life. They get little heritage from their ancestors and little help from others, so they can only rely on themselves. However, the relationship with kin, partner, and descendants is good, so their spiritual life is rich, although they do not have a big career.
  2. Rooster Born in February – Born in February in the year of the Rooster, people are smart, brilliant, and knowledgeable. However, they may not have had the chance to use their knowledge until the middle ages. They also have a lonely nature, pride themselves on being out of the ordinary, and do not want to live in harmony with mediocrity.
  3. Rooster Born in March –Being clever and flexible, Rooster people born in March can closely follow the changes and development of the society. In addition, with the help from kin and friends, their career develops smoothly, and they can live an abundant life. They love studying and have the chance to be a government officer.
  4. Rooster Born in April –They are optimistic and intelligent. They have the self-control abilities and talents in doing business and can do things step by step, so there is a great chance for them to build up their career and achieve success from nothing.
  5. Rooster Born in May –Born in May with Chinese zodiac Rooster, they may have a big happy family. Their career may succeed in the half early life but may fail soon after. The career of the half later life is steady with the help from kin and friends, but may not develop greatly. Nevertheless, as a whole, they can live an abundant life.
  6. Rooster Born in June –They may live a busy life. They may meet many difficulties in their career, which may bring both physical and mental damages to the Rooster people. However, if they have perseverance and never give up, they can create a big business.
  7. Rooster Born in July –Born in July in the year of the Rooster, people can live a lucky, abundant, happy, and peaceful life. They inherit much from their ancestors, so even if they do not work hard, they can live a carefree life. But they are kind of career persons. With the help from kin, their career develops smoothly and can be successful.
  8. Rooster Born in August –This group of people gets little from their ancestors. But they are ambitious, smart, knowledgeable, hard-working, and can get help from others, so their career can develop smoothly and fast. So, as a whole, their life is glorious and rich without big disasters.
  9. Rooster Born in September –Their wealth luck is super good, and there is no big disaster in their life so that they can live a happy and carefree life, and there is a chance for them to be the lucky zillionaire. The ancestral remaining is little, but they can get help from others and develop their career smoothly. However, they have a tough character and a bad temper and may think too much of themselves; they make changes in being hated by others.
  10. Rooster Born in October –The life for people born in October in the year of the Rooster may be plain. They do not have a big life goal and do not like study either, just leaving everything to God’s mercy. In their lifetime, they may not make big money; but they can live a carefree life with the help of brothers and sisters. They are generally healthy and do not have severe illnesses.
  11. Rooster Born in November –They are clever, talented, and ambitious. However, they cannot get help from ancestors and others but only rely on themselves to make a living, making them feel lonely and depressed. However, if the birth date and birth hour are good, their destiny can be different.
  12. Rooster Born in December –Born last month in the year of the Rooster, people may busily run around for money or fame. However, they do not know how to enjoy themselves after making a lot of money. They are smart and talented but can get little help and support from parents and kin to encounter many setbacks and difficulties setting up their careers.

How to Build Relationships with Roosters

Roosters are loyal, and they make devoted friends. They always keep their promises and are always true to their word. However, sensitive individuals may find it hard to get along well with Roosters because they always brag about themselves and their accomplishments, making others uncomfortable.

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