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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit, Rabbit Zodiac
Year of the Rabbit

Rabbit ranks fourth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs. The Years of the Rabbit include 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 , 2035..
For Chinese people, the rabbit is a tame creature representing hope and life for a long time. It is tender and lovely. The moon goddess Change in the Chinese legend has a rabbit as her pet, which stimulates the thought that only this creature is amiable enough to match her noble beauty. So another way of saying is that the Rabbit is the incarnation of the moon goddess per see, and it is always a symbol of pureness and auspiciousness.
People born in the Year of the Rabbit are gentle and approachable. They have a decent, noble, and elegant manner.
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Mao
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Mu (Wood)
Yin Yang: Yin

Rabbit Overview

Rabbit (Hare) represents longevity, discretion, and good luck. It has the fourth position in the Chinese Zodiac. People born under the Rabbit sign are kind-hearted, friendly, intelligent, cautious, skillful, gentle, quick, and live longer. They dislike fighting and like to find solutions through compromise and negotiation. On the negative side, Rabbit people can be superficial, stubborn, melancholy, and overly discreet.
Chinese: 兔 (Tù)
Earthly Branches: Mao (卯)
Energy: Yin
Five Elements: Wood (Mu)
Lucky Flowers: Cyclamen, Plantain Lily
Lucky Gemstone: Pearl
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
Lucky Colors: Red, Pink, Purple, Blue
Lucky Directions: East, SouthEast, South
Best Match: Sheep, Dog, Pig
Unlucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8
Unlucky Colors: White, Dark Brown, Dark Yellow
Unlucky Direction: North, West
Worst Match: Rat, Ox, Horse, Dragon, Rooster

Years of the Rabbit

As the Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign is calculated based on the Chinese lunar calendar, you have to find out your lunar birthdates and then check if you were born in the Year of the Rabbit.
Rabbit Years Start , End and Element

  • 1927 – Feb.2,1927 to Jan.22,1928 , Element -Fire
  • 1939 – Feb.19,1939 to Feb.8,1940 , Element -Earth
  • 1951 – Feb.6,1951 to Jan.26,1952 , Element -Metal
  • 1963 – Jan.25,1963 to Feb.12,1964 , Element -Water
  • 1975 – Feb.11,1975 to Jan.30,1976 , Element -Wood
  • 1987 – Jan.29,1987 to Feb.16,1988 , Element -Fire
  • 1999 – Feb.16,1999 to Feb.4,2000 , Element -Earth
  • 2011 – Feb.3,2011 to Jan.22,2012 , Element -Metal
  • 2023 – Jan.22,2023 to Feb.9,2024 , Element -Water
  • 2035 – Feb.8,2035 to Jan.27,2036 , Element -Wood

Personality Of The Rabbit

Male Rabbit Personality Traits

Rabbit men are gentle, modest, kind, optimistic, sensitive, and considerate. The friendly and polite male Rabbits usually talk cheerfully and humorously and boast a personable and prudent style. Also, they are modest, tolerant, family-oriented, and less argumentative. As for shortcomings, they are vain, emotional, and content with the status quo.
In daily life, the family-oriented male Rabbits are quiet and love tidying up the yard, decorating the indoor, and sharing the housework. However, they don’t like to make close friends and dump those who pry into their personal affairs or cling to them with no regrets.
In terms of the love relationship, they prefer the even and quiet relationship and tend to be the heartthrob prone to affection disputes. Also, Rabbit men are less decisive and thoughtful, and they often suffer from an amorous nature. They are warm and gentle for the loved ones, while others are impatient and even as cold as marble.
In a career, the smart, thoughtful and intuitive male Rabbits can always seize the opportunities conducive to their development. With tenacious perseverance and intestinal fortitude, they can always manage to overcome difficulties and head for success.

Male Rabbit Strengths

Gentleness is outstanding merit of Rabbit men who are pretty tender and considerate. They are known for their calm temperament, hate to argue with others, and can even make enemies into friends. In daily life, they rarely get angry and pour oil on troubled waters even if someone takes the initiative to provoke.
Being considerate is another outstanding merit of Rabbit men. Therefore, whenever you stay with a good-natured and considerate male Rabbit, you will not worry about suffer losses.
The refined and courteous male Rabbits emphasize politeness and etiquette in life. You may find they are very learned about etiquettes and they are polite to friends, relatives, and strangers. What’s more, their politeness is from the inside and not pretentious at all, making you feel quite comfortable.

