4 Elements, The Four Elements, 4 Elements Of Life, Four Elements Symbols, What Are The 4 Elements, Zodiac And The Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, And Air

4 Elements, The Four Elements

There are four character components applicable for our deeper comprehension of Astrology and several different matters in existence: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. All of them have a very long history, recognized way before our time. Employed from the alchemist to discover answers or from ordinary folks hoping to comprehend Mother Nature, these four are the pillar of what we’re surrounded by and what we take within.

Zodiac and The Components

All four components talk of particular trends every zodiac sign has because it belongs to one of them. They help us realize that there are different methods of studying every person, provide us patience for the ones that are different from us, and make it more straightforward why a few sings are more harmonious than others.
Roughly translated, Earth will go nicely with Water, and Fire will probably go nicely with Air. This is logical if you consider it, for Water supplies Earth its fertility and attracts us into life. But, at the same time, Air retains the Fire burning and arouses the lighting and our production power.

Natural Order of Things

If we observe this branch on a grander scale, we’ll observe that life itself would not be possible without one or more of these elements. In nature, they’re in excellent harmony, working with each other daily. However, the branch in their lower and higher energies reflects the requirement of an individual race to split things into two — both the good and the poor, emotion and reason, masculine and female, plus and minus.
Regardless of what you do with everything you read, bear in mind that no one is worth much without the other, and all components have something in common on earth as we understand it matters. This connection joins them into the picture we all have of our own body and is presented from the element of Earth. With no life in this form would not be possible, and you’d not be able to taste, touch, odor, or perhaps listen. This usually means that the manifestation of things is based upon the part of Earth, which is the most challenging element to locate a replacement for in one’s natal chart when it isn’t firmly positioned.

Interpretation of Components

The moment you see somebody’s chart, the first thing you should do is assess it to the occupancy of every component. So if you know an individual does not have any planets among these, this is a comprehensive but specific problem they must manage in this life.
The absence of planets in a few of those components speaks of an individual’s inability to associate with it, and this also creates difficulties on the rest of the planes of existence since all four of those components need to work together to allow us to make anything accurate and essential in our own lives. This lacking can be overcome by using homes about the part in question. Still, it will never be simple for somebody with this scenario in their graph to find equilibrium between degrees of presence elements talk of.
After the situation is entirely different and your customer has lots of planets in just one of the components, it will be tough to dial down things, equilibrium this airplane including all the other people, and stay calm.

Special Planets

An extraordinary situation presents if an individual has just one world in one of those components, mainly if it’s but one of those lights or visible planets. This may feel a little like a drowning person in possession of just one straw, holding on to it as it’s his only way out. However, when there’s such a planet in your chart, you will likely understand that you gave lots of your energy to concentrate on it, simply so that you can have any peace in the hunt for the total balance.

4 Elements, The Four Elements, 4 Elements Of Life, Four Elements Symbols, What Are The 4 Elements, Zodiac And The Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, And Air

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