Male Rabbit Weakness

Weakness is a significant flaw of male Rabbits, and it is quite terrible for men because they are usually the head of a family and are supposed to be responsible. However, the weak male Rabbits cannot manage their families or build authority and are easily looked down upon by others. Besides, their weakness also leads to injustice at work.
Vain and Unprincipled
Just like the female Rabbits, they are also vain and jealous of others. Due to the strong sense of vanity, they often show off how good their family is, making others impatient. In addition, male Rabbits cannot build authority in public because they are dishonest and poor at grasping the overall situation and tend to do things intuitively.
In life, male Rabbits are infirm and irresolute no matter what they do. Therefore, despite the capacity, they would not study assiduously and tend to be bureaucratic.

Female Rabbit Personality Traits

Female Rabbits are considerate, quick-witted, and easy-going. They love group living and always behave in a courteous manner, thus popular with everyone. The only flaw is that they are jealous and often trapped in love.
In life, Rabbit girls always yearn for simple interpersonal relationships, maintain a good image in public, and they can even be polite to their opponents. The alert and resourceful Rabbit women know how to protect themselves and do not have grand ambitions; they prefer a peaceful life and make a simple life sweet and delightful. Compared to women under other Chinese zodiac signs, they are more sentimental and eager to sense security.
Rabbit girls are calm, kind, gentle, and pure, just like a spotless lotus flower, in a love relationship. Like a breeze, they never stop for those who don’t love them and are not bound by anyone. If someone tries to shackle them, they will run away. Also, it is hard for them to fall in love, but they will be devoted once they do.
Female Rabbits usually start well in a career and end, and they can be outstanding scholars. They are particularly fortunate in business and financial transactions. They can always develop an appropriate proposal or alternative scheme to profit from it since they are shrewd in concluding a transaction and contracting. Featuring keen insights and excellent negotiation skills, they can advance rapidly in any career.

Female Rabbit Strengths

Considerate and Sweet-tempered
Female Rabbits are gentle, considerate, sweet-tempered and seldom lose temper. They love the peaceful life and would meticulously decorate their environment to make it fresh and elegant.
The collective-oriented Rabbit girls have a strong sense of group honor and like to participate in group activities. In the face of interests, they would prioritize collective interests rather than their own because they respect and love the collective.
Polite and Belief in Freedom
Female Rabbits are polite, believe in freedom, and hate to be constrained. When they go out for dating, they will dress up because they think this is the least respect for others. Believing in Freedom, They Are Independent And Don’t Need Others To Care For Or Restrain Them.
Alert and Resourceful
The alert and resourceful Rabbit girls are born with an innovative minds. They are keen and sharp in thinking and have the devotion to take action, thus quite confident.

Female Rabbit Weakness

Muddle Along
The gentle Rabbit girls are fond of peaceful life and always try to live a more relaxed life. But, as a result, they often muddle along without great ambition or motivation. For young Rabbit women, this is not good because youth means to fight and struggle.
With a strong sense of vanity, female Rabbits cannot accept better than them and never easily let others step into their lives. Usually, they would dress up even though they live a simple and plain life. You may find that they always think about getting better yet would not take action.
Escape from Reality
Female Rabbits like to escape from reality and tend to give up when they cannot figure out or face something because they are too fragile to face failure. In this way, they won’t feel ashamed of the fruitless things.

Rabbit Best Birth Dates Months And Times

Rabbit’s Fate by Birth Time
The birth time of people plays a vital role in terms of whether destiny is auspicious or not. People under the Rabbit sign born in different time periods will have different characters and fates. Those who were born and will be born between 05:00-07:00 and 11:00-13:00 are the most auspicious.
Rabbit’s Fate by Birth Date
Best Birth Dates: The Rabbit people born on the 1st, 10th, 17th, 22nd, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, or the 30th day in the Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.
Rabbit’s Fate by Birth Month
Best Birth Months: Best birth months for the Rabbits include February, March, April, May, and August. They are endowed with good luck in many aspects.
February: The Rabbits born during February could get both fame and wealth during their life. They are clever and good at learning from experience. Therefore, they usually could live comfortably and happily.
March: No matter women or men, the Rabbits born in March are both blessed. They are smart, lively, open-minded, and courageous in character. Life for them is promising, and their career is brilliant. Also, they usually have great power and influence in society.
April: Fortune and chances favor the Rabbits born in April. They are mild, elegant, learned, and capable. Therefore, all their lives will be happy, auspicious, smooth, and glorious.
May: The Rabbits with the birth month of May are business-minded enough to manage their career well. In personality, they are literate, respectful, and honest. Therefore, their whole life for them will be safe, prosperous, and lucky.
August: Riches, honor, and splendor favor the Rabbit born in August. They are kind, virtuous, and popular in character. Besides, their descendants could win credit for them. Therefore, they live happily for life.

Rabbit in Love

Rabbit is listed in the top four zodiac signs blessed in a love relationship. The quiet and gentle Rabbit people are characterized by good looks, natural and dignified behavior, and excellent luck with the opposite sex, thus pursuing many people. Read more about Rabbit in Love.

The Male Rabbit In Love

Male Rabbits are keen on a quiet and steady life, yearn for peace, and dislike conflicts. Rational and practical Rabbit men tend to be obsessed and possessive in love. In addition to seeking love, they also bring deep love to their lovers. For women, the worst fear is the fading love and that their men no longer love them. But with Rabbit men, such fear is uncalled-for because male Rabbit can give the sweetest love to their partners from the start to the end!
Male Rabbits’ Attitude Towards Love
Men born in Rabbit years of the Chinese zodiac are quite kind, benevolent, refined, and mild, and they are demanding when it comes to the quality of life. As a result, they would lend every effort to give their darlings the best life and take care of the latter meticulously in daily life so that their loved ones can enjoy the sweetest relationship. For the demands from their love, they would satisfy immediately and could live together till old and grey.
How Should Male Rabbits Maintain Love Relationship?
Generally speaking, Rabbit men are possessive in love due to the lack of security and the fear of being deserted by loved ones. However, hot-tempered women can be beset with numerous contradictions. Male Rabbits attach great importance to love and control their partners firmly, making the latter feel uncomfortable. Therefore, they are suggested to give each other certain space and show respect to their partners to enjoy a more relaxed and better relationship and go further.
How To Know How Much A Male Rabbit Loves You
If you want to know how much your man of Rabbit sign loves you, you can identify from the material aspect. In fact, he would evaluate first before starting the relationship. If he wants to start the relationship and spend the rest of his life together with you, he will figure out whether you are kind and trustworthy and whether you love him. If yes, he would be dedicated to it and share more with you or ask you to manage his money and reveal his financial situation. If you see these from your Rabbit man, he must be very in you. Meanwhile, he hopes you can love him equally since he takes you to an important part of life.

What Kind Of Women Do Rabbit Men Like?

1) Gentle and Elegant Women
Male Rabbits are elegant gentlemen fond of peaceful life and don’t like to solve problems roughly. In their eyes, the tender, graceful, generous, and learned women are the ideal partners, while the rude and unlearned women are highly objectionable.
2) Temperate Women Who Know When To advance or Retreat
The bright and sociable male Rabbits can always get along with everyone, thus are like-minded with women who are outgoing, smooth, and slick in establishing social relations and good at dealing with complex interpersonal concerns, behave gracefully, and know when to advance or retreat. But, on the other hand, introverted and shy women can hardly find any common language or get along well.
3) Good Listeners
The outgoing Rabbit men are also sensitive and dependent sometimes. As a result, women who are good listeners and can listen to them are favored by male Rabbits.

The Female Rabbit In Love

The calm, kind, gentle and honest female Rabbits have their own principles in love. Once they break up or say no to someone, they would never change their minds. So, don’t act like the lovelorn fool to stay by her side because it is just knocking your head against a brick wall. Rabbit women can be good wives who can win glory for their husbands and be envied by many people. But, in fact, they are quite dependent and fragile in love.
Female Rabbits’ Attitude Towards Love
Obsessed with appearance, women born in Rabbit years are easily attracted by handsome and humorous men. To win the love of your Rabbit girl, you have to watch your dressing and improve your cultivation to be well-spoken. Their love is just like the wind, and they would never stop for someone they don’t like.
How Should Female Rabbits Maintain Love Relationship?
Once the flame of love is kindled, female Rabbits wish to get all the deep love from their men and be dedicated to the relationship. But, sometimes, they are so sensitive that they may feel deceived and angry though their men have not infidelity at all, and even imagine a potential rival in love and tell their men about it. However, men dislike such a kind of nervous woman. Therefore, female Rabbits are suggested not to be suspicious but trust their love to enjoy a better relationship.
How To Know How Much A Female Rabbit Loves You
Obsessively clean in love, your Rabbit woman is demanding for you and do not allow you to have any ambiguous behaviors or words with other girls; you must fulfill every promise to her, and she will be unhappy or disgusted with your bad habits. But if she wants to marry you, she would forget the previous high standards and strict rules, and even become mad about your quirk and think it lovely. If you find she indulges your bad habits unconditionally. It means she wants to be with you for your whole life.

What Kind Of Men Do Rabbit Women Like?

1) Brave and Aggressive
In daily life, female Rabbits are weak and dependent, and they prefer aggressive and bold men who can give them a sense of security. That’s why Rabbit women favor the aggressive, decisive, and responsible men and dislike those who are hesitant and shirk their responsibility.
2) Elegant Men
Female Rabbits seek the plain life and pay attention to the cultivation of temperament. In daily life, they prefer the knowledgeable and elegant men who have their own views and share the same topics with them to those who are rude, unlearned, and rest on their laurels.
3) Good Talkers
Despite the pursuit of peaceful life and no argument with others, Rabbit girls are actually gifted with good eloquence and capable of dealing with complex interpersonal relationships. As a result, they have no resistance to good talkers who can get along with everyone and dislike the ineloquent and dull men.

Love Compatibility of the Rabbit

Test your love compatibility based on the Chinese zodiac and quickly know if you are real soulmates. Fill in your and your partner’s names and birthdates in the “Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Test.”
Best Matches: Sheep, Monkey, Dog, Pig
Both the Rabbit and the Sheep are family-oriented, and they can surely make a harmonious family. Rabbits and Dogs can also trust and understand each other to build a lasting and fresh relationship. The Pig’s honesty and simplicity are just to the smart Rabbit’s liking.
Bad Matches: Snake, Rooster
Due to the lack of passion and intimacy, it is hard for the Rabbits and the indifferent Snakes to keep a close relationship. The mild and gentle Rabbit cannot tolerate the aggressive Rooster, and they probably have many conflicts and disagreements in marriage life.

Careers For Rabbit

Have a keen sense of art; the Rabbit people are suitable to literature, fine arts, architecture, music, and art-related works. In these fields, they could present their talents and get great achievements. Also, those works that need carefulness and observation, such as business consultants, translators, and housemaids, are good choices. In addition, those occupations that need interpersonal relationships, such as a public relations official, fit the Rabbits. However, they should avoid those emphasizing the relationship of interests and manual works, e.g., political and business circles.

● Best Working Partners: Sheep, Dog, and Pig
● Best Age to Start a Business for Rabbit – Age 40-50
● Best Career Field for Rabbit: Quality Inspection
● Best Business to Do: Dessert Shop, Ice Cream Parlor
● Best Direction for Career: East, South, Southeast, Northwest

Rabbits like a peaceful and stable life, and most of them are content with the status quo, never expecting a colorful life. In other words, Rabbit people are not ambitious, so they seldom make brilliant achievements. However, they attach great importance to the interpersonal relationship at work and wish to finish their work on time, thus often appreciated by their superiors and respected by colleagues. Meek and mild, Rabbits are quite popular in a team and often carry out their work smoothly.
● Suitable Jobs for Rabbit: business consultants, translators, nannies, writers, artists, nurses, housekeepers, food quality inspectors, office assistants, construction engineers, etc.
● Work Partners for Rabbit
.Best Working Partners: Sheep, Dog, and Pig
.Good Working Partners: Tiger and Dragon
.Not Bad Working Partners: Snake and Horse
.Bad Working Partners: Rooster, Dragon, and Rat

● Best Age to Start a Business for Rabbit: Age 40-50
● Best Career Field for Rabbit: Quality Inspection
● Best Business to Do: Dessert Shop, Ice Cream Parlor
● Best Direction for Career: East, South, Southeast, Northwest

Suitable And Ideal Jobs

Reception Work
Office clerk or other work related to reception is suitable for Rabbit people, as their excellent adaptability allows them to develop ability.
Jobs Requiring a Delicate Mind
With a keen sense of art and a perceptual outlook on life, Rabbits are suitable for jobs related to literature, art, architecture, and music, in which they can show their talents and accomplish both success and fame. Also, they can be competent for jobs requiring a delicate mind and keen observation, such as consultation, business consultant, translation, and nanny.
Jobs Requiring a Sound Interpersonal Relationship
For Rabbit people, one of the major advantages at work lies in their simple mind and excellent interpersonal relationships. They can make friends with high officials and noble lords, as well as people in various trades. Naturally, jobs that require sound relationships, such as PR, are ideal for them. Also, they may try to be an industrialist in charge of decision-making but should keep in mind that they need a reliable friend who can offer help and give wise advice to succeed.
Best Field For Rabbit – Quality Inspection
The picky Rabbits are very suitable for quality inspection, which is a sector of finding faults. Bad-tempered and impatient, they are often 3-minute passion and get nowhere in society. Quality inspector, however, is an ideal job for them since they are very meticulous.

Unsuitable Work For Rabbit

Generally, people under the Rabbit sign are not suitable for jobs that involve too much manual labor or too much time. From the character’s perspective, the gentle Rabbits always let nature take its course and dislike fighting or attacking others for their own interest, thus not suitable for jobs that require them to wander between right and wrong, justice and sense. Also, they need to avoid work with fierce competition and interest, such as politics and business, which are not suitable for them given their personality.
Career Advice
From the perspective of overall career development, Rabbits are unlikely to experience great storms in life but live a peaceful life due to their character. A quiet and peaceful life, however, is what people want in the impetuous and busy society. Therefore, the life of Rabbit people is often envied by others, and they may get just the opposite and encounter setbacks if with excessive desires. To start a business, of course, they should take the long view and grasp the long-ranger goal. All in all, the advice for Rabbits in choosing a job is: do not set goals too high, or their nature will be repressed, and they will find no pleasure even if they achieve something great; the most important thing is to find a job that they are interested in, competent and happy with.
Famous People: Rabbit Zodiac Eminent Personalities

  • Michael Jordan (Basketball Superstar): February 17, 1963, Water Rabbit
  • Johnny Depp (Actor): June 9, 1963, Water Rabbit
  • Kate Winslet (Actress): October 5, 1975, Wood Rabbit
  • Tiger Woods (Golfer): December 30, 1975, Wood Rabbit
  • Lionel Messi (Football Star): June 24, 1987, Fire Rabbit

Health, lifestyle And Fitness Advice

Health and lifestyle
Health includes physical and mental health. Physically, Rabbits have nothing to worry about. However, for the small problems that may occur, the symptoms are obvious. This leads most Rabbits to take things seriously and visit the hospital before it can worsen.
However, they have many bad eating habits. They don’t have a balanced diet, with too little or too much of certain foods. This can lead to some problems in the urinary system. The biggest problem is their insecurity. Rabbits can suffer from anxiety and depression. Try letting go of problems and being prepared for unexpected difficulties.
Health and Fitness Advice
The Rabbits look healthy and energetic at most times, but they do have some symptoms of physical weakness. The urinary system and excretory system function not so well, along with an unbalanced dietary preference for food, contributing to a weak immune system. As a result, they often catch colds or fevers and suffer some diseases of the digestive system.
Although people born in the Year of the Rabbit are energetic enough, they don’t have the patience to participate in sports, not being so expert at it. Therefore, rabbits should pay attention to their health and exercise with the help of fitness experts.

Rabbit’s Personality by Blood Types

Blood Type O: The Rabbits of blood type O are energetic, practical, determined, and love challenges. They will not give up easily, even facing criticism, blames, and being trapped in a dilemma.
Blood Type A: Rabbits with blood type A are hardworking, patient, and respect the rules. With a strong sense of belonging, they also performed well in teamwork but sometimes are easily influenced by others.
Blood Type B: They are confident, responsible, and assertive. Just do what they want to do and do not care about others’ judge. Though with weaker adaptability, they have a strong ability to handle pressure at work.
Blood Type AB: Their personality is prone to be positive but doesn’t like to follow the rules. However, before doing something, they will prepare a lot, which doesn’t mean they will adopt others’ ideas. Instead, they prefer to handle it in their own way.

Which Type of ‘Rabbit’ Are You?
Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements

Wood Rabbit (1915, 1975)

Personality: Wood Rabbits always give others the impression of brightness and simplicity, but they always hide their true thoughts. They are deliberate and bold, getting used to thinking twice before making a decision. Cautious, they could be reliable friends. They love to hang out in bustling areas, and they are afraid of loneliness.
Career: Their luck of career is so flat at a young age, and they can hardly get notable development. However, as they pave the road step by step, their career starts to rise rapidly during middle age. In the workplace, they can easily win others’ trust and respect. With friends’ help, business people would not be easily frustrated by failures.
Wealth: According to the Chinese zodiac and Five Elements analysis, Wood Rabbits’ fortune is not bad. Their daily expense is huge, and they don’t have the habit of making savings. Therefore, they need to control the balance between income and cost by making a reasonable budget. Meanwhile, it would be nice to try some small investments, such as stock and lottery.
Love: They are persistent in their relationship. Once they crush on a lady or a man, they would try their best to pursue them. If they fail, they can hardly walk out of the depression. Nevertheless, their marriage life is harmonious and stable, and they are glad to care for others.
Health: No life-threatening sickness happens to them, but they may suffer the degeneration of joints.

Fire Rabbit (1927, 1987)

Personality: Fire Rabbits are straightforward and frank and sometimes a little hot-tempered. They are emotional, impulsive, and easily irritated. Meanwhile, they are simple, keen, and elegant. They are generous, tolerant, and willing to forgive others’ mistakes. They seek a high standard of life and always behave gracefully.
Career: They have sharp eyesight to discover talented people, and they know how to take advantage of the merit of others. Therefore, they are usually good leaders. They like to be in a dominant position in group work. If given opportunities to do business, they could also succeed.
Wealth: At middle age, they have a fair chance to make a fortune, and they could live a well-off life. However, when they meet the sudden economic crisis, their financial condition will be a great mess. Some take precautions against that by depositing money in banks or purchasing real estate.
Love: As they are emotional and irritable, they would lose control of themselves when excited. Sometimes they may hurt their lovers out of impulse. In love and relationship, they should keep a sober mind and restrain themselves. Females born in the Year of the Rabbit are industrial and kind, and they may marry a loving husband.
Health: They should give more attention to their psychological and mental health. Keeping a pleasant mood would be better.

Earth Rabbit (1939, 1999)

Personality: They are steadfast and frank but a little bit rigid, lacking flexibility. They are polite but nonchalant to others because of their shyness. Towards life, they tend to be optimistic. On the other hand, most people think that Earth Rabbits are stubborn, unwilling to take advice from others.
Career: They are ambitious and aspiring in careers full of entrepreneurship. Most of them would choose to seek their fortune in a foreign land, and some could get success. As employees, they are likely to be occupied in some trivial affairs, and they are good at dealing with such type of work.
Wealth: Their efforts could bring them handsome income, but they lack financing, so their money cannot generate more profit. Young people with the Chinese zodiac sign of Rabbit and Earth sign of Five Elements should make an expense plan and never count on easy money. In middle age, they could buy houses, antiques, or jewelry for investment.
Love: Females are kind-hearted and easygoing, and they could find responsible and caring soul mates. Males are restrained and cautious. If they are bold to make a step forward, they could find well-matched life partners.
Health: They should improve their dietary structure and build up healthy eating habits. Reduce the intake of fat and cholesterol.

Metal Rabbit (1951, 2011)

Personality: Rabbit People with Metal signs of the Five Elements are kind-hearted to others, and they scarcely quarrel with people. They are aspirant and adamant and never give up on adversities. They are strict to themselves but tolerant of others. Their outgoing, enthusiastic, and sensible characters make them nice listeners.
Career: They are the stable and careful type in work and seek development at a steady pace. If they tend to change a career, they should think twice before making a decision. Working in government or state-owned enterprises is suitable for them.
Wealth: Their fortune of wealth is really prosperous. Money comes easily but also flows out quickly. If they learn to manage their finance wisely, they could make handsome savings. Besides, they should avoid rash investment, lottery, and gambling activities in case of economic loss.
Love: They are very persistent when pursuing love. Once they fall in love, they would become quite enthusiastic and passionate. With an honesty heart, they can usually find well-matched romantic life partners.
Health: Some are weak in their childhood, but they may build up their bodies after their teens. If eating less junk food, they would be healthier.

Water Rabbit (1963, 2023)

Personality: Water Rabbits are easily satisfied with tiny accomplishments in life, so they are always positive and happy, but they are also a little lazy, unwilling to make progress. They have very gentle and peaceful personalities and can quickly adapt themselves to different environments. However, they seem conservative and passive when dealing with interpersonal relationships, so they do not have many friends.
Career: They have unrivaled talents but behave loosely in work. If someone is encouraging or supervising them, they could find faith and take the challenges. Once they lose such dependence, they would remain as before. In addition, their emotion and personal affairs would usually affect their working efficiency.
Wealth: Their wealth luck fluctuates sharply, flat in their 30s and flourishing in their 40s. As they make many faithful friends, they could make a co-investment with others, making a big profit. But, on the other hand, they seek pleasure and comfort, so they spend a lot in useless social engagement. Therefore, it is wise of them to make savings for future days.
Love: They are very enthusiastic in love but a bit conservative, clumsy in showing their feelings. They are in a passive and introverted condition, so most of them get married late. Some of them even fail to find their soul mates throughout their life.
Health: Once they feel uncomfortable, they should go to the hospital immediately to get treatment.

Rabbit – Destiny by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates for Rabbit -1st, 6th, 10th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th days of a month

  1. Rabbit Born on the 1st day of a month – Rabbit people born on these days are smart, active, honest, and reliable. They are also kind-hearted and like to help others.
  2. Rabbit Born on the 2nd day of a month –They are honest. According to fate prediction, their early life may encounter some difficulties; the middle life starts to turn better, and the late-life is happy and smooth.
  3. Rabbit Born on the 3rd day of a month –The prediction says people with the Chinese zodiac Rabbit born on these days are more suitable for late marriage. In their early life, they may suffer from some disasters. Getting no help from families and friends, they need to found a career on their own.
  4. Rabbit Born on the 4th day of a month –They may live a busy but fruitful life. But, if developing a career away from hometown, there is a big chance of success.
  5. Rabbit Born on the 5th day of a month –People born on these days in the year of the Rabbit have merciful hearts and strong bodies. It is difficult in the first half path but easy in the late half path about their life.
  6. Rabbit Born on the 6th day of a month –They are born honest and kind-hearted. They handle things fairly, so they are popular among people. Both males and females care very much about their families.
  7. Rabbit Born on the 7th day of a month –Their life as a whole is abundant. They are smart, can focus on doing things from the beginning to the end. They like to make friends, too.
  8. Rabbit Born on 8th day of a month –Their life is bitter first and sweet later. The early destiny is not so good, especially financially. But, in middle life, the good luck falls, and since then, they can live a good life.
  9. Rabbit Born on the 9th day of a month –This group of people is honest and reliable. Their life is difficult at the first stage but turns better since the middle ages.
  10. Rabbit Born on the 10th day of a month –Their marriage luck is excellent, and they can have a perfect wife or husband. The material life is also abundant.
  11. Rabbit Born on the 11th day of a month –The destiny prediction says they may live a busy and annoying early life. However, as the families and friends seldom offer a helping hand, they are more suitable to live independently outside their hometowns.
  12. Rabbit Born on 12th day of a month –There is a great possibility that they get help and support from officials and successful business people, based on which they can obtain both fame and wealth. However, be careful of improper love relationships.
  13. Rabbit Born on the 13th day of a month –They are smart and talented but too tough and lack ambition, leading to a plain destiny.
  14. Rabbit Born on 14th day of a month –People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born on these days are clever and tolerant. Their life is generally stable with some difficulties now and then.
  15. Rabbit Born on 15th day of a month –The life for Rabbit people born on these days is full of both happiness and bitterness. Due to thin ancestral accumulation and undependable families, they may be busy for a living.
  16. Rabbit Born on the 16th day of a month –Born in the year of the Rabbit, this group of people can have a good wife or husband. But their kids may like fighting with others and bring themselves injuries.
  17. Rabbit Born on 17th day of a month –Generally, both males and females born these days are good-looking and honest. Their early life is plain, but the middle and late life are rich.
  18. Rabbit Born on the 18th day of a month –Born on these days in the year of the Rabbit, people may have noble morality and be admired by others. Good lucks may fall on them in their middle ages.
  19. Rabbit Born on 19th day of a month –The families are undependable and need to rely on themselves for a living totally. Fortunately, good luck comes in their middle ages, and they can live a sweet life after.
  20. Rabbit Born on the 20th day of a month –They have a strong will and do things decisively. Their initial stage of life is plain, and the good fortune comes after the middle ages.
  21. Rabbit Born on the 21st day of a month –The ancestral accumulation is thin. The relationship with parents and relatives is not close, and their success lies somewhere away from the hometown.
  22. Rabbit Born on the 22nd day of a month –Males born these days can marry a perfect wife while females can marry a great husband. Both of them are hard-working and family caring, so their family can be prosperous.
  23. Rabbit Born on the 23rd day of a month –This group of people born in the year of the Rabbit is clever, gentle, sensible, and popular. Most of them can have a nice wife or husband.
  24. Rabbit Born on the 24th day of a month –Their early life is busy with general fortune luck. But, if leaving hometown to make a living, the destiny may be different.
  25. Rabbit Born on the 25th day of a month –The early destiny is good, lacking no food and cloth. The middle life is busy but plain. The late destiny turns good again.
  26. Rabbit Born on the 26th day of a month –This group of people with the Chinese zodiac Rabbit is smart and skillful. Their life is full of fame and can last long.
  27. Rabbit Born on the 27th day of a month –With a high IQ and fond for learning, they can live a prosperous life. The family life is happy due to their nice partner.
  28. Rabbit Born on 28th day of a month –They may meet elegant people who can support them in career. Together with their sociable personality, they can finally obtain fame.
  29. Rabbit Born on the 29th day of a month –Males born these days are handsome and can develop a successful career. Females born these days are clever and kind-hearted; they can manage their family life very well.
  30. Rabbit Born on 30th day of a month –They need to rely on themselves in career and may obtain success in middle ages, based on which their family turns prosperous, and they can live a happy and glorious late life.
  31. Rabbit Born on the 31st day of a month –They may live a hard early life. But destiny starts to turn good in the middle ages. So their late life is peaceful and stable.

Rabbit – Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Rabbit – February, March, April, May, June, July, August

  1. Rabbit Born in January –The destiny for Rabbit people born in January is not so good. Although food and clothing may be abundant, they are likely to rush around for a living. However, if they could get blessings from parents, their busy life can be different. Also, if they know the reality clearly, do their job, and plan revenue and expenditure well, the pain of rushing around can also be avoided.
  2. Rabbit Born in February –People born in February in the year of the Rabbit do not lack food and clothing the whole lifetime and can get famous. Although there are storms and rough experiences, they become more intelligent and capable through those difficulties and finally struggle out of the way full of happiness.
  3. Rabbit Born in March –People born in February with the Chinese zodiac Rabbit are always blessed by god. They are smart, energetic, open-minded, and brave, which can help them obtain brilliant careers and extraordinary power. But they need to obtain all these on their own with little help from the blood hood.
  4. Rabbit Born in April –Rabbit people are born in April; their life is full of happiness, good luck, and glories. Being gentle, elegant, talented, and knowledgeable, they can achieve success in literature, art, or the military. Moreover, their family is nice to their beloved partner and prominent descendants.
  5. Rabbit Born in May –Those born in the fifth month of the year of the Rabbit may be super-rich. Except for the early years of poverty, their middle to late years can be wealthy due to their commercial minds and talents in operating business. In addition, they are cultivated, respectful to others, and trustworthy, hence favored by many. Thus, without big disasters and dangers, they can live a lucky life.
  6. Rabbit Born in June –Rabbit people born in June are very talented and able to direct others in work. Their career develops smoothly and fast with good luck. Their partners are nice, and descendants can be successful persons. They may not have health problems and can get respected by others for their whole lifetime.
  7. Rabbit Born in July –People born in July with Chinese zodiac Rabbit are clever and savvy. They talk and do things clean and fast. They can succeed in a career, which brings them money and wealthy life. They are very talented, especially in writing, relying on which they get quite famous. They may spend their lifetime smoothly with no big disasters. However, they get little help from the last generations, so all the achievements are got on their own.
  8. Rabbit Born in August –The life of Rabbit people born in this month is rich and glorious. They are kind, noble, never have the idea of harming others, but always willing to offer help; hence they are favored and popular. Moreover, they have strong adaptability and excellent ability to analyze. With the above advantages, many of them can be an official in the government.
  9. Rabbit Born in September –Rabbit people born in September lack initiative and drive, are lazy to improve themselves and care about nothing. Although they may not be poor without food or clothing, they may never live a rich life. So they blame everything, feel frustrated and self-inferior. However, if they can put an end to these shortcomings, their destiny can also be promising.
  10. Rabbit Born in October –They are conceited, dissociable, solitary, and preferring to stay at their own quietly. Although they do not want to appear in public, dangerous things arrive. But with help from others, they can get through them and live a peaceful life.
  11. Rabbit Born in November –Rabbit born in November is talented and able to change themselves to adopt different situations. However, the wealth accumulation from past generations is not much, and the brothers and sisters can seldom help them, so they may need to leave home to make a living.
  12. Rabbit Born in December –Born in December, Rabbit people are clever, ambitious, magnanimous, and resourceful. They study hard at an early age. All these help them get famous and rich after the middle ages. But their family may meet lots of dangers, so be careful.

How to Build Relationship with Rabbit

Most of the Rabbits yearn for a warm and stable family. So if you want to win the Rabbits’ hearts, it is important to accompany them in good and bad times to be aware of peaks and troughs in their mood. Only after going through the ups and downs together, you two can really get a mutual understanding. However, the Rabbits also want to take care of their partners, so let them know that they matter a lot in your life. Rabbits like simple and cozy life, but romantic surprises are indispensable!

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